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Does this automatically crawl a site and create a sitemap? or does it use sitemaps?

essentially i want to isntall the sitemap script on IIS while running php, want to make sure php files get indexed.

Please advise

The component will create the sitemap based on the elements you pass it by code.


not make auto not like it

does it include images in sitemap?

waste of money! this does literally nothing. why is this even on codecanyon?

Sorry to hear that. The component specs indicate clearly what it can do.

yes you are right but still… expected somehow for it to crawl a site

My site don’t contain file extensions like .php, .html etc. Do this script will be able to create sitemap for that site?

Hi, you will need an app in where you invoke the component to add parameters and then generate your sitemap with the content you need to add.

ive got some date error in webmaster. just use code when i added. Do you have any update or any resolve this issue ?


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sitemap.xml.gz sitemap.xml

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