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hi, i didnt know it would not work for all websites.

i needed it for wordpress and phpvibe. it does not word can i get a refund please

ok well can i get support then? i read the comments you previously stated it doesnt work for phpvibe.

please, contact us via this form (bottom right)

We have just answered you by email

hi can i have some help please, i need sitemaps for wordpress and phpvibe.

the script will scan all the static files. If you have static files, the script will create automatically a sitemap. So install the script in the same directory than your wordpress and phpvibe, run the installer, and that’s it. Check our documented user guide if you need more details. You can also contact us directly via the codecanyon contact form.

i see ok well no the websites are from database like 99% of the websites out there i want a refund

Ok, so you are in the second case. Check out our previous answer “Hi, 1) it works for all websites. 2) you need a support ? or a refund because you didn’t read well the item description ? – if you need a support, contact us, maybe you didn’t install correctly the script ? we will help you for that – if you want a refund, contact directly the codecanyon support”

please stop sending me the same answer over and over. i followed the install instructions, it does not work i want a refund or tell me how to get it working

if i get another repeat email of the same answer i will make a paypal dispute

We explained you everything by email. The script works 100% good, but this item doesn’t correspond to your needs.
For the last time, here our answer if you want a refund : CONTACT DIRECTLY THE CODECANYON SUPPORT, and ask them a refund
After that, we’ll accept (as seller) your refunded. It’s the way how codecanyon works.

how to install it on wordpress

thanks for this great plugin. its work great on my wordpress site static dir

hi just one more question, if i have 100k pdf files can i set to create 2 sitemaps with 50k each? what code do i need to add on sitemap_generator.php

Hi, we answered to you. Please, check your mailbox

hi i have 100.000 pdf files in a directory can i set to create 2 sitemaps with 50.000 each? because google anly allowed 50.000 url. what code do i need to add on sitemap_generator.php


Auliya Ikhsan

Hi, we answered to you. Please, check your mailbox

hello can help you stay on target to generate the sitemap you can see here

hi, if you configure the item as well, the file will scan every static files. we can check if your install is correct. Just send us a mail with your ftp creditentials via this form (not here)

Your installation procedure does not make sense. I can not install the program in a directory that is not accessible from the web and then run the install.php in a browser! The way you have a sub dir scanning does not allow me to scan my main directory. My main dir is my root dir. How am I suppose to install the sitemap generator??? Can someone please help me.

Your claim that this works for all websites is misleading. I read a comment above and it appears the script actually does not work for sites with a database. How is it possible that you can make a claim as wide as “works for all websites” in your openiing image but then exclude 90+% of the websites. You need to adjust your marketing message to reflect what your script can actually do.

1)the script works for all the website. But if you website uses a database to generate pages, then, the script won’t scan the webpages, because it’s not static files. So even if you install wordpress, you can use this script to scan specific files
2)it’s written in bold that the script is for static files
3)if you buy this item by mistake, it’s ok, we will allow the refund. that’s why buyers need to read the item description
4)please, if you have questions, send them or here, or by message (via the profile), don’t both. if it’s a personnal case (like it appears), let’s continue by email

Hi, I would like to know if this script works for dynamic generated pages? or only for html files?

hi, the script works only for static files (html,css,js,...)

Aside from the // at the end of the web address (which I had to remove manually), this plugin creates sitemaps on html sites perfectly. Cheers

thank you so much for your message!

Hello, interesting your plugin but it does not create a robots.txt file? thank you

we can do that in a future version of the script

no sorry, we don’t have any ETA

Hello, just wondering if i can generate sitemap tree with this because i have 1984366 pages and google only allows 50,000 per sitemap, thank you.

hi, sorry for this later answer. For now, this feature is not integrated, but we’ll consider to implement it

thanks, please let me know when you have it :)

Hi, I have just purchased your item, we need it for our PHP Custom made CMS that generates automaticaly pages. Now I see in the comments that it is only for static html pages? Will it still work, as I have read that it is done via cron jobs in PHP? Can it be changed?

hi, yes, it’s only for static as described in the item description. Please contact us via this form


I’ve bought and installed your script, but generated sitemap contains 0 urls. Website is Codeigniter and some pages are created via cms. Are there any additional changes I need to do to make script work?

Regards, Jelena

hi, it doesn’t appear you bought it officialy

Hello, your script works fine, but i need to scan more tan one directory, for example, i have this tree (/images/logos/agency/car) but the script only read (root files and files into images) and no more folders

Hi, we need this tool for a custom PHP website written in core. can it create URL’s from directory type of generation ? i have no idea if it will work or no.

So can i buy and try it if it works well as needed, i will keep it or else will request refund? Please confirm.

Another question – Can we exclude some specific directories from crawling ?

Please, check our demo, you’ll get what you see in the demo
Can you please contact us via the folowing contact form to explain what do you mean by “create URL”
Contact form (bottom right) :
Thank you

Note : we can’t refund if our item can’t be integrate in your system. The item works, but we don’t offer support if you integrate it in your scripts and if you change the core files.

so until we test how can we know it will even work or not? you haven’t specified that what framework, technology, structure it supports and what doesn’t. It doesn’t state that it support or not support tree URL structure as well.

1) we are offering full redund if the item itself is not working. But if you integrate the item in your own software, we can’t garantee it’ll work smoothly (because we don’t know your own software)
2) Regarding your needs, our item is not relevant for you, so better to check out an other item. Sorry