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Demo doesn’t do anything. How can we test a site? Is there a cms attached to every site that user would login to and start editing pages?

Non techie, I may be missing something here. I can add html file and choose to keep hewdr, foot and it will create a version with an attached creditor so that user can access files,moon up cms and make changes to site? Where do go with a zip file that contains site and onboardcms?do they first upload zip contents to host and then what? Sorry, new to cms but you may have a major solution to a big problem

No site testing. Please see videos and help. That should answer all questions.

Can you multilingualize it? Or can you use it in a language other than English?

All text is in English but it will clone html source code in foreign language.

can we clone wordpress theme ?

Clones the website as it displays in browser. You get source code files not a Wordpress clone.

if we clone wordpress can we built in html with the model look like a wordpress right ?

No backend logic…just frontend look and functionality.

hi iget this message when firstly install script on my vps “Cannot connect to mySQL.” what should i do?

You need to setup the database, username and password in the file

ok. now i get other trouble. i can’t login, where i can create username and password?

Open phpmyadmin or mySQL console and type the either command below:

update raspberry_logins set password = sha1(‘new_password’) WHERE my_blogger_id = 1


update raspberry_logins set password = sha1(‘new_password’) WHERE login = ‘admin’

If you have more issues, make sure to read _Documentation

hi, so this requires vps or dedicated server?

I clearly stated its usage on the front page for the products.

Works with Linux VPS and DEDICATED hosting and home PCs, and Windows home PCs using tools like XAMP and WAMP.

You can use it from xampp or wamp on your pc, if all else fails.

When I try to scroll through the elements on a laptop, it is nearly impossible. Is there a fix for this? Many people use a laptop with touchpad vs a desktop or mouse so it’s a pretty big issue.

Ex: after selecting a header I try to cycle through the premade examples, but It doesnt scroll, so I’m left with having to select one of the first 3-4 only.

Please let me know, thanks

Wrong product, sorry

Please email me screen captures. I cannot make sense of your request.


9l8l9 Purchased error when running the swl query you suggested

It works. Make sure you have the database and it looks like you have spaces in your text around password=sha1(‘new_password’). There is no space around the equal sign.

Here it is gain without spaces.

update raspberry_logins set password=sha1(‘new_password’) WHERE my_blogger_id=1


sslbayi Purchased

Dear Sir, “” this address is not working. and I do not know how to do it. please help me. I can pay if you install… Best Regards,


please read documentation

I would like to download an external site. This site has 1,000,000 pages generated dynamic with page details.php.

Script download all pages, or just the details.php page ?

this script is not supported ?

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