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I press “Clone Tool” I enter the site address there, but occurs nothing why. The cloning of the site doesn’t work? Why? The site such function too doesn’t work at a demo

Very sorry, but, somehow a single quote was not escaped. Notice how there are 2 backslashes after the CLONES directory

exec(‘C:\Users\username\Documents\AAA\httrack\httrack.exe http://' . $url . ’/ -O “C:\xampp\htdocs\CLONES\\’ . $url . ’” -%v -%e0 2>&1;’);

I just made a clone on Windows to verify it works properly. I made the change to the online docs and did resubmit this web application with the change.

Don’t forget to copy the entire WinHTTrack folder from Program Files or Program Files (x86) to another folder like C:\Users\username\Documents.

I am hoping to hear you have made your clone with success.

Thanks, works with this code. Thanks for the operational solution of my problems.


Will Sitemakin clone a php website’s database also?

No. It will clone to HTML. But, the Sitemakin CMS makes it very easy to turn the static HTML into a dynamic website with database. Sitemakin CMS usage is about as easy as it gets.

More details and videos at:

Hi Kelchuk,

What is the CMS coded in, PHP? Is it object oriented? Can you tell me a bit about it?

Also, if I need to make changes to how the CMS works, can I hack the code?

It is coded in PHP; hence it is in the PHP scripts section in Codecanyon. Although there are instances and object usage, it is primarily procedural and lean coded.

Many of the functions and coding were used to ensure it performs very fast; even on shared hosting and home based Raspberry Pi machines.

You can change the code as you see fit.

Hello Kelchuk, do you still provide support ? I have sent you few emails with the problem I am facing. I tried all the possible ways as mentioned in the help document still no luck. Please let me know what can be done.

I try to help in any way I can. Here is a link that can always help.

Meanwhile, you have the _Documentation folder with your product that contains the help too.

It gives error – “Cannot connect to mySQL.” please help on this.

Please follow instructions make sure you have the proper database, username and password.

if you need to start from the beginning, you may want to see:

Is this like a HTTRACKER / Offlline website downloader…?

Thank you. I will check and will get back to you if I need anything.


This tool could be the answer to my prayers. I had a list of sites I wanted to clone and create a central dashboard that all the different sites shared and could feed into. They would still need their own admin where users can add content etc.

I then found scripts for the various different sites I wanted to create, but was advised to not use these and build code from scratch, so they all shared the same database.

I’m not a coder or developer and this made sense, but was told this was going to cost big money.

There are certain sites that I want to be able to replicate their functionality, but change the look, branding and structure and put them all on my own database.

This looks like a great product. Have you got a email address I can contact you to discuss a few things with more specifics?


The docs should help you.

dumb question..installed the easy way and all I was ever asked for was DB info..Installed fine, but what do I use to login..does not work with database user and database pw..thanks..

If you are on wamp pr xampp, the uiser is root and database password is empty. It is easy to not write the proper credentials.

dumb question..installed the easy way and all I was ever asked for was DB info..Installed fine, but what do I use to login..does not work with database user and database pw..thanks..

never mind—I found it


could someone please post the default login name and PW..I had to reinstall because I forgot password and now I can’t find it again-Why not just auto fill the form after installation then let me change it-4 hrs of looking and counting—I must be staring right at it but can’t see it. I have installed hundreds of cms without a hitch

Default Login

Username: admin
Password: admin

Sorry for any mix ups, but, it is shown on the demo page at

II thought it was that..Tried it numerous times..I changed it on the original install then forgot it. Guess it would have helped if I imported the sql file.when I bad..In now..Sorry..

No problem.

the script not work!!!!

please help me!!!!

No Skype because work full time, have a family and committed to an extra project.

If that works, it would be a permission issue between the web pages and httrack.

So, open up that /etc/sudoers file and give Apache permission to use the desired service(s). For this example, we will use the services httrack and zip. The line is shown below. www-data ALL=NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/httrack,/usr/bin/zip iii) Just add the url and submit. Site is zipped up and stored in /home/pi folder. To open the file, type nano /etc/sudoers.

Make sure the proper user has permission to use the service.

If you are not using Apache, you need to enable permissions for the other server to use httrack.

Reading post, it seems like a little bit complicated to install. Is it not that much easy if I follow the instruction? And the menus and links in cloned website work properly? And I can also edit other pages in it other than main index page?

I’ve just serfed online for a while. And may i ask one more thing? What could be the biggest difference between httrack and your script?

Hi, I’m thinking to purchase now. I’m not able to to test “clone it” in demo site. And I have a question. If I “clone it” a external website, can I get the whole related folders and files like js css images etc?

It uses httrack to make the clone. The tool makes it possible to use httrack tgo make the clone using your browser.

Below is an example of a command line that clones nested folders, images, etc. It is used in cloner.php. exec('C:\Users\kent\Documents\AAA\httrack\httrack.exe http://' . $url . '/ -O "C:\xampp\htdocs\CLONES\\' . $url . '" -%v -%e0 -r20 -B 2>&1;');

On top of making cloning very easy on a web host or a localhost like XAMPP, it includes a CMS that allows you to make any of the clones files editable.

For example, you could make a clone in a couple of minutes. Then, you login to the CMS and dump the source code from a cloned HTML file and give it a name.

For example, the cloned index.html can be named index.php. Now, you or your client can login to the CMS at anytime, from anywhere and edit the file with a wysiwyg editor.

admin login do not work on local, where can i change de pass ?

update raspberry_logins set password = sha1('new_password') WHERE my_blogger_id = 1
update raspberry_logins set password = sha1('new_password') WHERE login = 'admin'

This phrase is really really confusing ; Option A: Easy Installation (bla bla bla ) Option B: Manual Installation ( bla bla bla) do you mean 2 different methodes of installations or just from (A) to (B)-installation ? Specified please.

Two different options.

can i clone and rebuild a site from wayback machine

I can’t see why not.

when i try to clone an external site it does nothing. i’ve installed it on a debian machine and it also has httrack.

wheres a big sectio about using httrack but i don’t want to use httrack. i already have that. i didn’t pay for your software to use httrack. i’ve set permissions to sudoers

ok it got it to work.

Great. That is most rewarding part.

Hey I just bought this script because the concept sounded good but I can’t get it to work. My url that i’m using is What do I need to do?

I cannot load that url. You need a real web address.

can u fix your demo I see this error:

Warning: mysqli_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘blogifie_demo’@’localhost’ (using password: YES) in /home/sitemakin/public_html/demo/ on line 9

Thanks. I fixed it. All good now. Not that you are interested, but, I had the database on an account I recently remove; thus the error.

Is this still working? Demo seems useless cant test cloning tool and others

Yes, they all work. The cloner works. The demo will not let you make a clone though. Only purchasers get the real thing with all working features.. Had it without disabling features, but then it was abused like a free cloning service, something for which I am not interested in doing.

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