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Hello, I have site all setup and running, which the installation was very easy. But, I have been trying to clone a site, the first site I attempted, and it has been running for 2 days and says it is still “building”. I am stuck and not sure what to do. I have already submitted a ticket, but have had no response. Can you help me?

FYI… I did clone this site in a demo and it worked fine.

UPDATE… I reinstalled this into another server I have and it works Flawlessly and was Extremely fast, less than 15 seconds to completion! Thank you, obviously the server makes a Huge difference here.

I would like to ask if already clone the web site. Can the clone site direct upload to wordpress hosting and function?

Hi jerryyong18,

Unfortunately that won’t work :(

- Zoe

Hello, the script has working fine, but now the script don`t work anymore? I have reinstalled the script but i get only the message “HTTP ERROR 500”?

Hi UniverseInternet,

Did you submit a ticket through our support desk located at

- Zoe

Hi, How to see is your copy script working or not? How many page downloaded?

Sorry, it is working. It was my fault

Hi larson13,


- Zoe

Live demo username and password has been changed! Please share the correct username and password so that I can see the live demo…!

Hi nynarora,

Just checked, but it seems to work fine. Are you still having issues?

- Zoe

Hello. So I have some questions after using your script for 15 days.

1. How to use proxies in this script, to clone website faster?

2. How to fix problem with “Operation timed out”? when I am doing 2 separate tasks (clonning and downloading ready clone) it is showing me “Network Error – Operation timed out” Thank you!

BTW, Nowadays almost any website have HTTPS, I read on Selfhosted that if it will be demand you will add this future, may it is a time for it?

1. Awful support 2. Outdated script with no updates from 2015, don’t scrape 90% websites. 3. The rest websites didn’t grab all pages or clonning at least a week. For example the website on Wordpress with 31 pages in google, clonning over 5 hours and I can’t see the end of clonning. 4. Waste of money. I know it is unreal to ask moneyback from Envato for unusefull script. That is why I left my negative expirience.

Hi larson13,

It’s a bit lame to claim “awful” support, when not a single support ticket was lodged through our help desk.

It’s up the buyer to do his/her due diligence before making a purchase. We never claim this script can guaranteed clone every single site out there, which is also why we offer a demo; so you can try before you buy.

All in all, very sorry to learn about your negative experience. We’re still more then happy to look into your issues if you’d simply submit a support request.

- Zoe

i installed accroding to the instruction ,but when i go to the link after installation , it is a blank page ,nothing showed , wth! why it is so difficult to use , i sumbited the ticket but no one answer ?!!!

Hi attilakhan,

Do you have a ticket ID so I can check the status on your issue? Thanks!

- Zoe

Your ticket ID is 4155


diza Purchased

Can anyone recommend a host that this script definitely works on? I’ve asked support 2 days ago but they haven’t replied yet.

Hi diza,

As long as it’s not GoDaddy, you should be good.

- Zoe

Can this site clone websites that require LOGIN to see any pages besides the login, signup and register pages?

Hi Vinnie981,

No, unfortunately that’s not possible.

Hi i want a refund by mistake i purchased your product when i add credit.

please help me.

We have authorized your refund, which should be process in the next few days.

Thanks a lot.

Hello! Prebuying question… I try copy this site, but can’t. Ho i can copy ths site:

In your demo version truncate index-light.html when i add this link…

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee every website out there can be properly cloned; in some cases it won’t be possible.

Does it still work?

if I buy this, could it install by using wamp?

Hi, Why I am getting the following message when I try to browse cloned sites?

“Deceptive site ahead

Attackers on may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). “

Hi hatimmakki,

I am not really sure why that would happen, will need to look into this. Thanks for bringing it up!