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Good luck with selling! :)


We are working on a great new feature right now, we call it Page manager. Sitecake will be able to manage pages, menus and do some basic on-page SEO. It will help sales for sure :)

As it stands, does it only support editing a single page?

With Sitecake you can edit one-pager or a hundred pages websites, there is no limit on number of pages.

Got it. So as long as the sitecake folder is within your site root, any page will have the sitecake editor if you are logged in? Pretty neat.


Nice Script!! GLWS!! Any plan to add the option to create new pages through Sitecake? Thanks.

one week for beta test version, then another for final

Cool! I’ll buy it!

Still waiting ;)

I will wait for new feature.

Good! I count on you.

Looks promising, any plans on adding the grid/column support?

Right after finishing page manger, we are continuing our work on v3, which will have completely rewritten front end in Javascript and open to third party plugins. This means that you will be able to hire a developer to extend add functionality, eg.grid/column support. (check out Sitecake road map from item description)

We do have a plan to add layout manager (similar to layout builders that many WordPress multipurpose themes have) and then designer will be able to pick a section with 3,4,6 columns…

At the moment, if template has columns Sitecake can add content to these columns. That’s it.

Thanks for the quick response, when do you believe v3 will be published?

I don’t know, we will try to publish before end of the year. But that if you are lucky.

For HTML pages, can make the footer & header globally editable?

Header, footer and other repeatable parts of the page just have to be assigned with “sc-content-header” or “sc-content-whatever”, .. class. We call this kind of section a repeater and if repeater is edited on one page, changes are automatically propagated throughout the website.

What about duplicating section like gallery? For example, currently my gallery has 8 photos & I want to add 2 more “li” items. Another example would be the menu li items.

Menu items can be adde as a simple UL list, with horizontal layout.

Full featured menu management comes with Page Manager (see some of my earlier comments and a preview here and road map in the item description)

Simple gallery, let’s say three column layout, can be easily made and populated, just create three columns, set some padding and drag and drop images.

Custom editable HTML snippets, as simple as 3 column layout, 2 column layout, image and text on the side, ... are coming right after Page Manager. Advanced drag and drop page layout builder from predesigned sections comes in v3 (see road map in item desc).

any plans for a user system (client login pass) (admin login pass), aka vs just admin to login some type of editor / admin definable edits to page. Say you had customer that is really good at breaking a site. So you could have features you as admin could only edit vs say giving the custom sections they could edit only like phone or about me or other type features of their site.

At this stage we are trying to stay simple. If you don’t want to allow customer to edit certain parts of the page, just don’t make them editable (don’t assign sc-content class to them). In this way you can make editable whole page, just a section, just a telephone number or nothing at all on a page.

eta on next update

week or two

Is it possible to edit sitecake.php filename? It’s just that with some customers we should be more carefull and don’t expose Sitecake… Not sure if I’ve made myself clear, please ask if you don’t understand ;) Great job!

Any estimation about new release? Just waiting this to buy :)

Hi mate, any news about update?

We are in beta testing phase. Send mail to if you want to beta test.

Nice! Only difficult to center an image…

Well you can always create a predefined style to apply to images. Something like .parent img.centered {margin:0 auto;}

You need to have a parent so that Sitecake knows in which section to list your custom style

how goes progress

I sent you email a day ago for beta test.

I got it. :) you are on the list. Expect an email soon.

checking in for update

This looks like exactly what I need for some of my templates so it is easier for users with little or no html knowledge to edit their sites!.. once the 2.x version with clone pages comes out I def will buy!

eta on v3 update?

v3 will be released early 2017. Here I am talking about version that will accept third party plugins, so anybody will be able to upgrade Sitecake.

Thanks for replay any eta on beta or that changed also whats the min server specs for running site cake.

Sitecake requires web server (Apache or NGNIX) and PHP 5.6+ in order to work. Shared hosting usually works fine.


Does this have ability for multiple user access/member access? Can you have a site for a client, but control their functionality to edit/view but not change password. You know what I mean, if they buy and don’t pay, does it have a way to control their access.

Hope that makes sense.

Sitecake does not have different user roles. If you have a password you can edit editable sections of the page. What you can do is to disallow editng of a section/page by removing sc-content class from a section.

Hi there,

is it possible to work on multiple page files & directory?

for example:

case 1. &

case 2. &

Yes and yes. Sitecake works with multi page websites. You can have pages in different folders.

how can it be accessed it if the php file is only uploaded on root directory? or should the php file and sitecake folder copied to each directory?

by the way, i bought your script directly from your website.

does it have a blogging functionality?

yes with page manager functionality

Hi, is page manager functionality ready and already included?

not already, but tomorrow


I’m still waiting for V2!! ;)

We are on holidays now, next week we move!


mcollins Purchased

Congratulations guys. I have watched Sitecake for a very long time when it first came out and being developed a few years ago. I see you have come along way since that. Looking forward to using this in my simple Bootstrap sites.

Also looking forward to v3.0. Do you have any indication when this rewrite will start?

Many thanks, we really appreciate your feedback. v3 rewrite already started, some time ago, but we stopped in order to finish page manager as a last update for v2. We hope to have v3 ready in April / May 2017.