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sovereem Purchased

Please where to delete html look in image its a bug i can delete it everytime HTML stays in it

Hi sovereem,

Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with SB Lite. Did you submit a ticket through our help desk at

- Zoe

As far as I understand, when creating custom blocks all css information needs to be added to the skeleton file. So if I have 100 custom blocks I need either 100 css links in the skeleton header or one huge file with css that is mostly unused.

Is there any way to update the script so that each element can have its own css and js file and when added the the page, those links are put in either a database, cache or whatever is needed to store and export extra header or footer data.


Hi ericchaffey.

In theory you’re absolutely correct. However we advice our users to use a modern development workflow and use a tool like Webpack to generate your front-end bundles. There’s no need to have a single CSS file for every individual block.

- Zoe

Is Sitebuilder like your SB Pro because I would like to charge my users money from strip or paypal???? and have different such as beginner and business

How can I pre order it? Because I want that version

How much does it cost?

Yes PayPal with it, that a good one.

same questions, im waiting on SB pro, hopefully it will include paypal

Hi shawnrome,

SB Pro can be pre-ordered now (at a 20% discount). The official release is the 31st of May, so next week Wednesday. Paypal integration is planned and coming soon after the public release.

- Zoe

i am not getting any reply from your side since i mailed (7 days). please reply

Hi simplysekar,

Do you have a ticket ID so I can check the status on your ticket please? Thanks!

- Zoe

My ticket Id is 4060

My Issue :


I cant able to find Purchase key update field.

2) In DATABASE CONFIGURATION ->Local Host . what i have to mention?