SiteBuilder Lite - Drag&Drop site builder and CMS

SiteBuilder Lite - Drag&Drop site builder and CMS

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SiteBuilder Lite

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SiteBuilder Lite is an easy-to-use page builder and light CMS. Use the intuitive drag&drop builder to combine pre-designed blocks into rockin’ page and sites!

Try the live demo at and see for yourself how easy it is to build awesome website!

SiteBuilder Lite features

  • Easy to use drag & drop builder
  • 36 professionally designed blocks allowing you to start building sites and pages instantly
  • Extend SiteBuilder Lite by easily adding your own custom blocks
  • Edit images, links, styles and content
  • Export your sites including all assets like Javascript files, CSS files and images.
  • Publish your sites/page directly to a live server using FTP, allowing you to use SiteBuilder Lite as a light CMS
  • Create user accounts for your users to access SiteBuilder Lite
  • Users can access and maintain their own image library
  • Easy to use settings page to configure the application
  • Installer script for easy automatic installation
  • Everything combined in a beautifully designed interface!
  • Clear and concise documentation (read online here)

SiteBuilder Lit requirements

  • A LAMP server (Linux/Unix + Apache + MySQL + PHP)
  • Apache web server with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP 5.1.6 or newer
  • PHP MySQLi extension (regular MySQL might work but is not tested)


2016-09-08 v1.53
- bug fix: blocks can't edited after using the source code editor

2016-08-29 v1.52
- bugfix: block height calculation issue on pages other then index
- bugfix: block reset does not work properly after page refresh

2016-07-21 v1.51
- bug fix: browser freezes on editing content
- bug fix: cursor on buttons in published pages

2016-07-13 v1.5
- new feature: global blocks (allowing you to define for example menus and footers that remain the same across different pages)
- enhancement: improved menu bar
- enhancement: use inline editor rather editor inside modal popup
- enhancement: no more modes, click and edit your elements without having to switch modes
- new feature: responsive view modes

2016-05-12 v1.4.7
- bug fix: SEO tags not applied to published and previewed pages
- bug fix: header includes not applied to published and previewed pages

2016-05-10 v1.4.7
- updated CodeIgniter to 3.0.5
- improved installation script (checks for permissions)

2016-04-02 v1.4.6
- updated documentation

2016-03-25 v1.4.6
- bug fix: templates not being saved

2016-03-07 v1.4.6
- enhancement: switched from RequireJS modules to commonjs (this solved the bug where some JS does not load from time to time)
- enhancement: in PRODUCTION mode, all JS is bundled and minified and in DEVELOPMENT mode it isn't
- bug fix: blocks with fixed nav bar appear with vertical scroll bar on canvas
- bug fix: footer text can't be edited
- bug fix: height detection on divider blocks not always working
- bug fix: some text missing from translation files
- bug fix: restore revision redirects to wrong (internal) page
- bug fix: save button is not active after re-ordering blocks on the canvas

2016-01-22 v1.4.5
- bug fix: Portfolio overlay prevent user to change details
- enhancement: CodeIgniter core upgrade to 3.0.3
- enhancement: Login page autofocus and tab index
- bug fix: DetailEditor sidebar link tab has css issue

2015-12-18 v1.4.4
- enhancement: updated the content editor and implement Summernote
- removed: support for table editing

2015-11-24 v1.4.3
- enhancement: nicer dropdowns in the style editor sidebar
- bug fix: occasionally the red dashed borders get saved
- bug fix: occasionally the content editor appears twice in its modal popup
- bug fix: Settings and Delete button on Sites in the Users panel don't work
- bug fix: Site Settings stuff displays twice
- bug fix: Can set styling on certain cloned elements
- enhancement: When changing a font-style, a text field is used rather then a dropdown
- bug fix: Setting styles like border, sizes, border-radius on images does not work
- bug fix: Changing font does not work
- bug fix: Can't edit fa icon when inside link
- enhancement: Reset autosave timer when something changes

2015-11-21 v1.4.2
- bug fix: can't delete images from library
- bug fix: JS file name issues

2015-11-19 v1.4.1
- bug fix: on the Sites panel, the Settings button for individual sites does not work
- bug fix: on the Sites panel, the Delete button for individual sites does not work
- bug fix: background images of blocks are not editable
- bug fix: builder button bar looks messy on smaller screens

2015-11-04 v1.4
- bug fix: blank page or PHP error on new user signup page

2015-10-31 v1.4
- updated to CodeIgniter 3
- updated to Flat UI Pro 1.3.2 and Bootstrap 3.3.1
- new feature: autosave (site changes are saved automatically)
- new feature: revisions (restore older versions of pages at any moment)
- improved: preview function (no longer requires a save action first, always preview what?s on the canvas)
- improved: full rewrite of the entire front-end code, all JS is now organised in proper modules and loaded through requirejs
- improved: updated all the blocks to the latest version of Bootstrap and Flat UI Pro, all CSS and JS is now concatenated and minified for faster load times 
- new feature: custom CSS (per page and for the entire site)
- new feature: HTML validation (when editing a blocks source HTML, the HTML is automatically validated)
- bug fix: user information not showing on Chrome and IE
- bug fix: block categories can no longer be dragged onto the canvas
- bug fix: issues when uploading images with complex names
- bug fix: wrong modal displayed when removing an image
- bug fix: status is not changed to ?published? after publishing a site
- bug fix: ?Unsaved Changes? not triggered when removing an image
- now included: Sent API (additional script to easily deal with forms on your SiteBuilder sites)

2015-03-11 v1.3
- fixed: background image changes undone when publishing
- fixed: dragging/dropping blocks already on the canvas removes previous changes
- fixed: user account modal not working properly for non-admin users
- fixed: changed styling gone after publishing
- improvement: better height adjustments after changing a blocks content
- improvement: improved canvas performance and stability (removed iframe zooming which brings better performance to Chrome)
- feature: live previews
- feature: pre-build page templates

2015-01-27 v1.25
- fixed: loading issues in Chrome
- altered left menu slide-in effect
- implement front-end user signups (users can now create accounts themselves)

2014-12-19 v1.2
- fix: can't update images on some portfolio and team blocks
- fix: user filter is shown on non-admin sites page
- improved: block action buttons are now aligned horizontally rather then vertically (allowing them to remain visible on smaller blocks)
- improved: removed file path field when updating images

2014-12-12 v1.1.9
- fix for missing/corrupted images when publishing sites/pages

2014-12-02 v1.1.8
- implemented better handling of images while publishing/exporting (only images belonging to the current user are included)

2014-11-21 v1.1.7
- implemented HTML source code editing
- fixed several major security issues
- added 7 additional blocks
- implemented table editing
- switched the block panel from a "hover" effect to a "click"effect
- remove alert notification when switching pages

2014-11-16 v1.1.6
- bug: new pages not always showing up in page dropdown in link editor
- removal of (unneeded) inline CSS
- editing background images of header elements
- implemented one-page links (linking to sections within a single page site)
- bug: links wrapped around elements (images and icons for example) aren't editable
- bug: multiple editors appear occasionally in the modal popup when editing content

2014-11-10 v1.1.5
- implemented support for video editing (Youtube and Vimeo)

2014-11-05 v1.1.1
- fixed bug where several images change after changing a single image

2014-11-04 v1.1
- implemented improved text editing, now using rich text editor
- sticky fixed header with building modes/buttons
- couple of minor enhancements

2014-11-02 v1.0.1
- fixed issue with sites not saving (when pretty URLs are turned off)