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Hi, can you build a set of page together to generate a full site?

Hi lotsonj,

Yes, you sure can.

- Zoe


Can I make few widget which rendered by php dynamic code?

Example I have team records mange by database and can I just drug and drop team widget on page? And build many custom widget?

Hi ajmerainfo,

Unfortunately PHP code inside blocks is not supported :(

- Zoe

Can you make logotype builder like this It will be very popularity script and I will purchase license for it.

Hi thelabs,

Unfortunately, we’re not planning on building anything like the logotype builder.

- Zoe

Is this a multiusers script?

HI StarkDM,

No, it’s a single user script.

- Zoe

I want to add the html block then how, I do not see the admin add html bock?

Hi cnv2013,

The process of adding custom blocks is described in the documentation bundled with the application.

- Zoe

Hi guys! I have sent a support issue on several occasions but didint get any respond so ill try here as well. When logged in on Site Builder and been working on a new site you are not able to save or do anything to save ALL you work you have done. The session kind of dies. Sometimes you are sent back to the login page again. Then going back to Site palen you will see that your current job is lost. Everything that you have saved and worked on. All blocks gone. Just a blank template. This app really needs a “AUTO SAVE” function so no work is lost.

I have developers building custom blocks so I need to get this fixed.

If you need you can get an FTP login. I have followed all installation steps and requested folders have 775 permissions according to documentation.

Please advice and help me fix this issue. I am confident you guys will sovle this but need some feedback.

Hi digitalvoyager,

I am very sorry to learn you still haven’t received a response from our support department. I can see your ticket in the queue though, so it did come through. I will contact our support staff to try and find out why the ticket hasn’t been picket up yet.

- Zoe

Still no word from you. 12 days! I recommend you improve your support. Refund ticket will be sent in today.

Hi digitalvoyager,

I have spoken to Tapan (one of our developers). He has replied to one of your tickets on the 21st of October (#3053). It would appear you somehow missed that response? Anyway, he has now also responded to your latest ticket (#3056). Can you please check and confirm here if you’ve received this reply? Thanks!

- Zoe

Hello guys,

Thank you for your great product! I’ve checked your demos and I’ve found out that the Builder which is used in older back end editor is the new version of Front-end editor but the one which is used in Laravel version is SB v1. I want to know if you are going to upgrade the editor in Laravel version as well so I’ll be able to purchase this version instead of the older one.

Thanks! :)

Hi imansup,

Yes, the update will come to SB Laravel as well, however I’m afraid I can not give an exact time frame at this point :(

- Zoe

I submitted a ticket regards to my preview issue on Monday..Still have not received a response. So maybe someone else can help me here. When building a site it works fine, but when I preview or save the CSS looks likes its missing… I have the the right server, htaccess is there and the mods are correct. Please help.

What is difference between SiteBuilder Lite – Drag&Drop site builder and CMS

Hi 96pgoel,

Which CMS exactly are you referring to?

- Zoe

Hi chilly_orange,

just a quick resp. View the site source code and I found a mistake. For example the type=”button” code duplicated few place. Like line 1981, 2143, etc.

Otherwise great script! I interest the sbpro but little bit expensive for me… :( Unlimited user/one install for 40 dollars is better deal. :D


Please can you tell me the differents between SiteBuilder Laravel and SiteBuilder Lite??

Regards Levt

Hi Levt,

Lite is built using the CodeIgniter framework and Laravel with the Laravel framework. Feature wise. both are the same.

- Zoe


Thank you for your reply.

Maybe very dumb question but what is the different between the CodeIgniter framework and the Laravel framework??

Thank you.

Regards Levt

I usually purchase templates from Themeforest and customize templates. Please tell me that Can I insert that themeforest theme complete websites into this site builder to edit easier as blocks or something. Your tool is awesome..

Hi rockysan,

You could, however you would need to prepare the templates and make them ready for usage with SiteBuilder. The instructions for adding your own blocks are included in the documentation with comes with the application.

- Zoe

Does is support RTL ?! Arabic Language ?!

Hi megadola,

I’m afraid it does not :(

- Zoe

Hi there, What version of Laravel are you using? 5.1? 5.2? 5.3? Thanks!

- Jjames

Hi Jjames,

Its using 5.2


can this script work as a blog service provider like “blogger” ? i mean after making website by customer upload and serve it on my servers automatically.


pmhung07 Purchased

Iframe Data-originalurl=”undefined” after reload page. After load page, page blank, error

$frames = new Frame(); $frames->page_id = $pageID; $frames->site_id = $siteData[‘id’]; $frames->content = $block[‘frameContent’]; $frames->height = $block[‘frameHeight’]; //$frames->original_url = $block[‘originalUrl’]; Error Here because Undefine original $frames->loaderfunction = $block[‘loaderFunction’]; $frames->sandbox = ($block[‘sandbox’] == ‘true’) ? 1 : 0; $frames->save();

Hi pmhung07,

Did you submit a ticket through our help desk located at

- Zoe


romvik Purchased

Hello i bot this item but in zip of download there was Self hosted form submit API why? how i can get SiteBuilder Laravel i paid for this item

Hi romvik,

I’ve just checked, but your download contains both SiteBuilder and Sent, the former in a folder and the latter in a zip archive.

- Zoe

hey preview is blank

Hi rossman22590,

Just had a look but it seems to work ok now.

- Zoe