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Hi, I contacted you multiple times. I am interested in your SB PRO, where can I test drive the builder? thanks

Hi there! You can request a demo on

The version I bought is not updated, I mean It is not like the one in the demo

Hi there,

The live demo is the exact same version (with a few restrictions) as the version you can download.


Can I easily add this “drag and drop” to my existing Laravel Website (5.4) ?


It’s a bit hard to say wether this is possible; it would depend on how your site is built.

so, you are saying it wil not work with laravel 5.4? When will you update to todays world with laravel 5.5?

No, we’re not saying it does not work with version 5.5. We currently do not have any plans for an update.

hi, i have upload and install, but on domain is not, now under /public. i must insert a htaccess file to go public?

i can not delete images in image library

Hi freepler,

Please submit a support request through and we’ll have a look. Thanks!

the live demo builder ui is same version as the latest update (september 2017)?

In this builder UI, how to view in different modes (desktop, tablet, phone) like in Sitebuilder Lite (codeigniter version) ?

SB Laravel does not have the responsive view options

no plan to add the responsive options? Or If I buy the codeigniter version, can I just copy the builder JS from the codeigniter version to laravel ?

when i login, then doanload select.html and blocks when i click on it

Please submit a ticket through Thanks!

i buy this sitebuilder laravel and it alway show error net::ERR_ABORTED at Developer Tools Console and the file that exported also request this file too, if it is the block that need javascript such as slideshow, it won’t work after exported.

Hi, I’ve uploaded the latest version, followed the install instructions but getting the error – This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

All permissions are set – Not sure what I have done wrong. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi Ikrativ,

Please kindly submit a support ticket through our official helpdesk located at Thanks!

Hi, I did. Ticket #4684 – Thanks


lkrativ Purchased

Hi – still no response. Still a 500 server error when I try installing it myself. Starting to get annoyed with the lack of communication.

Can user change the colors of the block without writing css code?

but am not able to do tthat

Please refer to the documentation on how to configure the page builder and activate style properties; it’s all explained there.

please i dont see anything like that in the docs, can you send screenshot