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Will there be a option to create packages?

Hi Tigl,

Unfortunately, with Laravel that’s not possible :(

- Zoe

Ho can we create multi language website?is is posible to do it like it is in a subfolder?

I will be happy if you can update. Thanks

Hi asebilisim,

Unfortunately, this is currently not possible :(

- Zoe

I already have Site Builder Lite. What is the difference between what I have and this version?

Hi theflexstudio,

This version is built using the Laravel framework, in terms of functionality both are almost identical.

- Zoe

In the docs you reffer to the version 1.4 but the one downloaded from here is 1.1

How can I get the new version as this 1.1 has a lot of bugs ? thanks

Have sent you a support email from your platform with still no reply. Can you check please?

Hi garavitgabriel,

Sorry to hear you have not yet received a response from our help desk. Do you have a ticket ID so I can check your status please? Thanks!

- Zoe

Hi, we are interested in this package. But have one question about it. Our websites stores all custum made pages in a database. Is this also possible with changing some code?

Hi Armenios83,

I am afraid I do no fully understand your question?

- Zoe

Hello, I bought SiteBuilder Laravel, because it has “Users”.

I installed it according to the instructions.

Does not work “Add New User” and “Remember me”.

In Demo, these functions also do not work .

My ticket ID 3955 is not answered.

Can I get money back? To buy SiteBuilder Lite.

In SiteBuilder Lite Everything Works.

Urgent need SiteBuilder.

Hi kirminator2,

Please submit a support ticket through Thanks!

- Zoe


prybus Purchased

Hi, Are you planning features to add: A/B testing, more themes?

Hi prybus,

At this point, it’s more likely these features will be implemented in our SB Pro ( product.

- Zoe

Hello , my ticket ID is 3995 . I need help here are so many things not working. Please help us with your reply

Hi garavitgabriel,

I am sorry you have not yet received a fix for your issues. I will check in with the developers today and make sure you’ll get a response asap. Thank you for your patience.

- Zoe

Hello, haven´t heard from them. Please help us with you reply

Hello, I have submitted another ticket to you with the number 4034 . Please we need your guidance to correct all of the bugs the project have. We just need urgent advice. Please be so kind to reply

Hi garavitgabriel,

Have you received a reply yet from one of our developers please? If so, was he able to sort out your issues?

- Zoe

What is difference between Sitebuilder Lite and Sitebuilder Laravel?

Hi mahmoodb,

In terms of functionality, both are almost the same (except for the fact that Lite has a slightly new version of the page builder). Lite is built using CodeIgniter and Laravel using the Laravel framework.

- Zoe

Hi, is it possible to use your software with my laravel applicaiton and allow users to build their own sites on my application. Its an event management application built with laravel and i want a drag and dop module for managers to create landing pages

Hi JulianTabona,

Yes, you can. If you charge your end-users, you will need an extended license though.

hello, who i can download update?

Hi freepler,

Not really sure what you mean?

Hi there, this Builder support custom blocks built in blade?


Custom blocks can be created using any front-end technology you’d like.