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Hi, great item. Can I ask you what is the difference between Sitebar, Slideby, Photroller and Chalis. Thank you

Each has a different design, and a different structure of the sidebar! :)

OK thank you I’ll choose the one that suits me best.

Awesome Mobile Menu :) Like it

Thanks mate! Much appreciated! :)

Good work man! 5 stars!

We’re very pleased you like it! Thank you for your purchase and rating! :)

Hi, very nice menu!

Does it work on ie chrome and others or just on mobile brwosers?

Does each menu item can point to a separate page or is like jquery mobile were all is is one page?


Hey there! Thank you for the question! Each menu can point to a separate page. It is coded using the default jQuery so it’s basically the same stuff that runs on computers optimized to run perfectly on mobiles! Let me know if I can help you further!

I have a pre-existing Phonegap app (more than 1500 lines), And I was wondering if I can use this into the app (like plug and play, without changing much of the html/css) If it is a yes, Its a sure buy for me… or No, then how much complicated it is ? I am seasoned programer, just dont want to spend too much time fixing css issues.

Hey there! It should be pretty easy if you are a seasoned programmer. This is only a sidebar structure with a premade “content” class that can house all your features, so basically, you just need to code the sidebar structure in! Please keep in mind that using this template for any AppStore requires you purchase an extended license of it! Thank you!

Hi buddy…

i am using magazon theme. can the menu use perfectly for that theme? here my website http://www.smkasegamat.edu.my

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! What you are requesting is a custom feature, you’ll have to implement our navigation in it. It will not work directly.


Just a pre-order question. Can i use your template to do a mobile emulator like http://ipadpeek.com/ ? If yes, how can i do that? Thanks!

The preview / demo window is not included in the pack.

I bought some of your plugins. They are great! Congrats!

But i would like to integrate the Sitebar with Ciento. Can you do that for me? Both easely work together ?

Thanks for now…

They can be integrated, but we can only assist you as a freelance project since it requires modifications to both plugins! Thank you for your kind words! :)

Hi, I’m new to android programming. May I know how should I import your code into eclipse?

Hey there! This is a site template component. I am not versed with eclipse, so I cannot assist you! :(

Hello, How can I install it? I receive 40mb ZIP file with folders: code, design, documentation, Where is plugin?

How can I install using “Plugins>add new>uplod” ???

As you can see from the description and the ThemeForest item sidebar, it’s a HTML component, not a WordPress theme.

An awesome sidebar navigation jQuery template that allows you to build your own template from the ground up!


I have two questions:

If you can use a pointbreack to activate the menu?

If you can put it on the right side?

Hey there! Thanks for your question! Can you please explain what you mean by a pointbreack? This version does not support changing it to the right side.


You use a css file (reset.css) and you define elements like display: block gobally for div, a, p, img, blockquote, form, fieldset, textarea, input, label, iframe, code, pre

Are you serious? How to fix this?

No worries, we reply to all our customers! We understand there are numerous, tens or even hundreds of ways that a site can be coded, but we built our templates based on the most frequently used one. Imagine if we would have to build this for each individual style on the internet, we’d have a zip file containing 200 versions of code. Still, this version of coding should be compatible with most if not all the websites out there, and if there are compatibility issues, you can simply remove the reset. Cheers! :)

I understand. But why should a tag link the common a-tag should be display:block? I did some research and did not find one reset file that resets a-tags to display: block.. Anyway, I found a solution that works for me. Maybe you think about my suggestion. And I appriciate your fast replies.

Please also check your theme in Android Firefox. Both, menu and content are moving vertically. I could not locate the reason. Maybe you are able to find the reason. I tested with URL: [removed]

I’ve just tested Stebar on HTC One M8 / Samsung Galaxy S5, and the menu works as described. Make sure you have Android 4.2.2 or newer. That supports scrolling divs by default. Cheers

Hi! I need the sidebar menu to pull out on the right-hand side. How do I manage this?

I’ve two other questions: the sidebar doesn’t have full height. It’s only as high as the content. Not very pretty in desktop browsers. Do you have a fix for this? In addition the menu pulls out on page load by default. I want to change this, too :-)

Hey there! By default, the menu is supported on the left side, changing it will require custom work. As for the default opening, open custom.js and remove the last line of code that looks like this:


To keep the content over the sidebar, simply add this code to custom.js in the place where you deleted the code I mentioned above

    screen_height = $(document).height();
        minHeight: screen_height

Cheers! :)