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Does it collect data from the clients what they likes, views and clicks on a wordpress website?

Hello jedlarosa. We are don’t quite understand your question, but if in general – not yet.

I mean like in google anayltics. I can see the number of clicks on each of the buttons of my websites. The visitors per page. etc.

Now on the client’s or customer’s side. I can be able to see all of my clients/customers what they are doing on my website. I can track what they like by clicking the like button. I can track what are they visiting. For example, the apple page. I can see how many people visited that page.

So there should be some kind of tracking page that I can see all of the activity of my customers in one please. You get what I mean?

I have a problem with the installation of the ExpressionEngine version of your software. No one has replied to me under that page, so I’ve posted here. Please reply to my concerns there.

Thanks YogiFish -

few days for next update

Any new information on when the ExpressionEngine of this software will be updated?

Update is on review


vishnew Purchased


i Want to place visitor counter widget in sidebar and in footer. but the widget is not visible in the widgets section.

will it be available after i enter the purchase code.

one more thing. right now i am testing in localhost. if i enter the purchase code in localhost, can i still enter it in the final website. please clarify.

Yes, widget available after enter purchase code. You can change licensed site in future.


meijin Purchased

A few weeks ago I posted a comment/question about the page load speed that increased when I installed this (and how much I like the plugin!). You indicated an update was coming that would address this. Has it been implemented in the version that came out this morning? Much thanks! (and I hope so)

Installed the latested update and now I get the following on every page of the admin area …why ?? �٥�杶e{�8�����g�������u�ɸ�Z��yǧ���ם8�^����g�������׫���׫�����׫����m�. I deactivate the plugin and the garbage disappears. I’ve re-downloaded the file and reinstalled it and the same issue pops up. Anything ?

Can you give to us access to your WordPress via


meijin Purchased

Hello! I got the latest version installed and do see that the impact that it has had on site speed is greatly improved. Well done!

I do have a question though and this may be a dumb newbie question. Do you hide the robots.txt file somehow? When I go into Google Analytics/Search Console, it tells me there is one. When I click the option to see the live version, it works. And I can see all of the extra info that your plugin puts in there. No worries. But, when I FTP into my site, there is no robots.txt file there. I even had my hosting company take a look to make sure that my newbie-ness wasn’t causing me to miss something. So…I have to ask…where the heck is this file?


Hello meijin. We would like to remind that we do not interfere in the operation of the server, do not change the settings of the site – our plugin just collect statistics for you. With best regards to you!

Я купил вшу программу myStat ^ но она перестала работать. не показывает посетителей. но они есть. Всегда показывает 0 посетителей. проработала исправно 1 месяц

Здравствуйте. Предоставте пожалуйста доступ к вашему сайте и мы смотреть что произошло. Удачи!


nice plugin but how to make this Stat show on frontend? or just show visitor / day at front page

From widget menu

Hi, it’s normal that this plugin creates a folder in /wp-content/uploads/mystat with hundreds of browscap.iniparts files and a geobase_v2.3.dat that in just less than a week is has already more than 128MB of disc space usage? Is this going to keep growing over the next days? And the database size also keep growing every day so I’m worried that the size of this folder and db is going to raise to the GB level for a simple statistics plugins. That’s a lot of space and my site only gets like 30 visits per day. I cannot image if I get 1000 visits per day what will be the size of this folder or the database. Let me know your comments.

Database is self-cleaning of old data.

Ok, thxs. So the disc space usage of ”/wp-content/uploads/mystat” will remain as 128MB and should not go any higher. Got it.

Ok, thxs. So the disc space usage of ”/wp-content/uploads/mystat” will remain as 128MB and should not go any higher. Got it.


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This comment is currently being reviewed.

HitLeap can hide information about visits to its site. You can see as visitor without referrer.

Hi, how i can exclude various IP or user scan from statistics?? for example for administrator or webmaster visits, i dont have count this and no appear in the reports pages.


In next version

For some reason when I have this plugin active, the woocommerce checkout process gets affected. The payment options cannot be selected and just a little round icon keeps spinning. According to a google search it seems that is like a javascript issue between the plugins. When I deactivate the MyStat plugin then the woocommerce checkout process works again and then Im able to select the payments options. Do you know why this happens or any workaround so I can active the MyStat plugin again? Im using version 3.7 and woocommerce 2.6.8.

We fixed it. In next update we publish it.

Ok thxs. When the next update will be available to download?

Next week


pfau Purchased

Hi! Which is the best way to know who viewed a specific page? For instance I would know who viewed page XPTO. thanks!

In future you can view all way of visitor, detail information about online visitor. Today you can see this information, but not in one report

Hi, Does the plugin store data as per page id or post id.. or per user.. or the whole site?

Per visitor IP address

Hey there, Could this plugin be run in an offline environment – like an intranet? Assume latest WP is already running successfully.

Without access to the Internet is not possible to update the database definitions and display graphics.

Hi, your plugin create conflict with contact form 7. If I deactivate MyStats Contact Form send mail. Why?

We check it.

Hi there,

Is there any difference between the paid version and the version installed from wordpress? I just bought it but if there is no difference I am not going to swap the downloadfile.

And SUPER AWESOME PLUGIN! Exactly what I needed!!!

This same release

Hi! I love your item MyStat, I purchased and install this plugin into my website but when I do it, my web experiments some troubles. Especifically, for example, I have a fixed top menu bar, but with your plugin, that menu bar is not more fixed.

When I desactivate MyStat, the top menu bar continue been fixed again. Therefor, there is something of your plugin that desactivated other some functions of my site.

What can be the problem?

I use comet cache too. Is just an aditional information about my site.

Please help me because I really want to use your plugin.

I waiting for your answer. Really Thank You.

Excellent! Now works perfect. Thank You! But, This change affect something in the function of the plugin? And, when you update this item, ¿This change will stay there? Thanks really!

Problem was in your theme. You changed action call. In next version it possible change in settings.

Ok, thanks for your support!