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Why should I worry about meeting W3C standards?

To better explain why you should validate your site, you can visit the W3C website.

Will this plugin fix any errors?

This plugin is designed to identify errors and warnings in relation to W3C standards. It will not modify any files on your server.

I have errors/warnings, now what?

If you click on the link for errors/warnings, it will bring you to the W3C Validator where it will provide you with the right information to correct the errors.

What the heck is code to text ratio?

If your web page contains too much HTML code, that could prevent a search engine spider from crawling the page in its entirety. Some search engine crawlers will check the amount of code there is on a page and compare it to the amount of text as part of its algorithm. If the page is too big, the spider may only be allowed to capture portions of the page, leaving out possible vital and relevant content.

A rule of thumb would be the higher the number, the better.

Ways to lower the amount of code on a web page:

- Use CSS layouts instead of table-based layouts.
- Put CSS and Javascript into external files.
- Take out tags that have no purpose.
- Use valid code.

Although C2T ratio isn’t a very important element to search engine optimization, it should still be considered a best practice for any website.

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