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thank you so much

UHUUUU! Um brazuka aqui!! Ai sim!

Rs. Eaew tranquilo.

This looks great. Can you please tell me if there is a crop selector on Avatar upload or does it require a specific image size to be uploaded?

Yes that’s 210px by 210px configuration

when php version coming

not only .net

Any means of monetizing the portal?

I am still waiting for your response to my last email. nogtrend@gmail.com. Kindly do the needful ASAP

Forgive me for the delay , today I tell you !

can you explain more…. how to install…. i did all that you mention and not work http://homescleaning.com/admin/login

I spent all steps by email

Thanks but i dont want it Thanks… can you return my money?

Yes of course.

work with msql? or only mssql?

only mssql , I said it to you by email.

Hello. When I’am on a profile page, the search bar from top doesn’t work. I need to go to homepage to search again. Is this a bug, or this is how it must work?

No, mysql is lighter, mssql is a more robust server and is not managed via the web. I could pass the project to mysql if you want, it would be within the costs part!

ok, I will need some modifications, give me an email address to send the list…

I want to order your item now but with add some functions, like: - function for follow, unfollow - like, dislike with 5 starts - chat - time line for his complete jobs

These changes would have an additional cost, please contact via email ribaslipe@gmail.com

I dropped U an email.

hi how are you I can,t install in my server I used sql just how I can install please to my host thanks

Very simple, your server needs to be compatible with ASP.NET 4.0 or higher, and have MSSQL 2008 R2 or higher.

Put the address of your bank in the web.config file, of the upload folder, then just send the upload folder to your server.

To configure the database, simply restore the .bak file


Você pensa em atualizar sua plataforma? Por exemplo com votos (5 estrelas), recomendações, pagamento via plataforma etc.


Não farei esses updates para o codecanyon, só faço a parte para clientes que comprarem o script, com um adicional.

Nice buddy, good luck with sales

Thank you very much

can i change the code?

Yes, open source!