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Hello, Html page or just php ?

Hi Fox,

It can be either as long as you have a PHP script block at the beginning of the page.

hello can you please explain in lil more detail what is this all about how would it secure my website against sql injections ? and attacks?

Hi Paramveer,

It basically secures a web page by forcing a user to log in before allowing them to enter the page. The login form itself is hardened against SQL injection attacks. For more implementation details, please take a look at the instructions attached with the utility download.

Can this be set to a folder of php files or can you only set it to individual files?

Hi Jgoch101

This utility is designed to be applied individually to each page. However, I can add in that mass apply feature for the next scheduled upgrade of this component.

Not a good idea to show the password that your typing, though it’s easily solved.

Thanks for the heads up! The code has been updated to obfuscate the password on the login form.

Nice!!! :D Hmmm this may be a stupid question… But how do you add users , like create a username and password for someone? Cheers. :)

You can add additional credential entries into the SiteSecure.php file. This requires 2 lines of code to implement. For more details please take a look at the “adding a username/password combination” section in the instructions attached with the utility.

Hope this helps!

hi im a complete newbie at all this php do you have a video walkthrough anywhere, i just need to protect two pages on a html site.


Hi Sean3p02000,

This is really easy, copy the SiteSecure folder into the directory containing the 2 pages.

Then in the beginning of each page, call the following static method:


This script is nothing new.
You just copied SimpleAuth :O

Be more creative next time

Hi Arnolem,

I’ve never heard of your framework until now. I think this is just a case of convergent engineering.


Code Slinger

@arnolem Well you did the same too :o Protect Your Pages

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Consider that a repeated item will be accepted if has better integration or quality, this means that probably this item has better quality than the existing ones.

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I think, this script has low defense anti brute force attacks. It’s easy to delete cookies after 3 times trying enter name and password. Better solution is ban IP for 30 minutes. For example with banlist file or database :-)

Thanks Strnadj, I’ll add this feature in the next update of this component :)

Seems pretty quiet. Is there any support for this product anymore if I decide to buy this?

Yes, this product is still fully supported.


Code Slinger Studios


I purchased your script yesterday. I am getting lines of error messages when I drop the code into my page. Also, when I put the demo code that was included in my purchase on my server, I still get the error messages. Below are links of the screenshots of the pages, one using a page from my website and using the demo code you all provided. Can you please help me identify what the problem is? I need this page functioning as soon as possible.


Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

s it possible to log off for a certain time?

Hello, I bought SiteSecure, but I have a problem to make it work on my websites. I contacted support via the contact form on the website and nothing, no response, followed by email, same thing, no answer, there is still no support for this program, which I bought? Does exist someone who can help me?????

it seems codeslinger may be more.

How can I protect PDF files inside my site? The login workd fine in PHP pages but if I type the URL of my files there is no protection, no login request.