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Is your plugin capable of using the categories that has been created in woocommerce?

I know you could just replicate the same category name, but it’s easier if it can use site create categories.


You can customize the plugin and make it support other taxonomies. You can try the free version here. https://wordpress.org/plugins/site-locator-map-free/


Is it posible to use your plugin with buddypress users? I like your plugin but i need that all users can tell their position (mobile geolocation perhaps?) and all of them cand find who is near their position…

I need this tool and i will pay for it.

The plugin supports post types only. You will have to customize the plugin to support users.


I’m using your plugin into my website to show doctors but i have some troubles because there is some doctors at one same adress, so i have only one marker on map without address and phone number… Do you have an idea to show ?

See here : http://www.acupuncteurs.info/annuaire-medecins-acupuncteurs-asoformec/?slm_address=All%C3%A9e+des+Tulipes%2C+Pessac%2C+France&slm_category=all&slm_radius=1&submit_slm=Lancer+la+recherche

I have only one idea : change position longitude or latitude (only 1 digit) but it’s not clean….

I understand the requirements. Unfortunately, the plugin has been coded to have one post type to one address. You will have to customize it.

Hi Dale,

I wanted to try your plugin, but i ran into the following error:

“Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/t/e/tention/dev/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php on line 975”

“The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.”

I am using the latest version of Wordpress 4.2.2 with no other plugins and a clean install.

Is there also a possibility to use a function as “Use my current location”?

// Never mind the error i posted above. When i manually upload it, it works. Possible issue is, that the zip file “site-locator-map-free.zip” is one folder to deep. When i extract it, it looks like “D:\site-locator-map-free\site-locator-map-free\site-locator-map-free”.

Hello. He wanted to know if the plugin runs on WordPress 4.2.2 thanks

Yes it is supported

does this support custom post types? We already have a lot of listings on our website which already contain long and lat and other fields required. We would just use your system for search?

Yes it does support it but you have to do a bit of customization you can checkout documentation.

Will this plugin pick up postcode/zipcode from google on the search?

It auto-completes google map postcode/zipcode addresses

Would this plugin integrate with a real estate theme from themeforest? Essentially, I only want the search part of your plugin, but the map and search results from the theme.

Also, can it search the custom fields of my site, or are they fixed to those of your plugin?

Yes it can integrate with any theme cause it supports short codes. You will need to do a bit of styling though with css to match it to your site. try the free version here https://wordpress.org/plugins/site-locator-map-free/

Pre-purchase question:

My desired end result is illustrated here:

Landing page: http://michaellietz.com/gmap/gmap.jpg

Result of search: http://michaellietz.com/gmap/gmap2.jpg

Basically, the one aspect of my desired outcome that I am having difficulty replicating with any plugin is the way the directory listing below the map works.

I need the listings below the map to filter as normal when the user does a “zip code/distance from” search, but I need the listings to be sorted by state (with headers) on page load (image 1 above) and I need that sorting to remain when the search is complete and the results display (image 2 above).

With all of the other plugins I have tried, I can easily get everything to work with the exception of the custom listings layout, sorted by state and with headers.

Does your plugin have that ability?

I am very comfortable adding CSS to my child theme to get things looking right, but I just need the listings sorting to be a part of the plugin out of the box.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Is this plugin abandoned? I see it was last updated October 2014.

Hi there,

Is there a way of exporting all the sites within the plugin into preferably a csv file?

Will there be any updates for this product?

Hi, The LIVE PREVIEW is not working :( Can you please provide a DEMO link where i can check before purchasing. Thanks.

Demo down.