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We can send emails by the amount of purchases that each client has made !?

Are the templates translated into my own language ??

Is it possible to send automated emails?

Thank you

Hi there,

Unfortunately it is not possible to send emails based on the number of purchases.

For your other questions, yes you can customise all text and emails are automatic.

Looking to send an email when a specific product is purchased. When I set a rule that says SKU and Exactly Match a drop down list appears but no SKUs are there?

To add – a product SKU will appear, but not specific variation SKU

Hi, Please post your issue on our community form a private message,

with wp-admin access, i will look that issue on your site.

Hi there, this plugin looks great!! Quick question – is it possible, with this plugin, to do so that a ‘processing’ order email notification is only send once? For example, if an order has once been marked ‘processing’, then changed to ‘completed’ and then changed back to ‘processing’, then I’d like the system to not re-send the ‘processing’ email notification again. Do you know if that’s possible? Many thanks!

Hi Jskafte,

By default, if you have the log enabled then notifications for a particular rule is only sent once. So if you switch back and forth the status it won’t sent it the second time. The default WooCommerce processing email might be sent by WooComerce plugin tho.

Hi @shopitpress – thanks for clarifying that! Cheers! :-)

Pre-sale questions, hope you can answer quickly…

1. Can you remove the “SIP Plugin” from the wordpress menu? You make a nice plugin and I can understand it for a free plugin, BUT from a premium plugin really should not be there!

2. Can we test and receive emails from your demo? it says “Emails Disabled:” I’d like to see what is delivered to the customer.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Timeturner,

1. I’m afraid this won’t be possible. We have a “SIP Plugins” section because we find it more organised that having a menu for each plugin. If you install several plugins from us they are all under that section.

2. I have enabled emails so you can test them :)