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Great work! :-)

Thanks! :)

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales ;)

Thanks! :)

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thanks! :)

HI there, 2 questions:

1) This plugin also works for unregistered users ?

2) This plugin autogenerates a coupon every time with one single use only ??


Hi there,

The second update with all restriction options available was submitted. I received an email saying the update was approved, though I am not sure if it was the first or the second. Perhaps you can download again and check if it’s already updated, if not I’ll check with Envato team on this.

Many thanks for your feedback. Yes I am aware it needs to be more visually appealing. I will be doing that in the coming day.

PS if you enjoyed the plugin please leave us a rating :)

Hi there,

Do you know why CodeCanyon doesn’t update this plugin ??? In general all the things are updated in max. 2 days and this plugin I see it isn’t updated yet and a lot of days have passed.


Hi there,

No idea why is it taking so long, but we have another update to make today. For now, I suggest you contact us through our profile page so you can get the latest version by email. Meanwhile we will check with them when to expect the approval of updates


x-bull Purchased


Perfect plugin that suits my needs. Except one thing – I need send email after 1 year (350 days). In the demo is only 99 day. It is possible add more days?

Works it (send the emails) with orders created before the plugin install?

Hi X-bull,

Actually we won’t be able to to use that plugin since it requires the Pro version for bulk order changes.

Instead, we will be adding this feature to our plugin. We will add one new menu item action “Process SIP email rules” which will change the status of the selected orders to a custom status “SendEmail” and then revert to the original status, making sure we block the email notification of the original status so the customer doesn’t receive it again.

The caveat is that if the order would trigger an email to be scheduled in the past, it will send it now (say for example if the rule send the email 7 days after and the order is 10 days old). However, since you are selecting the orders manually, you can avoid that if you want by doing a date filter.

That way we trigger the order status changed. If you decide the buy the plugin, we can send you the file via email, since the approval of the new version might take a few days.


x-bull Purchased

Perfect, purchased. Will wait on your email

Can you contact us through our profile page with your email address? Thanks

How are the e-mails formatted? Do they use the default colors and logos set in woocommerce?

Hi there!,

There is an editor much like the one for post/pages. What you write there is what the customer see. You can make the same format as WooCommerce transactional emails using HTML (from HTML view), of use the normal one and format the email as you like.

You can test that on our demo.


Does the plugin support WooCommerce Subscriptions (

I am looking for the ability to send emails such as: - a notification X weeks before a subscriber’s next renewal is processed - a reminder X weeks before a subscriber’s subscription is due to expire - a chaser X weeks after a subscriber’s subscription has expired

Thanks, rt.

Hi rt,

At the moment the plugin does not support subscriptions, however it is something we are planning to add later on. We will notify you when that happens in case you are still interested.


Any update?


(duplicate removed)

Hi! If i have 10 managers of store and a determined product is bought. The manager who upload that product can receive a notification of buy?

Hi Josue,

I am afraid the functionality cannot be done automatically. However, it can be easily done by other means. For example, you could bulk add a category or tags to products, then target those tags or categories to make your emails. You will need to make 10 email rules (one for each manager, targetting the category or tag you create for each), but shouldn’t take more than 15 min. After the rules are made, just make sure the custom tag or category for each manager is added when a new product is created.


silverz Purchased

i submitted a private question for you in your support forum, thank you

Hi Silverz, yes we replied already :)

Hello, it is broken, it does not show any options whe adding new rule. I have the latest version of WP and Woo I am posting here since I cannot make an account at screen below

What should I do now?

Hi Unfa,

As far as we can tell the plugin is working properly with the latest version of WP. There might be a conflict with another of your plugins. Can you please contact us through and create a temporary admin user in your site so we can take a look? You can send us your website URL and user details through the form and we will be in touch.

Does your plugin supports woocommerce bookings ?

1) I have defined resources as people (defined as product attribute), and on a booking, I would like to send a specific email to a resource name…possible ?

2) why isn’t your product available on Wordpress extension ? Doesn’t it bypass automatic wordpress plugin update system ?

3) +1 for woo commerce subscription !

At the moment we are not planning to integrate this feature as it will be considerable work, however if more users request it in the future we will surely integrate it.

How many requests have you received so far, as I see a lot of questions regarding booking?

We received one more before but it’s related to sending messages before or after subscription renewals and expired ones. Integrating subscriptions will mean that we need to add a lot of options regarding this, which is not a problem if there was more demand for it…

Hi, I would to know if the plugin works with this:

Is possible to try the plugin before buy?

Hi Ilcava,

Sure you can use the demo to test anything you want, it is fully functional. Just click “Live preview” to check it out.

I am building a site that does weekly Meal Prep services. So, customers need to place orders every week by a certain time. Using this plugin, would it be possible to send a reminder to customers who haven’t submitted their desired meals by the deadline?


Depends how have you set it up. Rules are checked in two instances: 1) automatically on order status change and 2) manually triggering a re-check. So if this is a product that people buy once, there is no order status change afterwards hence it you will need to trigger all orders manually once a week. Another question would be how are you checking for who has submitted their meals or not. If this info is saved as a custom field within the cart or the user then the plugin can create rules for it.

how about order status trigger? that would be good to have in your suite

Hi gdewey. We use the status trigger in addition to other rules. However, if you want to send an email to all orders that changed to a particular status, that is possible for example by doing: Order total >0 AND Status = “your status”. You can test those rules in the live demo.

Let me know if you have any questions.

excellent. its good to know.. thanks for the clarification

Hi, just to be clear, can I use this plugin to notify myself of any new orders? Even if the order is not confirmed and waiting for payment?

Hi there,

Yes that is possible, you will need to deselect the option “Send to customer”. Feel free to play with the options on the demo site.

Hi, I’m trying to use the Process SIP email rules function. When I run it from the order history actions, I’m only able to run it on the current search results, which is limited to 10 or so at a time. AND it’s sending the coupon offer I’ve set up just fine, but it’s also somehow re-sending the woo-commerce thank you for your order email, except the content is blank. I’m guessing it’s triggering the latter because of the status change back to completed or something. Any ideas? I’d really like to get this function to work without triggering the old email AND I’d like to run it on ALL previous orders at once. Thanks!

Thanks, let me know if I can give you any more data about my installation, etc. BTW I’d use your support site but registration is broken.

Thanks we will be checking that too

And thanks for the screen options idea. Forgot about that. However it still limits one to 999 items at a time. Plus, I don’t really want to SEE them all, I just want to apply the function to all my orders. Oh well, I’m just around the 975 mark anyway so it’s a good solution for now. Except for the blank emails I mentioned that it sends.

Unfortunately this plugin is not recommended at this point in its development. It is buggy and although the developer is a nice guy and willing to please, his level of English just doesn’t allow the necessary communication to get things fixed. The 1st bug was fixed quickly, the next (setup a rule and set to not send to customer (yet) but it still sends) is so basic but the message can’t get through. After that there are some complex issues, but the guy can’t understand the problems and we can’t speak his native language. We’ve given up.

Hi John,

Usman is a great coder but not a native English speaker. He can understand most requests, however for more complex problems I get involved.

The issue you reported about the tracking information being sent in processing email seems to be with aftership plugin. We chose to support aftership because it is one of the most established plugins for tracking info which is actually free. You can always direct this problem to the author of atership plugin. However for now the best solution would be to add the tracking number when the order has been actually sent.

As for the email sent to customer when it was not supposed to be sent, we tried this in your live host and our development host and in both cases the customer did not get the email. If you can create a test order and reproduce the bug, I will be more than happy to take a look and make sure it is fixed.

Also, if the support in our site doesn’t display well on your side, we can always continue the conversation here.