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Great work! :-)

Thanks! :)

very great job, nicely done ! i wish you big sales ;)

Thanks! :)

Very nice work! Congrats!

Thanks! :)

HI there, 2 questions:

1) This plugin also works for unregistered users ?

2) This plugin autogenerates a coupon every time with one single use only ??


Hi there,

The second update with all restriction options available was submitted. I received an email saying the update was approved, though I am not sure if it was the first or the second. Perhaps you can download again and check if it’s already updated, if not I’ll check with Envato team on this.

Many thanks for your feedback. Yes I am aware it needs to be more visually appealing. I will be doing that in the coming day.

PS if you enjoyed the plugin please leave us a rating :)

Hi there,

Do you know why CodeCanyon doesn’t update this plugin ??? In general all the things are updated in max. 2 days and this plugin I see it isn’t updated yet and a lot of days have passed.


Hi there,

No idea why is it taking so long, but we have another update to make today. For now, I suggest you contact us through our profile page so you can get the latest version by email. Meanwhile we will check with them when to expect the approval of updates


x-bull Purchased


Perfect plugin that suits my needs. Except one thing – I need send email after 1 year (350 days). In the demo is only 99 day. It is possible add more days?

Works it (send the emails) with orders created before the plugin install?

Hi X-bull,

Actually we won’t be able to to use that plugin since it requires the Pro version for bulk order changes.

Instead, we will be adding this feature to our plugin. We will add one new menu item action “Process SIP email rules” which will change the status of the selected orders to a custom status “SendEmail” and then revert to the original status, making sure we block the email notification of the original status so the customer doesn’t receive it again.

The caveat is that if the order would trigger an email to be scheduled in the past, it will send it now (say for example if the rule send the email 7 days after and the order is 10 days old). However, since you are selecting the orders manually, you can avoid that if you want by doing a date filter.

That way we trigger the order status changed. If you decide the buy the plugin, we can send you the file via email, since the approval of the new version might take a few days.


x-bull Purchased

Perfect, purchased. Will wait on your email

Can you contact us through our profile page with your email address? Thanks

How are the e-mails formatted? Do they use the default colors and logos set in woocommerce?

Hi there!,

There is an editor much like the one for post/pages. What you write there is what the customer see. You can make the same format as WooCommerce transactional emails using HTML (from HTML view), of use the normal one and format the email as you like.

You can test that on our demo.


Does the plugin support WooCommerce Subscriptions (

I am looking for the ability to send emails such as: - a notification X weeks before a subscriber’s next renewal is processed - a reminder X weeks before a subscriber’s subscription is due to expire - a chaser X weeks after a subscriber’s subscription has expired

Thanks, rt.

Hi rt,

At the moment the plugin does not support subscriptions, however it is something we are planning to add later on. We will notify you when that happens in case you are still interested.


Any update?


(duplicate removed)

Hi! If i have 10 managers of store and a determined product is bought. The manager who upload that product can receive a notification of buy?

Hi Josue,

I am afraid the functionality cannot be done automatically. However, it can be easily done by other means. For example, you could bulk add a category or tags to products, then target those tags or categories to make your emails. You will need to make 10 email rules (one for each manager, targetting the category or tag you create for each), but shouldn’t take more than 15 min. After the rules are made, just make sure the custom tag or category for each manager is added when a new product is created.

Verynice ;)

Thanks :)

i submitted a private question for you in your support forum, thank you

Hi Silverz, yes we replied already :)

Hello, it is broken, it does not show any options whe adding new rule. I have the latest version of WP and Woo I am posting here since I cannot make an account at screen below

What should I do now?

Hi Unfa,

As far as we can tell the plugin is working properly with the latest version of WP. There might be a conflict with another of your plugins. Can you please contact us through and create a temporary admin user in your site so we can take a look? You can send us your website URL and user details through the form and we will be in touch.

Does your plugin supports woocommerce bookings ?

1) I have defined resources as people (defined as product attribute), and on a booking, I would like to send a specific email to a resource name…possible ?

2) why isn’t your product available on Wordpress extension ? Doesn’t it bypass automatic wordpress plugin update system ?

3) +1 for woo commerce subscription !

Hi redvivi, sorry for the late reply I missed the notification.

1) We haven’t tested our plugin with that extension. It seems the extension creates products which are type “booking” so it might already work out of the box. If you can contact us through our contact page and include a link to download the file, we can test this for you. Assuming it works, then yes product attributes can be used to target emails.

2) We do have a free and premium version of some plugins but not for this particular one. The update system is through envato market.


Message sent. Please come back to me with your conclusion regarding compatibility.

Please note that I intend to filter on resource name (part of product variation)