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I just wanted to buy the plugin but see some important points missing. I like to send emails with coupons if the customer did not log in the account for 90 days. I also want to send emails if he spend a certain amount since account registration and other rules. Seems this two examples arent’t possible?

Hi there,

You can target emails using any woocommerce product, order or user field, even custom ones. If you are saving the value of “last logged in account” and “total amount spent since registration, then you can trigger emails. However, take into account that emails are evaluated automatically after order status change or manually, hence the “last logged in account” rule will be difficult to trigger, there might be other plugins more suited for that.

Hey, is it possible to send invoices with your plugin? I work with WP-Lister and want to send invoice emails with additional text to my Amazon customers only. Would that work?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry at the moment this functionality is not supported.

Is it possible to send new order email to specific address based on the customer’s role?

Planing to add this in the next update, should be ready within a couple of days. Will update you here.

Great thanks

We have updated the item, you can now use shortcode {{new_order}} which contains the info from new order email.

Did you guys figure out the question ruthvant mentioned? Basically I would like reps to get order notification upon their “user” purchasing. Basically every user would have a different rep that got an email when the user ordered.

yay!!!! you are awesome!!

any update on this feature?

We have updated the item, you can now use shortcode {{new_order}} which contains the info from new order email.

Hi Plugin page has so many examples. are they already present in the plugin when you install it like sending Weekend close mail, Payment remainder mail etc.

it would be great if all those are present as i already have Email Centre and there are no examples and it is difficult to use plugin.

EIDT: Can we schedule Review Remainder Mail? with discount coupon on successful review?


Hi Star09,

At the moment our plugin only works with WooCommerce. I’m afraid it won’t work with forms.

Thnks for your reply.

Can we schedule Review Remainder Mail? & Offer them with discount coupon on successful review?

Sorry only WooCommerce order status changes can trigger new emails

Hi, any chances this plugin will work with woocommerce subscription products? No need for it to work with a specific plugin.

Sorry at the moment subscription triggers are not supported