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I just wanted to buy the plugin but see some important points missing. I like to send emails with coupons if the customer did not log in the account for 90 days. I also want to send emails if he spend a certain amount since account registration and other rules. Seems this two examples arent’t possible?

Hi there,

You can target emails using any woocommerce product, order or user field, even custom ones. If you are saving the value of “last logged in account” and “total amount spent since registration, then you can trigger emails. However, take into account that emails are evaluated automatically after order status change or manually, hence the “last logged in account” rule will be difficult to trigger, there might be other plugins more suited for that.

Hey, is it possible to send invoices with your plugin? I work with WP-Lister and want to send invoice emails with additional text to my Amazon customers only. Would that work?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry at the moment this functionality is not supported.

Is it possible to send new order email to specific address based on the customer’s role?

Planing to add this in the next update, should be ready within a couple of days. Will update you here.

Great thanks

We have updated the item, you can now use shortcode {{new_order}} which contains the info from new order email.

Did you guys figure out the question ruthvant mentioned? Basically I would like reps to get order notification upon their “user” purchasing. Basically every user would have a different rep that got an email when the user ordered.

yay!!!! you are awesome!!

any update on this feature?

We have updated the item, you can now use shortcode {{new_order}} which contains the info from new order email.

Hi Plugin page has so many examples. are they already present in the plugin when you install it like sending Weekend close mail, Payment remainder mail etc.

it would be great if all those are present as i already have Email Centre and there are no examples and it is difficult to use plugin.

EIDT: Can we schedule Review Remainder Mail? with discount coupon on successful review?


Hi Star09,

At the moment our plugin only works with WooCommerce. I’m afraid it won’t work with forms.

Thnks for your reply.

Can we schedule Review Remainder Mail? & Offer them with discount coupon on successful review?

Sorry only WooCommerce order status changes can trigger new emails

Hi, any chances this plugin will work with woocommerce subscription products? No need for it to work with a specific plugin.

Sorry at the moment subscription triggers are not supported

Hi, I’m thinking about buying your plugin but I want to make sure it does what I want. I need to send emails with coupons to the customers who bought a specific variation of my product. (the e-mail will be different for each variation)

Hi there,

Yes you can send coupons to customers who bought a specific variation by targeting that SKU. I don’t understand what you mean different email for each variation tho.

Hi thanks for your answer. I mean that the text in the e-mail should be different if customer buys product variation 1 or product variation B. Is that possible ?

yes that should be possible

Hi there!

I’d love to use this plugin but I’d like it to be in the same style as the default e-mails from WooCommerce, would the e-mails from your plugin change just like the default ones when I use a plugin like this: ?

Thanks a lot!

Sorry at the moment all emails are customised via editor


hdgnet Purchased

Does this plugin work with WooCommerce 3.x?

Hi, yes it does

Presale question: From what I read, this seems like it should be possible but I want to make sure. Can I set up a rule that sends an email to a user after purchase of a particular product and/or category?

Hi, yes this is possible

Awesome! Thank you.

Is there a shortcode to display the order total?

At the moment there is a shortocode that display the order details (order number, name, shipping, products, order total). However, there is no shortcode for order total alone.

Hi, is this compatible with WPML?

Hi, the plugin is not designed to be compatible for WPML. However, you can create emails in different languages and create rules to target your customers (if the language preference for the customer is saved in database, you can use this, otherwise you can target by country, product variation, etc.)


There are nice rules in Demo, can we import that ? as making them will take nice amount of time.


i meant can we have your demo rules when we buy the plugins?


You can surely copy them one by one, what I meant is that at the moment there is no automatic way to export and import rules, unless you do that from the database directly.

Okay, Thanks for the reply :)


I would like to know if I can create this rule: After making an order and buying a specific product a notification is sent to a registered customer (Supplier)

Thank you

Hi, yes this is possible

I created my first rule, but no email has been sent. My rule states that exact category has to be matched and status of order Process SIP email rules. I want to make sure an email is sent to a user only once. Users can either choose Pay Offline or Pay with Stripe. Do I need to add multiple rules with different order statuses? Would this eventually send out the email for a particular user multiple times based on the change of the payment status? Thanks for your help.

Hi Michaela,

Sorry for the late reply I missed the notification. I am not sure I understand what is your set up. Can you elaborate on what you are trying to achieve?

I am trying to use your plugin for the first time. I left the day and hour settings at 0 because I wanted the email to go out immediately but it never got sent out. See screenshot… Is a 1 hour delay the minimum? Its not a problem with my mail function because the order emails make it to the inbox just fine.

By the way, I could not login on your support site after registering, nor could i reset my password. Your support site sends users in an infinite loop when they try to reset their password.

I tried again and still could not get in with username adw259 and password reset is still redirecting to a login form. Really, I just need for you to answer the question that I have above. Everytime I ask a question I have to wait 24 hours for a response and this is really slowing up my project.

You have not activate your account through confirmation link which was send on your email, now I have activate your account from my side and you have set username webdevbyalex instead of adw259, you can post your issue on shopitpress.

We will need temporary FTP and admin access to your site to test the problem. Can you please send the information through our contact page?

Hi ,

Its a pre-purchase question

Is it possible sent an automatic mail to the customer , based on the product he purchase.

For eg: I want to sent some additional details for the customer based on the product purchase , automatically once the order is complete.

Is this possible



Hi there,

Yes this is possible :)

Hello! Firstly, wonderful plugin and it works like a dream. It really does solve these issues with WooCommerce! If I was being critical, and i’m not, the design functionality of the email could be slightly better to to incorporate colours in the header, but that’s a luxury!

My question is, the list of email variables is relatively short. Is there a way to add other variables into an automated email and if so could you show me how to do this please? I have a product with two customers (say husband and wife) and I’d like both their names on the email. The data is captured in the checkout process and is in WooCommerce…

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

At the moment what you intend to do is not possible. However, we are working on this feature right now and will be available shortly.


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I had asked for one thing in support since plugin didn’t what I needed it to do for me, never got a soultion, paid for nothing :( (I wanted to send an automatic email to people who chose the pickup method, which is one type of free shipping, but plugin cannot differentiate between different free shipping methods), deception


Please post your issue there Out team will resolve your issue.


Please post your issue there Our team will resolve your issue.