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I guess it’s my fault for buying a CSS product and not knowing CSS, but the guide says: How To use Copy All Folders and Files as Per your requirement

Isn’t really a guide. I thought I could use this on a child theme in Wordpress but the instructions are thorough enough.

Hi, has this been tested with Zurb Foundation?

hi. no. bootstrap and foundation both are framework. this item works with bootstrap (just because bootstrap grid system) and by applying slight changes in index.html it will work fine with foundation.

kind regards

Ok thank you, I am just making sure there is no known class conflict.

I’m Interested in purchasing but i first need to know if it supports Wordpress. Thanks

hi. unfortunately this item does not supports wordpress. regards

Hi author,

I’m having a little problems:

1. When I removed one button, the rest not center. How can I fix it?

2. I want to change hover background. Hope you show me how can I change it?

Regards, The Hung.

hi. sorry about the delay. i am kind of busy right now. btw,

1. there is 2 and 3 button styles and you can use them in your purpose, but if you remove one of them, positions will be changed and you most reset positions in sinister.css with new positions that need html/css knowledge.

2. open sinister.css up and find your overlay style, e.g .ImageOverlayH and change background color property. now background is rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5), this is equal to black. you can use photoshop to find out your favor color in rgba format.

if your work is online i can customize that for you as an apology for this delay.

kind regards

I can integrate in the CSS Wordpress? Any guide?

hi. if you are dev, answer is yes but if you are not, you cant integrate this. regards

Is there a doc yet for WordPress? I know you say you do not support WP but perhaps you can just explain briefly. I have access to my FTP and just need to know which files to move over. Thanks.

sorry about this huge delay. as i mention that before is not an easy job, it’s need some hard code modification and a lot customization. because this is not a wordpress plugin, so uploading this assets with FTP in your host does not cause this CSS plugin working with your theme. kind regards

This is amazing. I spent hours trying to create an overlay feature and mine is no where near as good as the one you made (among the many others!)

hi @bagofmilk, thanks for your purchase. this item is based on bootstrap and maybe you are not using bootstrap (this is a potential problem). anyway, describe your problem more [with details] or provide an online link to me. i will fix it soon for you.

kind regards

No problem at all. I was actually describing when I tried to create my own overlay from scratch (without bootstrap) and it took me forever. But in most of my projects now I use bootstrap so this works great.

Hi, can you please tell me if I wanna use this product in my theme forest template, which license do i need to get? and also, if I want to use this in multiple products in theme forest, then do i need separate licences for my each product? thanks,

hi, thanks for your choice. i had a conversation with envato staff and they said you need just one extended license for this purpose. Kind regards

Hey, this good but i have a question.

Work with youtube / vimeo / dailymotion videos ?

Same to image, but video this time :)

?mage or Video > useable ?

hi , sorry about the delay, this item uses a jQuery plugin for this purpose (pretty photo), so you’ll able to play video/images in modal mode, but if you want to play a video in the same place that is an image, i should say no this item dose not have this feature.

Hmmm. I understand now.

Do you update for add feature video preview or video play mode in this Sinister ?


I recently purchased this pack and so far it’s great! Quick question:

Will the text “behind” the flip boxes be read by search engines? I mean, will it hurt SEO? ...if either or, would please kindly refer me in the right direction for me to educate myself?

I’m using the

class or #29…

Thank you in advance, regards.

answered via email

How to install?

Hi. Thanks for your purchase,in documentation i have explained entirely about this issue. What problems are you facing in installation* process?

NOTE*: this item is not a CMS (wordpress, joomla …) plugin. That is why there is no guidelines for installation on them. Regards

I’m getting a “failed” notice when attempting to install the plugin. I’m running WordPress 4.4.2. Are there compatibility issues?

Hi @gimpledesign, you bought an item from wrong category. This item is not a wordpress plugin. This item as i described in item information is a HTML/CSS plugin and can be used in HTML Templates. Of course you’ll able to use it on wordpress but not in this way that can be easily installed by the wordpress plugin installer, you most be developer and have knowledge about php coding to integrate this item with wordpress theme and admin dashboard.

Good luck.

I see the last message of wordpress support has more tha a year… does this support wordpress already?

Hi there,

Could you please tell me if it is possible to change the shape of the overlay to suit the image shape? I have a triangular image and obviously currently the overlay is square. Is there any tweak you could provide that would have this hover over just the triangle image itself?

Many thanks

Hi @clarenko, thanks for your purchase. This overlays should works well on every shapes “square”, “circle” or “triangle” (maybe some of them does not work well on other shape except square but most of them should work). If it is possible, please make a pen on or fiddle on about what you are working on and we will test overlays on it and give you the approach. Best regards – Support Team

Hi @clarenko. Support team sent you 3 emails after you sent us an email about your issue (usually our support team will reply you less than 30 minutes). All emails sent to this email address clancy[at]mtp[dot]co[dot]uk please check your inbox or spam again. If you didn’t get any emails, please provide a valid email address for communication. Thanks

Hi @homemadebyx, sorry about the delay. Use PNG as what? Buttons, overlay or background image? Please give more details. Kind Regards, Support Team


Can your plugin work on area based html files ? Like eg. an html with all states in the US. Could i use this template to create hover effect and content on hovering over states via area image mapping html ?

Hi sry about delay. This item works perfectly on any kind of HTML5 shapes (rectangles/circles) but your shapes is not rectangle neither circle so in your case some part of hover element will displayed out of the shape and the element will NOT be eye pleasant. If your project is online please reply the url here and i can help u more about customization\installation and tell you with more confident about this item that will fit on your purposes or not. Have happy moments.

Is there a free version for use to test?

Hi sry about the delay. Please note this is not a wordpress plugin so there is no need a free version to test drive. This plugin, after manual installation on your pages, looks exactly like as you can see in preview mode on plugin home page. kind regards

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