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Is it easy to translate the app in other language ?

No android studio version ? I don’t know eclipse …



thanks for your information, I never know before. so this very possible to do that.

if you need any help you can contact me

thanks :)

Great news … Will purchase it now !

we need make by eclipse bro

This item is eclipse base :)

Is this also gives Hourly weather

we not provide hourly weather,

Thanks :)

is it possible to get it

I think impossible, because openweather API not provide it

Thanks :)

please check email

i purchased gps tracking not available how can enable it

go to android device Settings>Location>Turn on the location


i purchased gps tracking not available how can enable it. please respond ASAP

Nice app. I tested the APK and it looks good. I have a question before I buy— Is it possible to make one city (say, New York City) as the default, and not be able to change it? For example – I want to have an app only for people who want to know the weather in New York City only? Thanks.

Yes, that very possible, You only need to change default city and disable the city changer

Thanks :)

Fantastic. Thanks! Is it straight forward to “disable the city changer”? Will you be able to show me which lines of code I need to change for that?

Absolutely yes you can mail me if you need any help, including the line of code. I’ll reply as soon as possible


Hi is it possible to set a couple of city, eg Capetown, NewYork, and eclude other cities

admob/ins.. integration ?

I not able for skype, but I can help to solve using teamviewer, please send your teamviewer id and pass to my email.

Thanks :)

ur mail adresses ?

Hello, I bought Your code, but I need some changes…

Please could You change the JSON Parser? We need all the data in the api response from OpenWeatherMap.

For example humidity, wind speed, wind direction…

Thanks. Btw: your code is very well written… So it is easy to modificate it.


I have some more suggestions: for weathermap, please use google maps api with tiles. If openweathermap changes the site, it will stop working. The webview is not good on smaller screens.

Hi, thanks for your appreciate, we always try to give the best. OK, last advice noted. :)

We just installed the apps and got API but it is not showing correct results. We are in Chandigarh India and it is showing temperature 8C. Can you help us

Hi, you can check your city here : http://openweathermap.org/ is you got same result. we used open weather api in this app.

Thanks :)

can i import it with eclipse? thx

Yes sure, this item already eclipse base :)

i like the application , you did have a good job thx :)

Thanks anyway

pre-sale question can translate snow, rainy etc word?

What language do you want?

Thanks for your rating :)


I downloaded a project, but can not find the file can not be opened google play service project.

Can you help me? Thanks.

Hi, what you mean opened google play services project?

Hi, Open Weather Map layers seemed to be lagging for more than a year now, many complaints on loading speed (if it loads at all). Is there any way to easily change to other API source?

Also, is there an option that would allow refresh by interval?


I think its little hard to change, as my experience openweather is the simple and light API for weather.

Yes you can add scheduler for it, https://www.google.com.vn/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1WSCA_enTH572TH572&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=create+scheduler+android

Is it possible to change the icons?

which icon?

The weather icons (sun, wind, etc)

Yes, its customizable

Hello, I’ve a presale question. Is Apk file, ready to use, included in download files or do I have to deploy it? Thanks

Hi, for apk you need to configure and generated by your own self.