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app store asks me to change the name of this file to upload to the store as I change it

I uploaded it to the store but the appstore rejects me saying that I have to rename the SingleRadio file

how can i change the name?


We prepared a video to help you.

Thank you!

When I start the app, it starts playing the radio by default, is there a way to change this behavior?

Hi, You can delete the below 2 lines of code in the “PlayerViewModel” file “streamStation” method.


self.isLoading = true

Thank you!

Hi! how are you? How can I disable all google stuff? Do you have official support channel? When I start the app I see a lot of warnings, how can I fix it? Regards

Other thing, Could you add a message like: “ey! we are offline right now” or something like this, when the streamer is offline? And IDK but when I send the app to background music player stop.


Thank you for purchase. You can disable Google Admob feature in Config file. If you want to remove all related libraries from your project, you can remove the libraries from Pod file and update. After this process, you should remove the related classes in the project.

There may some warning bout the deployment target of the libraries, you may ignore this warnings.

Please contact us via contact form for project customizations.

Kind regards, S3soft Team

Thz for you reply!

Hello, is the player control done? Because I’ve check it in iPhone 8 and doesn’t show anything while the app is in background.

Thz for you reply!

Hi! Can you show any message when streaming is offline? Because some radio stations only stream in some hours. If the streaming of offline the application was stuck.

Hi, there is no any message if the radio station is offline. The app does not crash if there is not any streaming or any problem on the radio station server or any problem with the internet connection or any possible problems to receive the streaming. The app just trying to connect, it does not crash. Thank you!


Lexx10 Purchased

Do you have plans to launch an Android version?


Normally we were going to publish it in 2020, but we faced a lot of stability problems in Android, we are working on it.

Thanks for your patience!

hello I get this error at another application:

This error fixed your application? support ios 13 sdk?

Hi, you should build the application with iOS 13 or later. You can search the error in Google, you will find the solution. Our application targets iOS 13 and higher. Thanks!

How can i test a demo app before i purchase?


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