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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck with Sales :)

Thank you!

Congratulations! Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

is swift 2 or swift 5, not understood

xcode is worked with swift 4-5, when it is swift 2 it asks for update and some features are lost (reason for my question)

ipad compatible?

Only Swift and Swift 2 options are available in CodeCanyon, so we choose these options.

The app is fully compatible with Swift 5.

Yes, it’s iPad compatible.


Lexx10 Purchased

iOS 13 compatible? – Is it possible to leave a fixed logo in place of the album cover?


Could you share your email address?



Lexx10 Purchased

Hi, Thanks


We fixed the logo and highlighted the code and add screenshots to the zip file attached. Please refer this screenshots to update the code. We sent an email to you.


Can I add on-demand shows to this app as well?

Hi, what do you mean about the “on-demand shows”? Could you please describe it? Thanks,

We have ‘listen again’ shows that are hosted on Mixcloud – so shows that have already aired, and are now there like podcasts for people to access any time. I’d like a page on the app where we could host all of these shows as well, if that is possible.


We are not sure if the app can able to achieve this action. Could you share 2-3 public audio URL link hosted in Mixcloud?. We will check it and let you know.


Have you currently uploaded this radio app? since apple is currently asking for a copyright license for the radio, you haven’t given him that problem?


It’s not a problem. You need a copyright licence from the radio station to publish the app. Apple should ask for the copyright documents. Otherwise, the radio company may sue to Apple.


can you show me an example of a station that has given you the copyright?

If you show me one that has been recently published, I will buy the code.

Hi, our company is not responsible for the copyright files or any other related documents which are asked by Apple or other authorities. These codes are just app templates to help people to use the source codes as their requirements. To use a radio station stream url, you can ask the owner of the radio station and get a signed licence paper that proves you can use the stream url in your app. Thanks!

Hello there!

Any plans on releasing an Android version?


Not soon, but we will do it in a few months.

Hello- I would like to know how if it’s possible to hide social link Icons. thanks.


There is no any configuration option to hide social links. But if you provide your email address, we can send a description how to hide social icons.


Thanks. Yes please send it to I appreciate it.

An email with instructions was sent. Thanks!

Hello- Apple keeps rejecting the app for these reasons even after I removed the record button: Hello,

Thank you for providing this information. However, the documentation you have provided does not sufficiently demonstrate permission to represent the products or services included in your app, or the parties identified in the documentation are not correct. We are unable to continue with the review until we have verified that you are currently authorized by the rights holder to represent the products or services available in your app.

You can attach documentary evidence in the App Review Information section in App Store Connect. Once you have submitted the necessary authorization, we can continue with your app’s review.

Additionally, Upon further review, we found that your app is not compliant with the following guideline:

Guideline 4.3 – Design

This app duplicates the content and functionality of other apps submitted by you or another developer to the App Store, which is considered a form of spam.

Specifically, this app appears to be available in the same territories as another identical app submitted to the App Store. It would be appropriate to restrict the available territories for individual apps to those areas in which you intend to market and sell it and ensure none of the selected territories overlap.


It is written: ” However, the documentation you have provided does not sufficiently demonstrate permission to represent the products or services included in your app, or the parties identified in the documentation are not correct. “

So you have to prove that you have rights to stream the audio or radio station. Apple has strict rules about legal issues.

For the design issue: you can update colors, icons and etc.


hello how about a friend bought your template and is having problems uploading to apple could you help me please


Your friend can send an email about the issue.


Hello, how are you compiling the application but I’m having problems uploading to apple, could you help me, please can you contact me?

contact me via email


Could you tell the problem about uploading to Apple please?



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Hi. if I will provide you a radio link, would you be able to add it for me?

Hi, it’s really easy to add radio station link and described in the documentation. No need programming knowledge! Thanks.

hello how about when the app is published in the store it appears Compatibility Requires iOS 13.5 or later. because it doesn’t appear to me Version iOS 11, iOS 12 or later.?

Hi, SwiftUI is only available for iOS 13 and higher. You can choose project deployment target iOS 13.0 in the Xcode. Thanks!

Why do I get this error when packaging the xcode app?

Hi, error is written the image that you shared. “Verify your bundle identifier…” Thanks!

how to change to black theme ?

Hi, it changes automatically according to device light/dark theme. Thanks!

Close to purchasing. Does the app come with ‘casting’, such as Airplay or Chromecast. Also, does it work on Apple Carplay?

Oh, and Bluetooth headphones also?

Hi, actually we did not test it with Chromecast or Apple Carplay, but it should work. You can buy it, if it’s not working, just let us know and you can request a refund. Thanks!


Jheremy Purchased

Good morning friend, you can make a customization of the application with other options but it is my query I would like to add some options and menus

Hi Jheremy,

Please contact us by contact form to learn about the customisations.


Hi It looks like a nice app. Is there any way Recording can be turned off?


Thank you for your comment. Yes, you can disable it by just remove a one-line code. Navigate the “Single Radio->View->Player->PlayerView.swift” file and find the code “RecordingButton” and just remove it. That’s it.

Thank you!

Hello, will there be an Android version?

Hi, yes it’s on the way, stay in tuned!

How do I change the background color to black?

Hi, it depends on the customer’s device dark/light mode. If you use dark mode in your phone, app colors will be automatically changes. Thanks!

I get this error by default when opening the app

Hi, it’s a warning and it is deprecated in iOS14, so no need worries now. It will work for at least 2 years more. But we will update it when 1-2 months later.


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