Single Full Radio App (iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Radio Station, Internet FM Radio)

Single Full Radio App (iOS, Swift, SwiftUI, Radio Station, Internet FM Radio)

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Looking for an online full single Radio app? Stop searching. Radio app is a simple, intuitive, stable and feature-rich app that is just designed for your online streaming radio station.

No Need [BACKEND] or [SERVER] Configuration

You can just configure and set your radio station, title, description, social links in the config file in the project. It is as easy as writing in a text file.


  • Background mode audio support
  • Background mode player controllers support
  • Light and Dark mode support
  • Album Artwork Artist Song Name
  • Sleep Timer
  • Record radio streaming capability
  • Simple, clean and intuitive user interface
  • Beautiful and professional design
  • Super lightweight application
  • Google AdMob banner (Optional, you can disable it in the config file)
  • Stream on your TV or any compatible device via AirPlay with one click

No [PROGRAMMING] Skills is Required


  • iOS 13 & iOS 14 Supports
  • Fully step by step documentation
  • Native and Clean code (easy to customize)
  • 100% Ready to style and publish on the AppStore
  • Developed by SwiftUI and Swift 5 the latest design patterns
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Beautiful and professional looking design

Note: Apple may reject your application because of the Intellectual Property and recording audio of the radio stations. In this case, you should have a copyright licence contract with the radio station to use their radio station and record their stream. You will find a sample copyright file in the user manual documentation file.

Feel free to ask questions!

Changelog :

1.2 (19 Jul 2021)
- Third-party libraries updated.

1.1 (01 Dec 2020)
- iOS 14 Refactoring
- Sleep Timer Screen Design
- iOS 14 Admob Ads Tracking

1.0 (06 Jun 2020)
- First Release