Discussion on Sing Yourself (Greeting Card) HTML5 Canvas

Discussion on Sing Yourself (Greeting Card) HTML5 Canvas

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Hi. It stopped working. Also by installing it into a new folder using latest version of the script. Since I see is not updated from more than 1 year, is it still supported? Thank you in advance

If you have any problem with the item can message your issue at the item support page.

Bro, the edit html keeps loading and it doesn’t show the side menu for synchronization, help please!


Can refer to documentation how to add and update songs, if you need help on the item can message at item support page.

Hi, how many songs are available? And how add more songs? Thank you in advance


There are two (Birthday and Christmas) songs, you can add new song and create lip sync with build-in editor tool.

Thanks. What the format of the songs?

Audio must load ogg and mp3 format.

Good luck with your sales

Hello, is it possible to have the app generate a .mp4 video with the customized photo and info by the user?


Can only preview customize song in canvas.

umarım ayarlarını yapabilirim : )


English pls

Pre Purchase Question,

1. Whatsapp , Facebook, Instagram and Link share buttons ?

2. Add monetization ?

3. Sender Name must be shown on card when open by some one.

4. I want to take Name and Email of user.

please reply


The app can share on Facebook, the rest is not possible.

Hello, how many users does it support at one time? Thanks nice work

Hello i didnt get any email, i sent another email address and nothing… Sorry but, the server is set UP, as it shows on the PDF i sent. Thank you. I need a replay or something like this is your error, i sent all the steps you put on the html file… an dyes the file .js is “var shareOption = false; ” So please reply it to my email i sent 2 different emails. Thank you….


Yes already replied to your both email earlier, not sure how we can help if you still cannot receive the email.

Already reply that the settings are the ones on the HTML as you can see on the PDF file i sent..

Will it store all the generated videos in server in a folder ? How can i keep copy of all generated videos from the users? is there any share button once a user created the video ?

Hi, First this is not a video playback, it will store user uploaded images and play with canvas animation, the share buttons are disable in demo link but you may check how the share look like in screenshots

Hi ,How to change the size of the RED marker that place on face for animation ? Height and Width

The marker are created by a shape with x and y position in canvas.js:

mouthShapeDotMask_arr and mouthShapeDot_arr

Hi it´s possible to have only one stage. Remove the button change sound. Thanks.

Hi, I did not find the support page, I sent an email to the contact, but I have not gotten an answer yet


The same question already replied to user ‘render’ yesterday, can you try check it could went to spam or junk email folder.

You can find the support page at every item at Codecanyon, just click for the tab Support

Received, thank you very much

Hi, I can’t see the share function on the demo. Will you install this script once i make the purchase. Also how can we add more songs? or can the user upload his own song?

Hi, this app require MySQL Server PHP to enable share function, you can follow the documentation on how to setup the database. You can add new songs with build-in editor tool, but not upload from user

Hello, can the users share their created videos from my page? if they can, what are the server requirements to support those “share” functions?

To run the app with share option, you must have a web host with PHP and MySQL support.

Hi, can I use this on a wordpress site?

Yes, you can use iframe to load the app page into your wordpress page/post, but not able to share

Hi, can i custom or add more songs for that?

Yes… with build-in edit tool

Hello :) Would You help me to configure the share options to working well ? .. pls check problem at ? thank You ! I like this funny script ! congratulation :) !

there is just coming up a please wait… message . – uhh I hate to be a problematic man

the upload image cannot save to server, pls check your upload directory and also file permissions

Thank You ! I have change permissions, to 775 for all, and now its work ! :)

Hi, I just want to make certain I understand correctly. This is an app for a device, i.e., Android, Tablet, etc. and not a standalone script for a web page? Thank you!

Hi, This is a website build for cross platform browsers.

thanks for update, now works properly!

Hi, I am considering to buy this app. Congrats for great work. I’ve noticed that sound/music don’t work in latest chrome and android browser. also in android browser game says no support for image upload? Also I would like to include ad mob ads, is it possible without buying construct or other program?

The latest version should fixed the sound issue. From which step you saw the not support message? Not familiar with mob ads, so not able to answer your question.

Hi, I have a doubt: is it possible to add a different background to each song (not only change stageSrc)? I set the app correctly with some modifications, but I suggest a new update for the user to add text. This would be great for this script, thanks.

Thanks, the stageSrc allow you to replace the background completely.

Hi, thanks, I replied to your email with other script questions.

Hello, Your app is really good. I want to export to Android and add Chartboost Ads. Can you do that? I will pay more. Please reply to me and we can discuss more. Thanks

Hi, Already replied to your email.


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