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You have bugs in the invoice creation:

1. First row – select an item – choose an item and apply 2. New row – select an item – choose another/different item and apply

Both Sub Total prices have the values of the first row “price”.

Whats wrong?

Okay, I think the problem is in the scripts.js

updateTotals(’.calculate’); // wrong updateTotals($(product).closest(‘tr’).find(’.calculate’)); // correct

What is the problem with the error “200: undefined” by creating oder updateing an invoice?

Sorry for the delayed response, i have been away on business and just back today. I will be releasing an update later today with these issues fixed!! thanks for being so patient

Hello everyone,

I have been doing some testing on the demo and unable to replicate the 200 error issue people have been facing. Can someone confirm if the issue for them happens for them on the demo or the actual downloaded package? If the package can you let me know what actions you have done to get this error and can you try the same on the demo and see if it is the same result?

Thanks in advance, if its an issue with the purchase package i will update the package with the code residing on the demo environment.

Many thanks James

Hello. The problem only occurs in the downloaded package when adding or editing an invoice. Update the code with the one in the demo files and it will solve this issue.

Will get this done today

Let me know when it’s done. Looking forward for an updated version.

Dude, I’ve sended you several e-mails regarding bugs in your app. 3 days ago you said you were going to fix them and release a new version. Nothing happened. Maybe you should cancel selling, till you fix the entire product.

Error when adding invoice


( Arabic letters on items )

Arabic item added fine, but invoice do 200 error

As you say it will add the invoice fine, this error does not prevent functionality but it is annoying. A fix for the common reported 200 error has been fixed and in the next release… we are just finishing off a few little extras before releasing.

I really like the simplicity of this but is there an option to generate a new invoice each month (recurring) and automatically email the customer? Can this be done as a small script run by cron or button?

There is currently no such feature to automate invoices, we have purchased this business and looking to develop a more advanced solution so happy to include this feature request for you.

Hi first of all look very complete your Invoice System and nice, I have a question, I see is in PHP and bootstrap so in this case it will be possible to integrate it in a current project that is php? for example I have a admin panel with some clients so I want to merge this clients with your invoice system and depending on what the client already purchase the invoice should get this from DB and also use the option to add more items, I think is possible with some effort, but want to know how easy to understand is your code, regards.

Never got a reply :(

Sorry mate totally missed this! It should be rather easily done for anyone that has a good background / understanding of development to integrate it and modify for such an integration. I guess you have not tried to tackle this yet? if not and want it done would be happy to do this and quote for the integration requirements. If so, give me an email with requirements, details etc….

Thanks James Host & Name

Showing Error code 200 plus further errors in error log Tries support link which doesnt work. Is this supported?

Ignore this now got it working. Also modified code to set overdue invoices, button to copy existing invoice, enter customer name into email text to personalise the email, disabled invoice delete button if invoice is set as paid

Hi Ross, I am waiting for the 200 code error update to be approved but your additions seem good as well. If you wanted to share your updates would be happy to do a new update including these and provide a Thank you contribution to you in the Update. If so, give me an email:

Will you be updating your script with any new updates and or features?

Just want to let everyone know that a massive update is coming soon! fixing all these little issues people have been raising! I was going to do as a new product but have decided to do as a major update on this item so you will all benefit from it! The price will be increasing so current customers will benefit from this as well.

Any online Demo available?