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You have bugs in the invoice creation:

1. First row – select an item – choose an item and apply 2. New row – select an item – choose another/different item and apply

Both Sub Total prices have the values of the first row “price”.

Whats wrong?

Okay, I think the problem is in the scripts.js

updateTotals(’.calculate’); // wrong updateTotals($(product).closest(‘tr’).find(’.calculate’)); // correct

What is the problem with the error “200: undefined” by creating oder updateing an invoice?

Sorry for the delayed response, i have been away on business and just back today. I will be releasing an update later today with these issues fixed!! thanks for being so patient

Hello everyone,

I have been doing some testing on the demo and unable to replicate the 200 error issue people have been facing. Can someone confirm if the issue for them happens for them on the demo or the actual downloaded package? If the package can you let me know what actions you have done to get this error and can you try the same on the demo and see if it is the same result?

Thanks in advance, if its an issue with the purchase package i will update the package with the code residing on the demo environment.

Many thanks James