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Pre-sale question…

1. I have a big map, with thousands of pin places. I need to insert this map in many pages, but each page with the zoom and viewpoint in a diferent Pin. Is it possible to do that?

2. Is it possible to set the pin places only for the coordinates, and not for the adress?

3. Is it possible to import the places from some xml file?


How remove your LOGO from map? Tnx

You can remove it form wordpress\view\fragment\product.php

NEED export > xml, csv, json, excel or MDB

Please upgrade…

I am very sad. You dont support us.

We need > export xml + json + csv options

We need > find location buton in admin panel (add pin with “find me” buton)

Please upgrade this. Need it. Thanks. :(

Unfortunately your request is not support related (please refer on, rather is custom features development. If you are interested on customization services we can discuss more on private.

Hi, i understand that you want to advertise your plugin as much as possible but forcing your logo on the maps on a paid plugin it’s not the right way to go. You should at least make it easy to remove it (in the options of the plugin for example or of the map instead of editing the PHP file).

Thank you, Charis

Hi Charis,

We don’t add any logo on map , there is only a link. However your request seams reasonable, we will add a configuration for this in next release.

Thanks for the quick reply. You are correct my description was not accurate, I was referring to the “Powered by SGM” wording. Appreciate your understanding.


dont work with new WP version ! Please fix it

Please add more details, I have just rechecked and is works perfectly.

You can close a pin automatically if another pin its open?

Yes, there is a checkbox on settings tab “Allow multiple overlays to be opened” you have to uncheck this.

NEED export > xml, csv, json, excel or MDB

Please upgrade…

JSON export/import already exists

Pre purchase question. Is it possible to use your own custom image map and put pins on it instead of google maps

No, this is not possible only Google Maps however you can customize the look and feel of the map.

Dont work with WP 4.5.2 version; The map is no longer visible.

Just tested the plugin with 4.5.2 and the plugin seams to be working correctly, is there any error on browser console ?

JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed, version 1.4.0 Using //@ to indicate sourceMappingURL pragmas is deprecated. Use //# instead

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #mega_main_menu a[href*=#]:not([href=#])

“Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys"

“Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired"

From your details it seams that the jQuery crashed (Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: #mega_main_menu a[href*=#]:not([href=#])) I think this is the real source of the problem


dkx Purchased

Hi, Is it possible to give privileges to an author or a shop manager insted only admin users?

No, without updating the implementation this is not possible


dkx Purchased

If some one need this change, only change the line 114 in cetabo-googlemaps-plugin.php $capability = 'manage_options'; for $capability = 'manage_categories'; or some privilege asigned to a desired used role, hope it helps, For me this works, even if its not the correct answer

Any way to set a different default pin for a map?

you mean when you add a pin to have a custom pin icon set ? currently this is not implemented

is there a way for users to submit their current location or set points on this map from a front end method when logged into my site.

no, current implementation allows modifying of places only form admin

Is it posslble to click on the pin and then have the adress pop up?


sinayes Purchased

Hi, i have a think for your sales up!

Maps connect to Post is good idea?

For example:

your system add a pin in map admin panel. But this is not good for MOORE have pin users. Long loading page times.

Instead of add a option your plugin > Pins map OR Posts map create.

Posts map is : a category for map, add post and automatic add pin this map interst category.

In this way users easly use your plugin. Don’t need all time pin to connect post. All settings must be in post edit page.

User write post and set pin setting and Publish! only it? Automatic map publish these.

I think. Good days..

Hi :-) Here are some pre sales questions: I’m interested in the “Get Directions” functionality of your plugin. 1.) Is it possible to also switch to the list view of directions? In the demo, I only see the map – but I’d like to allow my customers to see the directions like “turn left on xy road…”. 2.) This is probably more a feature request I’d like to see a button that allows a user to send the directions in list to himself via mail. Thanks

PRE-SALES QUESTION – Is it possible to have the pin link directly to a url? Instead of having a box with text display? I want to use this for a real estate site, and have a pin link directly to a page with the listing.

Hi. There is no place (that I can find) to put the Google Maps API key, so my maps are not showing up. Also, I purchased this in order to export the maps that were set up on another site using the free plugin, but your export tool does not work. Please advice.

Hello again. Don’t mean to be a bother, but I really need to finish moving this site over and your plugin is the only thing holding me up. I would have moved on if I hadn’t paid for the “Pro” version in order to make things easier.

Hi, regarding the API key this is not required for the standard Google Maps integration. Note that the exporting problem may be caused by some write restriction to the export folder. But to be more simply send me some admin details over email I will take a look.


jaicano Purchased

It does not allow me to export the maps, and it gives error