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Does your script cover against SQL injections?

Yes, it covers SQL injections. It uses prepared statement for PDO, Mysqli. Prepared statements are fully protected against the SQL injections. For MYSQL, it uses mysql_real_escape_string() to prevent SQL injection.

I am planning to develop an application using Mysqli. Does your application support Mysqli also?

Yes, it supports Mysqli.

If you want to use PDO, then you can use this application. If you want to use Mysqli, then you can also use this application. If you want to use Mysql, then you can also use this application.

Also, this application is designed with in mind that you can use Mysql first, then later you want to use PDO, Just by changing included file require_once(“SimplifiedDBMysql.php”) to require_once(“SimplifiedDBPDO.php”), it will be migrated to PDO.

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