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I have a FEATURE for SIMPLEX (+ A Must-Have for all THEMES? IMHO (Users Reply if you agree) = great Security + Optional Monetizing as more monetizing the better)

a) Add SolveMedia / reCaptcha to Register & Login Pages (Admin Optional) b) Can choose between Monetizing SolveMedia & reCaptcha (Admin Panel)

Another COOL Feature: I’m adding it myself atm on cleanex, have a ‘NOTIFICATION BAR’(it’s CSS & JS) – it comes at top of screen you can add FontAwesome Icons with notifications/announcements, also good for 468×60 or smaller BANNER ADVERTS using JS/HTML etc, Another Monetizing Option, and it has a small [x] to close or if using jQuery can set time limit when it closes or 0 to manually [x] close.

Josh, its a great feature to add NEWS about our Sites + UPCOMING THEME & SCRIPT FEATURES WE CAN LET OUR USERS KNOW ABOUT + Of course for Banner Advertisements via Adsense, Private Advertising, etc)



Thanks. Some of these are ready in the new version (coming soon).

Awesome, very nice! The more security for the Contact the better, and if that leads to Monetization, that that is best for us website owners :-)

I have a question list: What version is: SIMPLEX currently upto? Also, in my version of Premium URL Shortener v4.3.2 Cleanex & Default are still on v1.0 – is this correct? Should we start Upgrading some themes to you think mate? I;m curious in BUYING Simplex Premium & wondering what version it’s upto atm is all, to see if it gets regular updates/upgrades.

Some Layout option differences on main page of Cleanex would be GREAT, where those 2 big images of the website screenshot on monitor & Statistics w/ world map on the other, I just though I’d through the idea if you could select from a number of other Images/Features to focus on, on that part – as i’ve said before, Google hates when sites are identical or very similar and rank us low :-(

I just like throwing IDEA’s here on Discussions when I have them, and hopefully other Purchasers can weigh in with what they think also.


P.S – DOCUMENTATION ON CREATING SCRIPTS would be GREAT, have been making requests for last 2yrs, I know you are busy & it is very Advanced Documentation on what Code MUST be added, and is option etc etc, but a VIDEO TUTORIAL would also be AWESOME! I’m sure “Purchasers” will be happy to HELP, as I am with the Video Tutorial, I know a great Voice Actor, who sounds great and is very very cheap, and the Intro etc i’m sure many of us can do using VideoHive Purchase including myself….. BUT, a BAREBONES Theme would be a good start for Purchasers and Freelance Developers to get our head around the ‘Basics’ and add to it using you’re Documentation.

You will Sell alot MORE too, no doubt, as everybodies will be different site completely, and Rank Higher on Google = SA:LES FOR YOU TOO :-)


Thanks for the feedback. The cleanex theme can be used as a backbone because it is pretty much empty and I have seen a lot of people turning it to something amazing. As for simplex, it will be updated as well as soon as the new version comes out so for the time being please do not purchase it.

SWEET, I will stop bombing your discussions for a while & let you work ;-) I also have lots to do on Scripts then purchase SIMPLEX. Can’t wait till next version….. IT WILL BE AWESOME!

BTW: Everyone all Errors Fixed, it was the script/themes uploaded in .zip, nothing at all wrong with themes (all bugs gone) & PHP errors gone!

Thanks KBRMedia