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Instead of deleting the public URL list block you can just edit the public view from 1 tot 0 in order to keep the block for next time use further then that nice one and thanks :)

<?php if($urls = $this->db->get(“url”,array(“public” => “1”, “userid” => “0”),array(“limit”=>10,”order”=>”date”))): ?>


<?php if($urls = $this->db->get(“url”,array(“public” => “0”, “userid” => “0”),array(“limit”=>10,”order”=>”date”))): ?>


This will enable all URLs for all users which my not be good for privacy.

Hi not really i have it fully tested because you put the “public settings from 1 to 0” https://scrt.link/ ;-)

URL shorteners NEED Captcha or they get bombarded with spam bots. Google Captcha is ugly and ruins the beautiful aesthetic of these themes. It would be nice Josh if you could incorporate a better looking alternative or quiz, where admin can simply input a question and answer.


I can probably add a custom captcha – it is really easy to do.

I can not choose not exist pink color, you can not disable public url. As I can do.


Can you send me the URl to your site?

are you sure that ” it is enough to active the theme ( tiklayin.net ) ” . I can’t.


Yes. Simply upload & extract then activate. The website you provided seems to run WP. This theme is NOT for WP.

Ok. There is a mistake about me. Let me explain my plan. I have a good domain for Turkey for url website. How can I a built a good url shortener web site. If I need buy some other script from you. This is also ok. Please show me the way.


Did you purchase the main script? http://codecanyon.net/item/premium-url-shortener/3688135

Because the item you are currently commenting on is a theme for that script. If you did not purchase that then you will need that as it is the main script.

hello, i upload and overwrite existing file, but not work. cheick u-short.com


That is weird. Please make sure that all files are uploaded correctly. You can contact me via email or ticket so I can check this but it should work.

yes all are done correctly.

I am going to send you email with ftp details

hello, i have a probleme with the last version + simplex thème. I have no body page when i active simplexe theme. I have just header + footer.


I don’t know what happened but the index page was changed. Please copy and past the content of this file http://gempixel.com/shortener/index.txt to themes/simplex/index.php. I have submitted an update to fix this.

buenas disculpe esto no es para wordpress?? entonces donde lo debo instalar o con que cms es que necesito saber antes de comprarlo.


I am sorry I don’t speak Spanish. I tried google translator and I did not understand what you mean.

Hello, how do i update my version, because no update is found on docs, just installation instruction.


Simply replace the files frame.php, stats.php and splash.php. Or you can replace all files if you wish.

Hello there, trying to activate ‘advertising’

The theme files have <?php echo $this->ads(300) ?>

The suggested code is <?php echo $this->ad(300) ?>

(minus S)

However activating either doesn’t work. I added the adverts manually for now.

Its enabled in the admin.

http://sotoware.com/track/RodrigoDance is an example…


Sorry that is a typo. It should have been <?php echo $this->ads(300); ?>


At first, the theme is outstanding!

Now, I have two lines to insert to my main page : <script type=’text/javascript’ src=’.....’></script> and <?php include(’........’); ?> What I ask is, where I put them – themes/simplex/header.php or index.php ? And, where exactly within the file



Yes. If you want the homepage, in that case it will be themes/simplex/index.php

Can It be first line above > <?php defined(“APP”) or die() // Main Page ?> ? just tell me in which line it will be best, php is not me and I don’t wanna get errors :D

And out of topic about something you should take in account: add live preview, for seeing changes done you need to log out every time and refresh main page. very annoying


You can add it at the very end of the file. You don’t need to log out, you can just open the home page in an incognito window.

I think you should definately make a VIDEO TUTORIAL & WRITTEN TUTORIAL on how us Customers can Make our Own Themes. It would benefit you’re script if we got permission to be permitted to SELL them on TF etc or our own Theme Sites (as it would bring more awareness to your #1 Script)... BUT for now, I have CODING & DESIGN experience, AND A Tutorial would be VERY VERY USEFUL on creating a Template…

Even Create a SKELETON/Minimal Template for $5-$8 or something with only bare essentials & instructions on how to add certain parts of the Users Stats & leave others out for example, which .tpl files are for which purpose… THIS IS A GREAT IDEA for those who just need the ESSENTIAL SKELETON Code so they can build their own Templates from also (another suggestions)...


2) a Basic “SKELETON” Template for those that want to make their own Templates, have the bare essential code to start with, and detailed instructions or how to add in various functions (like the mapping in Stats area for example – which are VERY hard to get rid of customizing the Templates the Script currently comes with – it’s HELL to customize!)

3) MORE FEATURES for PREMIUM USERS! Suggestion: A Giveaway Section for Premium Users so Admin can say give away Premium Membership to a Site or other Premium Content in zip or rar files… and give it an expiry date (eg. 30 days) or NIL for lasts forever in Premium Members Control Panel.

4) Add SolveMedia.com option for CAPTCHA (more MONETIZATION = Get Paid for users using CAPTCHA’s on site, so adding more CAPTCHA”s the better eg. on Contact Form (all optional of course)... SolveMedia.com pays site owners a % every time one of their CAPTCHA’s is used.

5) Add bettet AdSense Statistics for Admin + Build in 3rd Part Advertising (eg. you can lease out banner ad spots & business can either pay that or have like eBay – ‘Or Best Bid’ (or best bid optional) & must be confirmed by Admin. And also have a Control Panel to manage all this in Admin Panel… Script needs alot more Monetization refinement please :-)

Thanks for #1 script so far, Adding Plugins is another option (like wurlie).


Loyal Customer Since 2.0 - jnr.me


1. I know but I need rework the theme system to make it super easy for you guys.

2. You can use the new cleanex theme to build-up. it uses bootstrap and is quite easy.

3. Working on this as well.

4. Already there.

5. Yep. I am trying find the best way for you guys to make more money with this script.

I will be starting to work on my older script as of next week.

Hello! Where I can adjust auto slide timer for homepage flexslider content ?

after adding this, slider not showing at all.


There is a typo after 7000 – Remove the ;

Solved, thanks.

Is It only a theme or a full URL shortener solution?

thanks… I will evaluate your solution. Best regards

Friend, I’m back. Does your company make customizations?


Yes. You can contact us via our profile.

Hello. This is script Adsense ready? Adsense not ban?


This is a theme however the main script is: https://codecanyon.net/item/premium-url-shortener/3688135

And yes you can enable adsense without problem.

i dont understand why just 1 ad show up on bottom? Should be 3 Ads


You can add ads just by adding the code <?php echo $this->ads(ADSIZE) ?> in any of the theme files (where ADSIZE can be either 300, 468 or 728.

Hello Hope You will be fine I need a PHP Code that is like (https://tinypaste.me) can you design it for me.I waiting for your Postive Response.that site is not design well you can be made a batter theme . Amjad Ali


You can get in touch with me via email using my profile page.

hi i am email to you can you Please read & Reply ASAP .


I answered your email

Still waiting

Hi, I am interested in buying the theme, is it wordpress compatible?


No. This only works with the main script located at: https://codecanyon.net/item/premium-url-shortener/3688135

Does this theme work with the latest 4.3 update?


Currently not. I will release an update to make it compatible.

Any news on the Update?


I updated it locally but I forgot to upload because I got caught up with other things. Going to upload it this week.