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Does this form work on iPad touch screen?

Yes, it will. You can check the demo from IPad.


I was wondering if there was a way to set the user’s email address as the “reply-to” email address. I’ve seen something like that in the thread but it didn’t work for me.

Open inc/validate.php on line number 107 change
$mailResult = $simplex->acmSendmail($config['to'], $config['your_name'], $config['to'], $config['your_name'], $config['subject'], 'toadmin', $fields_array); 
$mailResult = $simplex->acmSendmail($config['to'], $config['your_name'], $c_email, $c_name, $config['subject'], 'toadmin', $fields_array); 
That’s it.

Thank you for the quick response, but that hasn’t worked for us.

It’s already tested but not sure why it is not working in your case. Please open a support ticket along with ftp details at so we can analyse your issue.

Hi, I’ve purchased this form. I have some questions about it but the Support on Acme’s site is not working. Is there any other way to contact them in regards to this script?

Do you mean cannot you open support ticket at sometimes if the envato api domain is overloaded you can’t create new tickets because your purchase code cannot be verified. Please try again. You can also ask your question here.

Hi, I want to use just only the validator, exactly as he is animated (ajax), how to do?, please help

Apologies. We don’t offer customization support. You need to hire a developer for customizations.

Please check and click “What does support includes” for more details.

I have installed/uploaded the form & files but on the demo.html page supplied with the script I have a php error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/sites/ on line 9

Can you advise what I need to do to fix this and to get your script working please.

Thanks Steve

Probably it is due to wrong file path. Please open a support ticket at along with the url that we can see the form.

Is there admin demo?

It doesn’t have admin area. You just need to include the files in your html or php page. The configurations should be passed via config.php file. The script has detailed documentation of how to do that.

Hi, just wondering if there’s any special trick to using two forms on one page – I’ve followed all the directions outlined in the documentation. The first form that I load using JS is fine and works perfectly, the second one that I load, loads fine but when I click submit it takes me to the config.php file for that form, or to a plain text success page. So it seems like the ajax is not working on the second form only?

Thanks so much for your help, other than this, setting up the plugin has been a breeze.


Please tell us the url where you have the form installed.

Hey, thanks so much for getting back to me – I uploaded a version to :

(I’ve set up FTP access for you, which I can email if necessary)

You’ll see that the contact form at the bottom of the page is working fine.

But if you click the “sign up a school” button in the middle of the map, then try to submit that form it doesn’t work properly.

Thanks again,




screege Purchased

Hi I just purchased this script and everything is working fine just two doubts, is there any way to redirect to another page after successful form submission? Also, is there any way to attach a log of the submissions in csv format?


Please open a support ticket at

Upd: Everything is ok. Support work again.

I installed your script. When I submit the form goes to inc/config-default.php but loosing all styles / header etc.why is that?

Hi, Ive done what you ve said and work brilliantly, however if I want to embed the whole script in a php file, because of this line of code in the index

<script> $(”.formelements”).load(“inc/config-formfilename.php”); </script>

...wont work

I tried replacing with:

<? include(“inc/config-formfilename.php);?> ... but is not the same.

Also tried to implement the original index.html file with iframe but on submittion it loses all CSS.

Can you give me any hint how can I implement with iframe or as phpinto my website? Thanks

Please open a support ticket at our support team will assist you better.

ok Ive opened a ticket


niksap1 Purchased

Hi, I have opened a ticket almost 17 hours ago ((#2940))... how long odes it take until someone replies to it? thank you in advance…

I apologize for the delay. We just returned from vocation and we just replied your ticket.