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Hello err0r and welcome to envato!

Your project would be more attractive if you put a demo online! :P

Hi xemmex.

Thank you for your comment.

I’ve added a live preview for the project – as the preview might suggest, I’m not a designer ;)

The preview only shows basic functionalities that the project gives you. Integrating it into a new or existing system is the main purpose for the project.

Goddag, du er saa godt til php :) Den er ikke saa mange kan php i Danmark. Min daarligt dansk , haha

where is the demo name and password to login/test?

You can create a new user at newuser.php as provided by the sample files located at the demo site. After your user has been created you can proceed by logging in through login.php which also is provided by the sample file and located at the demo site.

By creating a new user you have full access to the ‘admin’ application.

Your demo gives a 404 error.


I’m sorry – I switched my server to a new one and forgot to move this too. I updated the live preview button.

According Kasrpersky has an iframer type virus

And Kaspersky was right – I fixed it. Thank you for the heads up.

Just to clarify – the issue was not related to the SimpleUsers script, but to a comprimised FTP account.