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Interesting plugin. Can you let me know how the icons are called upon? Using a custom font or hosted images?

Hey there, the icons are courtesy of the awesome fontawesome package. This way, they will always look gorgeous, no matter what size you’d like to make them.

Also, this reduces transfer time, as the font is really small and no images need to be loaded by the users visiting your blog.

Best regards!

Hi, nice idea. You may need to set up at least a front-end demo. The current screen shots doesn’t look very good :)

Also need feature to automatically retrieve feature images from some set categories, with or without exert and title.

To make it perfect (at least to me), make it to accept custom posts too.


Hey there, we are indeed working on a demo page, but we want it to be perfect before sharing the link. You’ll see that the tiles integrate beautifully with pretty much any theme you can find for wordpress. Even if the default color schemes may not match your theme, you can adjust them to your need real easy. I’ll keep you posted about the demo page!

I like the idea of retrieving featured images, we’ll totally add this to the todolist and see how soon we can supply an update for this. Great idea, thank you!

Custom Posts are possible, you can add any html content you like.

Best regards!

Live demo please

Hey there, we are indeed working on a demo page, but we want it to be perfect before sharing the link. I’ll keep you posted about the demo page!

Best regards!

super Plugin, gute Arbeit ! :)

Hallo Eric, vielen Dank! :)

Good job!Good luck :)

Thank you! ;)

I’d like to see a live demo of this as well. It’s been a month…hopefully that’s not indicative of how long it takes to use the plugin to make a site. :P


No one wants to see that demo page go live more than than us. We are still planning on releasing the demo page soonish. Stay tuned! :)


I just purchased this plugin and when I try to create a new tile I get this warning: simpleTiles :: #tilePreview has a tile template which is bigger than the surrounding element.

I get this warning even if I don’t change anything.

Moreover, I can’t save any tile.


Hi there,

It’s likely that the theme you are using isn’t fully compatible to our plugin. Could you please tell us what theme you are using? Are the tiles displayed just fine or do they look awkward?

Regarding the issue about you not being able to save any tiles: that could possibly be due to the browser you are using. Have you tried another browser instead to see if it’s working there? Again: please do tell us what operating system and browser you are using and we will make sure to look into those issues described by you.

Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for the quick reply. It seems to be an issue with chrome for saving. I’m using windows 7 and I managed to make it work in firefox.

On the other hand, I can’t customize the size, when I try to increase it, it reverts to one of the original sizes. I’m using the following theme:

Hi again,

thanks for getting back to us so quickly!

I’ve forwarded your details to our tech guys and will get back to you as soon as I have news regarding the bugs you’ve described above.


Went I first purchased this plugin in, it works well and i can even use Shortcodes with it. However, after I updated some other plugins and wordpress to 3.9. The simpletlies no longer available and not showing anymore. In the post or page that I inserted in. some advise would be appreciated. Thank you

This is my main page that use to have the simpletiles


We tried to reproduce your issue. Did you use the plugin ‘Widgetize Pages Light’ to insert the widget areas? Is it up to date? For our 3.9 wordpress instance the shortcode gets replaced correctly with the widget area.

Does the shortcode work with other widgets than ours?

Also try disabling all (unused) plugins to make sure there are no dependency problems. Please provide the information mentioned above and we will do our best to investigate further.

Best wishes!

Dear simpletechs,

Thank you for the reply. Let me go through one by one of all the items you mentioned i will come back to you on this. I would love to attach the snapshot of the plugins i use but unfortunately this support system unable to do so.

Other shortcodes works such as Google events and smart-post works other than yours. I managed to make it work when i activate and deactivate the simpletiles plugin but as i add more tiles to the same page it did not work again… sometimes only one tile appears and the rest not.

I will do the troubleshooting again base on your recommendation by disabling those unused plugins and see how.. should there be any result I will let you know thank you..

Hi vicvoon,

can you please try using the default ‘Twenty Thirteen’ for reference? In our setup, we managed to add the tiles via Widgetizer plugin in the default theme: )

In fact we were not able to reproduce the issue on other configurations.

If you keep having problems with the default theme, just drop us a note again!

Hi, A few questions prior to purchasing your product:

1) Is it responsive?

2) Is it compatible with wp 3.9.1?

3) Can I easily create a custom tile grid with 9 tiles (3 rows, 3 columns) and have the Center Tile be Blank and Transparent?

Thank you.

Can one create single tiles with text, automated icon, link and add to a table? I am using Avada theme that has fusion table shortcode.

Would appreciate a response, it’s been 10 days… thanks.

Guess you are not interested in helping?

I posted a question, any chance of getting a response, or are you not going to support this product any longer? Not looking good for sales, based on not responding…

Why no response? I don’t understand, you could be making money by answering questions to actually sell your product. Are you no longer selling this product or supporting it? Why keep this posted if you are not going to respond? :impatient:

I’m using 3.9, and I would like to put simpleTiles as content on homepage. Could you please tell me how to do this ? Thanks.


I have a presales question:

Would I be able to 1. use images for the static image and then text for the hover effect 2. can the animation be of images rather than text? 3. Is their a hover effect option?

Thank you!

Hey, wie weit seid ihr nun mit der Demo?


DEMO or more screenshots?

shortcodes (of other plugins) doesn’t work in SimpleTile (custom HTML)?