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Awesome and smooth! :D

Nice man + I think you are the only one here who actually build a custom Animation js tween engine with css backup.

Best to you with sells my friend and good luck with your new Animation Engine, super-fast and smooth as i already test it :P ….

Touch functionality works like a charm on my Galaxy…
Great work mate! ;)

working good on Motorola Xoom :)

Thanks for the comments guys :)

Nice, Jacked rocks!

Your work is incredible!

This is fantastic (: Is there a way to disable the reverse slide through the previous slides at the end of the slideshow? So instead of reversing through all of them it will just slide to the first one as normal?

Thanks (:

Hi 17,

Not the way it’s currently built but I might be able to do it for you as a freelance job. Send me an email from my profile page if you like.


Thanks CJ!

Hi we really love this slider. We would like to have a button on the first slide that will jump to another slide but are having trouble understanding the api call. There is no working example of this coded in the examples.

I am trying this and think I am close but so far no cigar:

Jump to Fourth Slide

in head: <script type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8”> $(”#cj-slider-instance”).cjChange(3); </script>

Thanks hope you can help.

Thanks for the lightening fast response the only thing we’re missing is an example of that “change”, 3 used in a plain anchor tag and we could take it form there. My example in the original question hid the code I pasted. it was this? href=’#’ onClick=”cj-slider-instance”).cjChange(3); return false;

Sure, here’s an example for that:


You SO Rock!!! Thanks again Jack!

Hi Jack, great understandable CSS and HTML structure, works great in FF but IE8 I get no transparency as I do in FF just BLACK for the overlays, is there a quick fix for this?, love how smooth it is. Don’t know about IE9 and 10 though, I don’t use it and wish IE would just go away, lol.

Thanks Mark, glad everything worked out :)

One other simple question Jack, would it be possible to make the images links also? I tried but couldn’t find it in the JS, the “hand” seems to be stopping it. If not, I can live with the links text’s and buttons, lol. The reason I’m so hyped abut this particular slider is I have bought many others and all have a lot of multiple variations that simply are overwhelming IMO. This I can say is not, also it runs on the latest JQuery.

Hi Mark,

Yeah the mouse drag behaviour will override a typical mouse click. Mouse clicks could be added but would require some custom work done to the script. I might be able to help you with that on a freelance basis though. Send me an email from my profile page if you’d like more information.


Hi, Could you please tell me how I increase the width of the “cj-info-blocked” rectangle.

I can’t seem to find any reference to it in the .css files.

Thank you very much.

Hi RicSum,

The “cj-info-blocked” class just applies some margins and rounded corners to the info container. To change the actual width of the container, adjust the “width” property inside the ”.cj-info-container” class (around line #121 of the “css/cj-slider.css” file. Or, if you’re using regular info in some slides and “blocked” in others, just add a “width” parameter to the ”.cj-info-blocked” class (around line #132) and it will override the width declared in the ”.cj-info-container” class.


Hi, great slider. It’s working well so far but I have a question. Is it possible to remove the delay for the text to display? We’d like the text to be there when the slide finishes changing or at least just appear with the shortest time possible instead of the animation affect.


Hi cptlo306,

Sure, first in the HTML and CSS, change every part that says “cj-info-container” with a new class such as “cj-info-container-2”. Then the script won’t recognize it and as a result won’t animate it. Then in the CSS, around line #126, change “top: -100%” to “top: 0” instead, and then around line #164, change the “visibility” from “hidden” to “visible”.


Thanks! It works perfectly.

Great work Good Luck With Sales….