SimpleSlider - Desktop/Mobile Hybrid

SimpleSlider - Desktop/Mobile Hybrid

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preview demonstrates individual autoplay user controls by setting autoplay to “true” for desktop and “false” for the mobile slider  :)

CodingJack’s SimpleSlider – Desktop / Mobile Hybrid

The perfect slider solution for both desktop and mobile


  • Built with JACKED, A highly efficient JavaScript Animation Engine created by CodingJack. This lets us target specific browsers with HTML5 or CSS3 for optimal performance.
  • Touch Swipe Support for Mobile
  • Descriptions support any HTML
  • Multiple border and button styles
  • Set autoplay individually for both desktop and mobile. Because autoplay is often cool for desktop but for a mobile slider it’s equally cool to let the user have full control with touch swipe instead.
  • Set autoplay delay, easing type and transition duration

Special Notes

  • When auto-play is used on a desktop, mousing over the banner will pause autoplay and vice versa.
  • Imagery used in the preview is for demo purposes only and is not included in the slider source download.
  • Opera does not support custom cursors which are used in SimpleSlider and the generic “move” cursor is used instead.
  • The plugin supports automatic multiple instantiation (you can use more than one SimpleSlider on the same page).
  • The autoplay preloader is an HTML5 Canvas based animation and is only available where supported.
  • SimpleSlider has been tested succesfully on Windows 8 and IE10/11 (and it’s lightning fast!), although custom hand cursors are not supported (“move” cursor used instead).
  • This is NOT a WordPress Plugin

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