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Is this an application or a set of libraries? If it is an app, does it come with source code?

It’s an application (.EXE), not a library. Sorry, I can’t give the source code with for this price $3 :)


Another great app!

Thank you very much for your support ! :D

Best !



are this proxy check just detect HTTP only? or it can be sort to HTTP , i mean automatic remove HTTPS ,SMTP or SOCK proxy?

Hi Marki,

It checks only HTTP proxies. The process should be different and longer if it needed to detect HTTP or SOCKS proxies. I’ll work on it ! ;)



your apps. have problem.. it stop, i try to check 7000 proxy but still not finish…

windows 2003 server thread 100 timeout 10 sec guide : using google.

thank you.. look problem same like nichefinder 1.1(still have problem). Not finish crawl..

Hi Beny, Just bought it : ) I will check out and see how its working.

Hmmm…it stop after 99% and says it working :( I try to check approx. 4000 proxies and still not finished. Any solution?

Hi Brelle, Yes I know this issue. It’s just a graphical bug in reality. The last 1% is timed out proxies. This issue can appear on huge list of proxies to check.



When the proxies are checked can I save/get a list with only good proxies?

Yes of course :)

During checking, proxies are automatically saved in 2 lists : one for valid proxies ; and one for invalid.

So, even if the application crashes for any reasons or if you want to kill the process, you’ll not lost already checked proxies.


Can you add your own url to check against?

Yes, judges are fully and easily customizable :)


Mine did not work!

It does not work for me …. After I run it it just stays the same.FROZEN! and does nothing!

I received your mail. I’ll give a check and find a fix in next hours :)


is it fixed now?


Can you update this software and add a database to store working proxies ? if yes please send me your details so I can hire you for some updates .

Is this still working and supported ?

Hello. Yes it still work ! The checker judges are customizable so it will never stop to work.



Would you consider selling source code?

Hi, No sorry the source-code is not for sale :)

SOCKS proxy support yet?

It’s only for HTTP proxies ;)