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Thanks – very useful classes for common functionalities. Need a number of these functions for for an upcoming project and this collection will save me time. Image upload and dynamic resize would be an awesome addition if you were to push towards a 25 class compilation ;)


Thanks for the purchase. I will certainly add both of these functions in the next update. I will try to get it done by the end of this week. If you have any more suggestions, I would be more than happy to take them into consideration.

Cheers :)

Thanks for adding the new classes in the update – very useful :) Please keep them coming if you have the time or the will. This general class has many common uses and is a great time saver.

Glad you like it :). I had the upload function written out but needed more time to test it and to make sure that it is secure. It will be there in the next update. ;)


i am not a coder, i just know html and css will this product teach me also how to work with php basic way?

Hi there,

The documentation is really detailed. It shows you how to use every function and provide an example of output. If you are willing to learn then you can just experiment this class on your server. The basic things you need to know about PHP is that the file extension has to be ”.php” and you must always start your php code with ”<?php” and end with ”?>”.  The rest is explained in detail in the documentation. Also if you have any issues, you can always contact me. You can also check this link http://www.tizag.com/phpT/ for more info on php.

Hello thank you for these great class useful :) I re downloaded the file but yet I do not see the new features where are they located? thx


It has to be approved by an envato staff. Sorry about that.

I don’t why the comment above got flagged but basically what I was saying is that it needs to be approved first.

ok thanks :) i will wait :)

Looks niceee! Waiting for money to go into my PayPal so I can buy it. Great work – there’s lots of really useful stuff in here :)

Thanks :)

Wow – excellent collection and really good documentation. Hope that KBRmedia is going to continue add functions!

Thanks a lot frisser. In fact I will not give up on this. It is very useful for me and for every programmers/coders out there. I plan to release another update this week (new functions and updated documentation). :)

This is one of the best purchases I have made on CC. Well done, will be following this development!

Glad you like it! :)

I suggest a script with the same class for jquery


Good Idea, but some functions are not simply possible with jQuery.

I’m using this script for some time now, really love it! But since today, the function youtube gives still the video, but the embedded video “shakes” a bit. All my videos have this problem. Any idea to solve it? Am I the only one with this problem? I dind’t change anything on the code, and the problem started toaday.

Hi. I think you have a hardware issue (maybe your graphic card or your cpu ). Try viewing videos directly on youtube. If you are still having this problem, then it is probably one of those. Or maybe your computer is not able to handle hd videos. In any case, the problem is not due to this script because it uses the code provided by youtube.

First of all, thanks for your quick response. Doesn’t same to be a hardware problem. Tried it on different computers, all with the same result. When following your preview link, go to item “Grab Video from Youtube Links” and play the demo from the video with given width and height. When timeskipping the “shaking” starts. Tried it on 4 different computers so far, all the same result. Any idea how I can fix this?


I just checked and everything is working fine for me. I will still check the youtube api later; maybe they have made some changes. I will get back to you later.

Paypal class with coupons and IPN would def complete this plugin and increase sales.. any intention of implementing it before i go for something else?


Hey zlaws,

Implementing PayPal is very good idea. Unfortunately, it is too complex to be managed by a single php class as it needs to interact with several user-specific environments such as a database or other functions. The purpose of this class is to provide functions that developer use frequently and not be dependent on other functions.

I agree with you on that. thanks again and well done

Hi Again,

I’m trying to use the script for the upload image and i am adding a timestamp before the file name to give each file a unique name.

It’s giving me an error tough when i try it. How can i include it in the code to add the timestamp to each filename.

This is to prevent duplicate files with same name to overwrite each other.


That is easy but a bit tricky. Please send me an email using the form on my profile and I will send you the php file.

Hi dude, the youtube class, only works with this type of url https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQQpRdqzXaI or i can use any one? like youtube short urls and others?

The text truncate will clean html tags if exists? lets says i want to get from database a part of a text with is previous formated, the function will clean and show only the text or will keep the html tags? (i need to remove)


The youtube method works with both the long and short url. The truncate method doesn’t clean the text however you can use a combination of functions if you want to keep certain html tags then you can use
or if you need to remove all html tags you can use

Let me know if you have any other questions :)

Hello , i had one error with youtube and vimeo class : Fatal error: Call to a member function youtube() on a non-object in / ...


Can you send me an email from my profile and tell how you called/used the function?

nice class dude, you plan to make updates? if yes, a class to get youtube thumbs, title, views. On trucante class if you try to use on a text from database with html tags this broken like if text starts with a P tag and i limit to 50 its return text without close the P so i think this class need also to strip all tags.


Thanks for the feedback. I was really surprised when this item was featured. To celebrate this, I will release a huge update with tons of functions that I frequently use in my apps.

It is possible to clean the string before but this might not be desired everytime. You can however use it as follows: $this->truncate($this->clean(‘your string’),50);


Hi, i saw on another comment to use clean with truncate to do the trick, your classes r really easy to use, if you plan the update, maybe on resize picture you can add a cache imagem function with resize, i will send on class i use, not really good need some changes maybe you can reuse


Caching image is a good idea and it is pretty easy to do. I will think about this coding the update.


Hi dude can you add a youtube thumbnail generator from youtube url?


Sure. That is pretty easy to do. I will do it right now. Send me an email and I will send you the updated file.


Been using this for one of my applications. One thing that would make me use this on a lot of projects would be a simple session feature to create, modify, and destroy sessions. It would allow me to rapidly create simple applications.


For sessions you can use native functions like session_start(), session_regenerate_id() and session_destroy(). These are all pretty easy to work with.


Hi, congratulations for the class.

Can you do something like Youtube video, but for show Instagram images?

Thanks :)

Waiting for it! ;)

When you will add?



I was going to add that to the class but realized that instagram’s api does not work without authenticating first. This creates a problem because every time the api is accessed, you need to login first via instagram and come back which makes it a bit complicated for a simple class.

I am assuming that the pagination navigator only works with known number of pages and is not appropriate for a MYSQL returned recordset that displays variable rows of date right?


You can split your mysql query in pages. The process is first you need to the total number of rows for your query then you split that into pages using LIMIT 1,10;

Hello can this script been used by a web develloper to store his code like html tags and php function with discription and highlight the code ext…...... ?


No, it doesn’t have that feature yet.

It is not compatible with PHP7. For example bbcode() function has preg_replace with ‘e’ modifier. It’s no longer supported.


Thanks for noticing that. I will fix it shortly.