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Good! plans for android?

Thanks jeferx. We will develop for android.

thank you, I’ll be waiting

Hi, nice template, it’s possible to show only one time (at first launch of the app)? Can you help to customize only one time? Thanks

Hi, Thanks. Sure you welcome ;)

If you wish please contact us by our profile ’s contact form.

Hello explaining the possible installation videotaped way

Hello ahmedtaee, thanks for purchased our product! We have explained all code in swift, Obj-C detailed on Documentation. And we created sample App for this template in swift, Obj-C. So good luck!

Hi, good job congrats !!!

I’m not a programmer, so i have a question. I have one app for IOS with source code. It’s easily to append (integrate) your app into mine app?


Marcelo Nascimento

Hi Marcelo, thanks, the document included about how to integrate iOS App. If you have a question you can ask directly :)

Regards, CoDesign2015


One question. Is this code 100% in swift?

Hello invinceable667, Our main code is written by objective-C, but we made documentation in how to implement swift project, and created swift sample app.

Hello CoDesign2015,

Great work, we really needed this. Is there a way to have the skip button show up only on the last view?

Hello umairali, Thanks for purchased our product :) You can change that edit on CDWalktroughView.m

on createScrollView function add -> self.skipButton.alpha = 0.0f;

on scrollViewDidEndDecelerating function add

if  (page == [self.dataSource numberOfPagesInScrollView]-1) {[UIView animateWithDuration:0.3 animations:^{self.skipButton.alpha = 1.0f;}];}

here is skip button appears nicely

So goodluck ;)

Could I use this with an app coded in swift? Thanks

Hello Info77, Yes, you can implement with swift project. We created swift sample app and the documentation included how to(s)

Thanks for purchased our product.

Hi, will you add in the future Apple Watch screenshots in the templates? Thank you!

Hello vicapps, If we add watch template what UI you need? We will pleasure your feedback :) Thanks for purchased our product.

I saw that this is supported by iPhone 5C, 5S, 6 and 6plus. Is there any chance of this working with iPad’s too?

Hi webandinfo. Simplecy supports both iPhone and iPad. Thanks

Hello, I’m very interested in your presentation, I hope to be able to experience a down and decided to purchase EMail:800363@qq.com

Hello eudy. We don’t understand your comment :) Can you explain more?


Hi, I TOTALLY love your product, am shocked and can’t believe that just 30 customers bought it yet…... too many app developers seem to have a very very low standard if it comes to providing app users an experience which they deserve nowadays… If I were APPLE, I would not even approve any app for the App Store, if it would not have something like your simple but clean, nice and very useful walkthrough… But that’s me…

THANKS A MILLION AGAIN and MORE LUCK with your sales !

Hi TTom922,

Thank you for purchased and rated our Simplecy Walkthrough. Good luck! :D


Hi, I just downloaded and I’m seeing lots of errors.

Fix first one by referencing the correct folder group for the files contained inside CDWalkthrough folder in simplecydemoswift, as this was referencing a folder location on your hard drive that doesn’t exist on mine when you download.

Then once that was fixed. I got a lot of these errors

Use of unresolved identifier ‘CDataViewLayout’ in Viewcontroller.swift file.

as well as one for ‘NSMutableDictionary’ is not implicitly convertible to ‘[NSObject : AnyObject]’; did you mean to use ‘as’ to explicitly convert? inside AppDelegate.swift

Im Using Xcode 7.3

Any chance you could look into why this is happening?

Hi t_pascal, Documentation is on Documentation folder index.html. We are sorry for dissappointed us.

t_pascal We are fixed this problem. The fixed file to codecanyon and this item will updated soon!

Soon, when next year? I have already asked you to stop talking and fix it, if you fixed it where is it? Your soon is meaningless, you said the 10th before its now the 21st. You have until the end of the week or i will take this further. Dont refuse my refund this time which you have already, but claimed a fix would come on the 10th. Only i will update this thread if the fix comes, until then stop your lies i’m going to ensure this goes no further after this week