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Hi there, your CMS looks as I want, but I would like know if can I duplicate some content blocks. By the way, you should put a “save” button once the changes were made ;) Thanks!

The question is what do you want to duplicate? If you want to duplicate an element with its content, this is currently not possible.

I’ve checked the only way is using the html code view

Hi, would like to know if it’s possible to edit slider images on the home screen? Great software by the way.

Edit: Just saw on the item description, should’ve read it thoroughly before commenting :)

Hi, I have a problem to active SimpleCE on OVH server : Data-Check is not reachable, check your Site-URL! Yet my domain name is available and the Website HTML also …

I’ve already send you an email as answer to you support request, there is no need to double post here in the comments. Thank you.

Hi, Is this product still being developed?


yes, it is. If you have questions or problems please write me over the support form.

Aloha, I sent you an email but I am now having an issue with the license as well. I enter my license key and it says “lease enter your License Key or Item Purchase Code in the Settings to get the latest updates and support.” and I have already verified it.

This is in addition to not being able to upload images. For some reason when I upload images it says it was successfully uploaded however there is no image there. Text works fine just not images. Please help :(

Hi, it’s early in the morning in germany, when you mails arrived. I will check them now, please be patient. Thank you.

hi pascal.

could you provide a changelog, so i can estimate if its necessary to upgrade my simpleCE installation?

thanks and greetings!

You can find changelogs here on the item details page and also in you simpleCE dashboard before the update, here is also a list:

EXCELLENT – thanks!

Hi . Me Today Install in local system Error : Sorry, the License-Server is currently not available!

Please send me your message via support form, I can’t send you more details or files here over the comments, can’t help your here. Please use the form here:

send message.

Thank you, Fixed.

Hello is there a language setting? is the cms suitable for multisites?

Hi, hab grade gesehen das ich in deutsch schreiben kann :D Perfekt.

Ich finde das System für Kundenprojekte ganz interessant….

Deshalb möchte ich nochmal nachfragen… Ich habe mich glaube ich verkehrt ausgedrückt, die eigentliche Frage ist: funktioniert das System nur in Onepage Seiten oder auch bei Webseiten die 2-3 Unterseiten haben?

Kann das System nach dem Kauf auf beliebig vielen Servern installiert werden oder ist die Installation durch Lizenzen begrenzt ?

Ah, verstehe. Natürlich kannst du simpleCE auch für Webseiten mit mehreren Unterseiten verwenden, es muss kein OnePager sein.

Was die Lizenzen angeht, so gelten die Standards von Envato: Eine Lizenz pro Webprojekt, wobei die Lizenz auf Test- und Live-Systemen verwendet werden kann, also kein Problem in dem Bereich.

Das ist sehr hilfreich, danke!!

Das auch Unterseiten bearbeitet werden können wurde aus der Beschreibung und der Demo nicht ganz klar. (Sollte noch ergänzt werden, da das dieses CMS System noch attraktiver macht).

Hello, I have the following message “Sorry, the License-Server is currently not available!” Thank you for your help

Please use the support form, I can’t help you with details here in the comments.

Ok send message

can I use this to develop an application that , interacts with a database.

Yes, simpleCE is based on the CodeIgniter Framework, so you can develop and extend it on that Framework.

are you available to do custom modifications to this application, I like it, but I want to develop an interactive application based on it

Yes, we can customize it, but currently we are under a heavy workload. So if you need customizations, you need to be patient.

presales – does this plugin come with any modules, like blog, newsletter, event calendar, ...?

Hey, you can create a news section with the loop function and use newsletters systems like mailchimp. But the base functions are for a simple cms and are focused for content management.

what is the underlying framework, pure php, laravel, yii, ...? If I buy a template from themeforest, how easy is it to convert into a simpleCE cms template?

It is easy but depends also on the template, have a look at this tutorial:

Framework ist CodeIgniter in it’s latest version.

You have los, lose, losed, in the cms, this option, with radio button

disable navigation nav bar scrolling enable navigation navbar scrolling

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean?

The simpleCE needs for these options.

How many visitors has been had my website this day. Two Form 1. Contact Form for Front End Offline 2. Review Inboxes for Back End Offline 3. Navigation Menu Top & Normal

Hi, I would like to purchase this script but have a few questions. 1. If we have a PSD layout, we are able to integrate it into your CMS? 2. is There any possibility to change the content inside the slider. 3. Is it possible to change the frontend for your CMS?

Yes, to all. Have a look at this tutotial. I think this will help you to understand how the cms work:

You can integrate most html and css websites in the cms.