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Can you have a button on the screen to load image from photo library as well?

Hi Andy,

Currently this is not supported; however, we are considering adding a similar feature in the future.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!


Don’t forget to try the demo if you’re interested here!

Can square format be specified?

Not currently, but perhaps I could quickly implement it for you if you let me know how you’d like to use it.

1. Would you prefer it to be optional, or would you prefer to require that all photos be square?

2. Would you prefer the camera stream be square, or full screen with a square outline of where the picture will be cropped?

Thanks for the reply. I would want it to be required (always square) and full screen with a square outline of where the picture will be cropped would be perfect (or shaded outside the area of the crop).

Hi mrblog,

I updated the demo here with a square version.

When launching the camera, add the line:
simpleCam.isSquareMode = YES;

I’d still like to do a bit more testing, but for now, feel free to drop it into your project to see if it will work.

Does it use / require storyboards in the UI?

Nope, everything can be launched directly from code!

Can picture be uploaded to a server backend?

Hi Andrew,

This could definitely be implemented.

After a user takes a picture, they are directed to a picture preview where they can choose the photo, or back out.

If they choose the photo, it notifies the delegate, and you could upload it in the background to wherever you please, while continuing with UI.

This would work with the current release.

Would this work for you?

There is a problem with the following:

-(IBAction)buttonPress:(id)sender { SimpleCam * simpleCam = [[SimpleCam alloc]init]; simpleCam.delegate = self;


OK, thanks for your help. I’ll investigate further.

Can you try:

 - (void) buttonPress:(id)sender {
    NSLog(@"Button Press Received!");
    SimpleCam * simpleCam = [[SimpleCam alloc]init];
    simpleCam.delegate = self;
    [self presentViewController:simpleCam animated:YES completion:nil];

And let me know if “Button Press Received!” Is printing to console.

Have you connected a button to trigger “buttonPress:”?

In a viewController inside a navigation controller : -( void) hazFotos: (id) sender {      SimpleCam * SimpleCam = [[SimpleCam alloc] init];      simpleCam.delegate = self;      [self presentViewController: SimpleCam animated: YES completion: nil]; }

GameParejas 04/22/2014 11:24:02.417 [3696:60 b] Warning: Attempt to present <SimpleCam: 0×1666bd60> on <UINavigationController: 0×165af000> while a presentation is in progress!

Can you help? Thank you.

Hi There Anciano,

Based on your error message, I’m betting that you’re calling the above code in

this is called before the controller has presented itself and will thus throw errors, regardless of the ViewController you want to present. Try putting your presentation code in

I wonder if there is any sound by clicking on the picture taking and if I change the sound button.

I wonder if there is any sound by clicking on the photo capture button and if I can change this sound.

Hi Kassiomarques,

The default camera capture sound plays when snapping a picture, when sound for the device is turned on.

This is built in functionality with iOS and at this time, I don’t believe that you can modify or change this (with the exception of some very creative workarounds to silence the shutter sound).



Hi – what a great interface!

Are you available for custom modification? I’d like to add a png image overlay that can be positioned (via code parameters) that is visible on top of the live camera while taking photos – kind of a ‘live’ watermark. So each photo saved would already have the logo married to it -


Hi Logan -

Is there a way to create a specific album (called SimpleCam or similar) and store all images taken in SimpleCam in that album only?