Simple Webview - Android Studio

Simple Webview - Android Studio


  1. Full page, no menu, no title bar, open your site full.
  2. Onesignal Push Notifications.
  3. # Custom icon and sound.
  4. # Notifications void only open app.
  5. # Notifications with link open app and load url.
  6. # Notifications with keyword “admoDelay = X” open app and show admob intersticial with delay(X seconds).
  7. # Notifications with app open not disturb the user.
  8. Admob
  9. # Load banner and intersticial.
  10. # Custom show intersticial on count load page.
  11. Loadings
  12. # Use Swipe Resfresh and show a progress Bar
  13. # Disable Swipe refresh easily.
  14. Custom page offline if no connection internet.
  15. Open local page.
  16. Games
  17. # Loading games in HTML5
  18. # Loaging game in CONSTRUCT 2.
  19. Hiden button on navigation bar(Back – Home – Recents apps), show navigation bar with swipe, your app in fullscreen mode.
  20. Confirm dialog on exit on last back press.
  21. Open links in external apps with protocols “youtube:”, “vid:”, “mailto:”, “whatsapp:”, “fb-messenger:”, “sms:” and others.

Demo apk: