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i don’t see anything after the app start running on simulator, a solution?

It’s a general problem of xcode simulator, don’t worry and try the follow steps:

- under xcode select your simulator, if the simulator is already open go to the menu named “Simulator” (top left in your mac screen), click on it and select “reset content and settings”

-wait a moment, the simulator now is resetting

-now, when simulator is ready, select the voice debug > location > apple

-now, run the app from xcode on this simulator

-if the app remain anyway in black screen, do not stop the execution from xcode, but in runtime go on simulator menu and re-select the voice debug > location > apple, now app should be start…

note: in a real device this issue does not happen

Can i change menu text buttons to icons in the bottom like a tab bar?

This app does not plan to replace the text button on the bottom with those in TabBar style, but if you are familiar with xcode, autolayouts storyboard and you can change them at will with png images, creating the desired effect. To do so, refer to the buttons called relatively:
-Settings ButtonPRY
-Locations ButtonPRY
-Add Location ButtonPRY
placed inside the View Controller Scene inside Main.storyboard file.

How to disable sounds in the app?

Open the config.swift and edit line like the below sample, find the paragraph “//#5.03”, inside change these parameters like below:

let bloopFileVolume : Float = 0
let tickFileVolume : Float = 0
let zoomFileVolume : Float = 0

I change intro video variable to false, but after the launch screen appear the app showing black screen, how to change it?

Try to open the config.swift and edit line like the below sample, find the variable videoAppIntroBackgroundColor and change the value blackColor to clearColor

let videoAppIntroBackgroundColor = UIColor.clearColor()

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