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Will with work with YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos? Thx.

not support youtube vimeo!

hi can you put up a test page which embedded with webm format? it is hard to believe if it can play webM and compatible with all browsers and devices

can you setup a demo page with using your svPlayer and Webm format video?

ok check example on this page i use this one: http://www.webmfiles.org/demo-files/ the webm video but be sure check with chrome,ffox or opera only these play webm files.


Hello! It can be that player would always display the play button before playing ? Now button is displayed only in the hover state. The user sees the poster , thinking that this picture is not watching the video :( Thnx

do the same for #svplayer #header, #svplayer #controls

i mean quieter / louder volume control.

no not exist this option sorry!

no can’t do this the player!

Hi! I have a problem. - Page with Visual Composer and several svPlayer videos have a infinite loading; - Some videos at page bottom not loading.

Content shows, but page still in infinite loading state. My Firefox browser freezes, chrome – infinite download. When i switch off svPlayer plugin – page loading normally. Check it please – http://gloriafx.com/reels/

i tested with 10 videos and working good but if add more than 10 then is lagging

I mean all shortcodes, ids, video and img files are ok, but plugin lagging. I have 13 videos at page.

ok i will check it if there a problem video or image loaded problem

Hi, Can I link to a direct video file on Vimeo or a Youtube link?

Hello friend no only media videos

Good day! Is it possible to add mute anf play/stop controls to background video? (http://devweb.co.ua/show/)

Excellent, it works! Thanks.

Hi, Need help. Unfortunately, background video doesn`t work with mobile phones (iphone, android) (video file mp4, webm -tested) Link – http://devweb.co.ua/show/. Where is my mistake?Thanks

Hello friend mobiles not support video backgrounds