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Will with work with YouTube and Vimeo hosted videos? Thx.

not support youtube vimeo!

hi can you put up a test page which embedded with webm format? it is hard to believe if it can play webM and compatible with all browsers and devices

can you setup a demo page with using your svPlayer and Webm format video?

ok check example on this page i use this one: http://www.webmfiles.org/demo-files/ the webm video but be sure check with chrome,ffox or opera only these play webm files.


Hello! It can be that player would always display the play button before playing ? Now button is displayed only in the hover state. The user sees the poster , thinking that this picture is not watching the video :( Thnx

do the same for #svplayer #header, #svplayer #controls

i mean quieter / louder volume control.

no not exist this option sorry!

no can’t do this the player!

Hi! I have a problem. - Page with Visual Composer and several svPlayer videos have a infinite loading; - Some videos at page bottom not loading.

Content shows, but page still in infinite loading state. My Firefox browser freezes, chrome – infinite download. When i switch off svPlayer plugin – page loading normally. Check it please – http://gloriafx.com/reels/

i tested with 10 videos and working good but if add more than 10 then is lagging

I mean all shortcodes, ids, video and img files are ok, but plugin lagging. I have 13 videos at page.

ok i will check it if there a problem video or image loaded problem

Hi, Can I link to a direct video file on Vimeo or a Youtube link?

Hello friend no only media videos


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Good day! Is it possible to add mute anf play/stop controls to background video? (http://devweb.co.ua/show/)


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Excellent, it works! Thanks.


seg_man Purchased

Hi, Need help. Unfortunately, background video doesn`t work with mobile phones (iphone, android) (video file mp4, webm -tested) Link – http://devweb.co.ua/show/. Where is my mistake?Thanks

Hello friend mobiles not support video backgrounds

Doesn’t work. All I get is “You browser not support html5 video!” followed instructions exactly and tested with multiple videos and browsers.

Friend would you like resolve the problem? payment will not refund you have already download the files!

I already used a different HTML5 video plugin and it’s working perfectly without any hassle. Their support is also amazing and they are actually courteous, unlike yourself. I’m glad you made yourself public though so everyone can see how horrible you and your ‘application’ are before they waste money like I did.

Thank you

Plugin is not working on ipads

Which ipad do you have friend?

iOS 9.3.5

In browsers and phones working and not on ipad?


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Good plugin! Is it possible to have the video title not show up on the front end. Right now, the video title appears on a smartphone screen(not on desktop) and I was hoping it is possible for the title to not show up at all.

Hello friend than you for purchase my application you can hide with simple css

Hello… I bought this plugin after i saw the demo. I installed it in my csm wordpress and now i’m getting a message (You browser not support html5 video!). That’s not true!!!! well i hope you can help me here you can see it in action https://www.kinetictherapy.es/casos-de-exito-de-cuevas-medek-exercise

Hello friend thanks for purchase my application I will check it

hello friend have you remove the player can you set it back to check it please, also there are mnew update of player please download