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Easy and simple.. love it :) – pity I have to wait 3 days for the API key :(

Thanks! The wait will be worth it I hope :)

Waste of time, didnt get api licence key granted.

Hmm that’s weird. I got it in about 3 days when I requested it, maybe you should try again with a better description of the application you’ll be using the tmdb info with?

is there anyway to get the backdrops I added the following codes to the TMDBSample.php file and it keeps echoing out the posters

added this to line 49 $backdrop = (string)$movie->images->image->attributes()->url;

and added this into the array “backdrop”=>$backdrop

and when I tried to print it, it keeps echoing out the poster instead of any of the backdrops

Hi Jeremy,

What you need to do is loop through the images array and get the image with the ‘type’ set to ‘backdrop’. The following code will get the backdrop image url and puts it inside of $backdrop:

foreach ($movie->images->image as $image)
                    if ($image->attributes()->type == "backdrop")
                        $backdrop = $image->attributes()->url;

Hi, I think they changed something in the API . If I search for a actor you normally received a big picture – now you only get a very tiny picture. Can this be changed?

And second question about searching for actors: If I search for Michael Caine – there is no result. If you look on the website you will see that the first result is blank and the second it the correct result. Is there something like a loop where you skip the blank result and get the second result?

Answer to both your questions:

Indeed they changed the API . I’ve fixed the problem with the tiny picture and it’s now always the largest one it can find.

As for the ‘Michael Caine’ result, if you search for ‘Michael Caine’ the first returned result is ‘Michael Cain’ (which is weird). I build in a loop that picks the entry that corresponds to the persons name you searched for.

Will upload ASAP !

Hi, I think there is again a change in the Api. If I search for a actor there is no results.

Ok, they are working on it :)

Hi Frisser,

They fixed the problem! You can now search for actors again and retrieve their information.

Kind Regards, Bart.

YES ! Great… The actor information is shown again:

This demo script is not working… for when a fix?

Seems to be working here? Only the actor search is currently bugged, but they are working on it ( last ticket)

Is the API only working with the English speaking IMD site or is German IMD also avaiable?

If you mean the language in which this api returns it information, it is only english for now.

Hi, is there a quick fix to query the TMDb on movie id rather than title?

Hi, sorry for the late response but this feature is not implemented.

Just bough it but this outdated its using version 2.1 of themoviedb with XML!

Right now is version 3 using JSON also the TMDB.php is old version

Hi BartNIjland. Just bought this script. But i can’t seem to get it working. I signende up for a api key, and added it to the code but your demo index.php files just returns a blank search result.

I Bought it and it doesn’t work anymore

this error

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\stmdbapi\TMDbSimple.php on line 17