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How can I get more than one category on each store?

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That can be done as a customization. You can reach me through my profile page for an estimate, thanks

Hello I would like to know how I can combine the the advance store locator with the simple store locator. What I am thinking please tell me if I am wrong here I was thinking of using the simple as the interface and the advanced as the back end or do I just use the admin combined with simple store locator from the advanced. Thank you

To combine it’s pretty straight forward, you just need to define the same database access for both script, and that should be it ! Let me know if you have any issues

Hello I just wanted to say Thank you for your help. Your right straight forward install for both. I give you a 5 star for for both products easy to Install and great support. The code is excellent quality. Thank you Alex

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Can you please tell me, how can I insert multi addresses to map – can I do this with addresses? Can you please provide me this layout – or please tell me, can I use something like this: address1,address2,addess3,...


The general store Map can display several addresses just like on the demo

Getting errors

util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys @ util.js:210 util.js:210 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired

Ok I have added an API key at the end of the url but the streetview wont show

Hi! Is it mobile friendly? Can you make it mobile friendly? Thanks!

You can test on mobile, it’s very mobile friendly