Simple Stock Manager

Simple Stock Manager

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Simple Stock Manager is php based web application that help you to manage your stock. New version v2.0 come with miltiple check-in/check-out items, Import by csv, Barcode/Label printing, Categories, Backups and Single click update features. Manage your stock, check-ins and check-out from anywhere, Office, Home, Warehouse or on the go. You even can install it with localhost to use without offline without internet.

Demo Details:
Password: 12345678

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Change log

Update 2.1.2 (20th November 2018)
* Fixed installer - No version update 
Update 2.1.1 (13th July 2018)
* Improved date search/filter for all tables
* Update CI to 3.1.9
Update 2.1 (15th April 2017)
+ Added export (excel, csv & pdf) table option
* Improved search/filter for all tables
* Update CI to 3.1.4
Update 2.0.4 (15th January 2016)
+ Added option to select language
* Fixed known issues
Update 2.0.3 (7th October 2015)
Fixed barcode and label pagination issues
Improved uploads
Update 2.0.2 (19th September 2015)
Added option to import customers/suppliers/by csv
Add print style
Update 2.0.1 (15th September 2015)
Added suppliers and customers module
Added more file types to be attached with check in and out
Added low quantity alerts
Fixed email and all know issues
Update 2.0 (14th August 2015)
Improved Items
Added option to import Items by csv file
Multiple item check-ins and check-outs (Previously it was single item based).
Added Categories
Added import categories by csv
Option to add check-in and check out with csv file.
Added option to print all items barcodes or single item.
Added password recovery option
User Roles
  Admin - with all rights
  Staff - with view and add rights. No rights to edit/delete, manage users and settings.

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