Simple SMTP Tools

Simple SMTP Tools

With this plugin you can control some elements of sending emails through WordPress mailer (wp_mail function). You can adjust from name and email and avoid potential problems some mail server have with generic email sender WordPress generates.

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If you want to use SMTP server to send emails, with this plugin you can easily set GMail or Yahoo servers or any custom SMTP server. And you can test the email settings by sending test email.

Direct support for different SMTP Servers

Direct support for different SMTP Servers Plugin supports many popular SMTP servers that can be used with valid account. You don’t need to know server address, or port, just your username and password for selected service.
List of directly supported SMTP servers
  • GMail SMTP server
  • SMTP server
  • GMX SMTP server
  • Zoho SMTP server
  • Yahoo SMTP servers (.com,, .de, .au)
  • Outlook / Live / Hotmail SMTP servers
  • 1and1 SMTP servers (.com, .de)
  • O2 SMTP servers (.ie, .uk)

Change default name and email for sender

Change default name and email for sender By default, WordPress uses auto generated sender name and email. In most cases it is recommended to use your own values for both, and since WordPress doesn’t have options to set it, you can use this plugin for that. All emails sent by WordPress use these sender values.

Other Plugin Features

  • Very simple and fast to setup
  • Support for any SMTP server
  • Test for OpenSSL needed for SSL/TLS
  • Send email to test server settings
  • Export and import plugin settings

System Requirements

Plugin will work with WordPress 3.2 and newer. On server side, you must have PHP OpenSSL Extension active (most server already have it) if you want to use secure SMTP servers.


There is no guarantee that this plugin SMTP modifications will work with every server or hosting company. For PHP to send emails through secure servers (SSL/TLS), you need OpenSSL extension installed. Plugin tests for that. If it is missing, you must consult your hosting company about it. In some cases your ISP can block off some servers to be used for SMTP due to spam concerns, and it can fail during tests. Always make sure to test your settings on the live server, to make sure all is OK. Localhost tests can fail due to ISP rules.


Version 2.1 / 2017.05.19.
  • Updated: plugin now requires WordPress 4.0 or newer
  • Updated: plugin now requires PHP 5.3 or newer
Version 2.0 / 2015.02.19.
  • Added: export and import of plugin settings
  • Improved: several changes to plugin panels
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