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When user verifies his number the page with phone verification is empty. I need to redirect from that page after we find out that user has already verified number. OR I need php code how can I find out whether the user has phone verified number. Can you help pls?

hi mate

sorry but there is no options for that you will have to modify the code to achieve that one


Hi pal, the redirection was not hard and as far some users here who bought your plugin may use this feature. I will just post it. Go to wp-content/plugins/simple-sms-verification/models/ssv_content.php line 15.- 22. is like this:

if (in_array(get_the_ID(),$verify)){

echo '<script type="text/javascript">
     window.location = "" 
echo 'you are already sms varified user, you will be redirected to homepage...';
           return $content;

the if couse was already there, but was empty. I think it takes like 20 min to put this in plugin option for the next update. :))

cheers mate :)

Hi mate .Can I also with your plugin monetize my site ? I mean allow registration to my WP site only by sending premium sms via provider like HiPayMobile or Paygol Or Smscoin or GoPay ?- That means user need to send sms to phone number and enter code he receive in sms to be able to register on site. Is that possible ?

sorry not available


OTSG Purchased

Hi, I installed the plugging & put In my account credentials. When i test & click send nothing happens

i just send you the code from my demo and don’t tell me again that is not on my demo the code is the same on my demo

i just downloaded this again on my demo server

please check the settings if you have the same settings on my demo


OTSG Purchased

Hi, Thank you. The file you just sent me is the correct one.

awesome :)

simple sms verification is not locking page. I have selected the option on buddypress member page, but not working, cant see the form

hi mate

this plugin is not tested on buddypress that is why its on wordpress section


simple sms verification is not locking page selected. I have selected the option on buddypress member page, but not working, cant see the form or pop up. Please help as this is an investment

please if not for buddypress , refund money please. The information for this plugin is very incomplete.


hi mate

sorry to hear that i havent tested this on buddypress only wordpress

you can ask for refund on codecanyon help sections


Can the Author respond to me please.

yes mate ? can you remind me what is your question?

is the plugin updated? can we save the mobile # in a database?

am afraid am no longer supporting this plugin and it does not save the mobile in db

Does this send OTP just during registration or it also possible to send OTP for login ? And does this support any SMS gateway ?

sorry no

Hi Basti, Getting error message”Invalid response from API”

You have added my SMS gateway to your plugin… please help with the errror? <?php require_once SSV_PLUGIN_DIR.”/vendor/sendsms.php”;

$sendsms=new sendsms($gateway_info->username,$gateway_info->password,$gateway_info->sender);

$url=$sendsms->send_sms($mobile,$text_message,’’,”json”); $resp=@file_get_contents($url); if ( !empty($resp)){ $raw=json_decode($resp,true); if (array_key_exists(“Error”,(array)$raw)){ $msg=$raw[‘Error’]; } else { $params=array( ‘gateway_id’=>$gateway_info->gateway_id, ‘code’=>$generated_code, ‘mobile’=>$mobile, ‘message’=>$text_message, ‘custom_fields’=>$custom_fields, ‘api_response’=>json_encode($raw), ‘api_response_id’=>json_encode($raw), ‘sent_date’=>date(‘c’), ‘ip_address’=>$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’] ); $tbl=$config‘db’.”sent_sms”; $Cdb->insert_data($tbl,$params); $code=1; } } else $msg=”Invalid response from API”;?>

is the plugin still updated?

sorry no mate :(

Can u Please add SMSGATEWAYHUB API so that will Purchase asp for our clients :

sorry mate i no longer update these item :(

Hello, does this plugin work with WooCommerce user registration? I want to verify new users with SMS text.

sorry i never tried

hello i ahve purchased your shows code was send to your mobile but i did not get any verification code..but in registration field says code is sent and the verification code is not received by user…

check the sms logs see the status of sms

Can I use it with WooCommerce Plugin?

It makes a ‘My Account’ page where we have a feature of registering.

I want to add it on my web page –

sorry you cannot