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hello well i want to use a live chat plugin for my wordpress site and i want this with a functionality that if i am online from my backend then it will show at front end some message like “how may i help you?”

so do u have this functionality ?

I purchased but have 2 concerns:

1) Is there a way to make the notification sound chime more than once? Ideally it would ring like a telephone until answered.

2) On some Android devices, the mobile version of the chat does not work. When you click “Start Chat” nothing happens…

Can you help?

Hello, my Simple Simon Live Chat plugin is installed. When the user end tries to initiate chat and selects “start chat” the admin end is notified and can type messages, etc, but the user end does not progress past the initial details and START CHAT page.

Is this still happening? Send me your web address and we can do some tests. Use the email I sent to your other message. If necessary, I may have you create me as a temporary admin to test it and then once we figure out the issue, you delete the user account. Thanks

When Live Chat is set to offline and the user tries to send a message (from the user end it all appears to work fine) but no email/message is ever received at the admin end.

Hello. The offline message is sent to the admin of the website. Check in the admin area under Settings – General to see where the email address is set. If that email is not receiving messages, let me know and I’ll troubleshoot further. My email is


picfab Purchased

Hi, your plugins simple simon live chat it’s very good. But I can’t translate some button like “star chat” because you don’t have po/mo file.

Do you have a solution ?

I’ll work on a solution to add the ability to translate into different languages. My email is Can you send me yours and I’ll send you an updated version of the live chat.


ExVoid Purchased

Hello, i just purchased you plugin. I only need it offline, but when i send a message i don’t get any mail (i verified that the mail is correct in the settings – general dashboard). Can you help me? Another problem is that the plugin is not responsive (on my iphone 6 when i try to write on the email / message / name field, the fields are overlapping. At last, i saw there i can rename all the files apart from the “send” button and “message” one…

Hello. I did a test on an old version of WordPress and had the same issue with the email not getting sent. I then went to a site with the latest version of WP and did the same test and it worked fine. I did some modifications to the plugin I tested which I can send to you and see if it works. Send me an email at and I’ll send that version over to you. I’ll look to see if I can modify the dialog window for the iPhone. I too have an iPhone 6 so I can test it on my phone. Thanks

My updated version works fine in vertical view on iPhone 6. The horizontal view got cropped off. You have control of naming the fields except for the send button. However, if you want to say something else, let me know and I can put that in the code base.