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hello,is v4 available now?

The release candidate for v4 is available to download. You can try the live demo of v4 at http://spos.tecdiary.my/ Thank you


Smurv Purchased

BUG – themes/default/views/pos/view.php

I found a bug in the rounding function in view file. On line 127 there is

$round_total = $this->tec->roundNumber($inv->grand_total, $Settings->rounding);
$rounding = $this->tec->formatMoney($round_total - $inv->grand_total);
    <th colspan="2" style="text-align:left;"><?= lang("grand_total"); ?></th>
    <th colspan="2" style="text-align:right;"><?= $this->tec->formatMoney($inv->grand_total + $rounding); ?></th>

But function <?= $this->tec->formatMoney( $inv->grand_total + $rounding ); ?> can’t work, because $rounding is a text (formated by function formatMoney) not a number. I think there should be <?= $this->tec->formatMoney($round_total); ?>

Hello, $rounding shouldn’t be text but number. I will check these again. Thank you


Smurv Purchased

Thank you. Function “formatMoney” from Tec class is using PHP built-in function “number_format”. Function number_format is returning string.

I think it can work in some situations, because PHP will try to change string to integer. But there are situations, for example with some strange delimiters, that it will not work.

Yes, the formatMoney is suppose to return string.


I purchased 2 licences of your application, one for online server on a subdomain, the other for my local machine. I installed both and none of them is working ! I sent you an email for that and never got support. I’m willing to pay the 10$ installation you offer is needed.

Thanks for helping asap.

Got it working. Never mind.

We were off here. I am glad you have managed it.


Smurv Purchased

SECURITY BUG – “app/controllers/Pos.php”

Hi, I’m working on ticket printing when close_register is called. I think your implementation of close_register function is wrong (from a security perspective). You are sending “total_cash”, “total_cheques” and “total_cc_slips” in close_register form by hidden input. But this way, everyone with little knowledge can edit this hidden input and new value is saved to database.

You can test it by yourself. Just make selling with cash payments of total 1000. Than click “Close Register” and edit hidden input “total_cash” form 1000 to 500.

Than you can check Reports -> Registers Report and you will see, that there is report with Total Cash 500.

I think that we should use $this->pos_model->getRegisterCashSales() function here, so nobody can edit this data (or similar functions for Cheques and Slips).

I will check about these in next update. The things are not yet finalizes but it will be fine in the stable release. Thank you

How can we add a new payment gateway? Also when is the next update given several bugs have been reported since this new update please?

The update will be end of the month. There is no guide to add payment gateways. You will need to modify the code or hire developer to do so. Thank you


guzper Purchased

Your script is not working with russian….. cyrilic…..UTF-8 …..i want to work with this script but not working….i try everything but not…. when upload russian translation(utf-8) like your directions and push a button(like POS ) i have white screen when i switch to english (ansi) all are work fine the script cannot read UTF-8 … dont answer ””that works fine with russian”” PROVE IT …... if you dont…. i want my money back…....


guzper Purchased

Ok you can translate one word only Pos = Касса and try to entry in pos or better upload it in the demo !!! please i want to work with the script but i cannot make it to work


guzper Purchased

if it is not enough one word i send you the translated file..

The item will work fine with any language as long as your translated language files have no syntax error. Once you send us the language files, we will add then in next release. Thank you


Smurv Purchased

In “themes/default/views/pos/view.php” the code for display message is double (at start of the file and in id=”buttons”)

<?php if ($message) { ?>
   <div class="alert alert-success">
      <button data-dismiss="alert" class="close" type="button">×</button>
      <?= is_array($message) ? print_r($message, true) : $message; ?>
<?php } ?>

Yes, that is purposely displayed twice. On top and bottom of the receipt. Thank you

Item too great. Can data be updated add import price, selling price and reported revenue and profit? Thanks!

Please try the live demo as you will get exact same file. Yes products can be imported by csv in v4 and you can check the reports too. Thank you

Great. v4 update when?

I guess in March 17. Thank you

can you tell me how to add total price of product in sale rate

What is the sale rate and total price? The products have 1 price and that is already shown on the orders/sales page. Thank you

i want to add total stock value by price in Product list Can u Tell me how to add

There is no such option. You can modify the item as you need. Thank you


hassh1991 Purchased

Hi, I am facing problem in this application. (1st) when I add product, product is added but not display in product list & showing the statement “leading products from database” something like this, with processing bar.

(2nd) My bar code reader is not working, how I can use bar code reader with this application?

(3rd) What code should I use for products that have numeric pasted bar code like this “62051400083”?

Mostly products have barcode totally in numeric, what codes should use for that, please reply ASAP.

Can you see the listing product page or always get the loading message.

There is no requirement for the barcode as long as it can read and type the code. You can scan the barde in text file to check if it is working.

You can use numeric value (62051400083) as product code and system will generate barcode for this. You even no need to print the systems barcode as you product code is same, just can it from product label. If you are having any issue, let me know.

Thank yo


qtthuan Purchased

Hi, i am getting “The requested URL /login was not found on this server” after installing successfully, my url http://bani.simple_pos/login, i checked on your FAQ documentation for 404 error and meet 3 conditions correctly, so what can i do next to fix this error? Thank you!

Please double check. Thank you

I checked the .htaccess file and fixed problem, Thanks for supporting!

How does ppp work? One need to install this on the local computer or the remote server where POS is running from?