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is it possible to show the sub category on pos screen?

There is no option for sub categories. Thank you

Please are there any installation instructions for this?

Yes, in the help folder of your download file. Thank you

Hola, durante una cotización sería posible hacer descuentos independientes por productos y no solo un descuento a la cotización total?

I have purchased the Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module, i want to make discounts by products in the quotes as sales.

You can add discount after click the edit icon in from of product name in order list. Thank you

Yes Sr, thank you!

how to auto email receipt every transaction?

I am sorry as there is no such option. Thank you

i got an error while uploading 2MB file (photo) size.

Sat Jan 14 11:31:51.041303 2017 pid 1732 PHP Fatal error: Call to u ndefined method CI_Upload::set_flashdata() in /var/www/html/app/controllers/Products.php on line 435, referer:

That should be $this->session->set_flashdata not $this->upload->set_flashdata Thank you for pointing this. I will fix this soon.


kikuyu1 Purchased

Hello, I am getting this error while I try to sell a product. Please help “Error Action Failed!”

I guess, you ajax calls are failing. Did you change the url structure or index_page in config?

Sir, While searching for a customer name in sales it gets stuck. keeps on loading but nothing happens if the names are in hindi. but it works fine for customer names in english.. this happens in list sales search only. Customer list search Works fine for both in hindi and english.

Can you please edit the app/controllers/sales.php and change the line no 36 from
$this->datatables->select("id, date, customer_name, total, total_tax, total_discount, grand_total, paid, status");
$this->datatables->select("id, DATE_FORMAT(date, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%i') as date, customer_name, total, total_tax, total_discount, grand_total, paid, status");

Let me know the result. Thank you

Yes sir its working now. Thank you Very much.