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Belly Purchased

Hello TecDiary, after a nice and smooth install, I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error, I checked database connection on app/config/database.php (ok) files permission (ok) and I get this error log on server side:

[autoindex:error] Cannot serve directory: No matching DirectoryIndex

checked for the index.php on main folder and it’s there. Any clue?


Belly Purchased

Hi Tecdiary. I have already tried all fixes and possible solutions in Doc file for this item, also I have successfully installed SMA (Stock Manager Advanced), SIM (Simple Invoice Manager) and SIM (Simple Stock Manager), they all work fine.

I am confused. If other items work, then this should too. Please describe the issue again with your server log. Thank you


Belly Purchased

Hi Tecdiary, my server log error is posted above and the issue described as well, I still can’t run this one. nor the SMA with Shop, I’m a GoDaddy user and if that’s the reason I’m getting such problems, I’m willing to change hosting company.

can i look at the installation guide or installation steps before i purchase ?
also i will going to install multiple copy of (Simple POS) in different multiple servers so the application will be used from multiple domains but all web applications will be access the same database .
so, can i use this scenario or you have restrictions of installing the software on multiple domains ?
thank you

thank you but i want to ask what you mean with market team .

which market team you are mean ?
the market team of (Simple POS) ? so where i can find them ?
or you mean the market team of Envato Market help team ?
regards ,

hello, i have see the installation guide
and i didn’t find the option to change the logo and the footer copyright from the control panel .
so, i want to ask if the owner wants to change the logo and the footer , is that allowed from control panel or its allowed from PHP files only ?


Contact the Envato Market Help Team

You can change logo and site name from settings. If you need to modify file, you can as per license (Regular). Thank you

I bought a Simple POS , I cannot install. I got an error in purchase code verifying step, ” CloudFlare Security Error (request challenge/blacklist IP) : Cloudflare Ray ID: 3eb70ed420ed33d9 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare “

Please check the docs in help folder as 1st FAQ in Errors section is about this. Thank you


ahmedbr Purchased

Hi, Would like to know how to prevent the cursor from moving to the field “Search pRODCUT….....” right after clicking on an item that is being sold. (Or disable this field all together (we only use clicks no typing required at all).

The reason behind this is that: we are using tablet and this filed getting focus opens the virtual keyboard of the tablet each time (becomes very time consuimg).


zerutreck Purchased

Do you have plans to make a Network Offline Transaction Extension (Chrome) ?

Like this https://developers.google.com/web/fundamentals/instant-and-offline/web-storage/offline-for-pwa

hi tecdiary team, i just bought your code, anyway i would to ask you some questions: 1. can i install it twice (1 in localhost and 1 in cpanel?) 2. can i update the code? because i would like to update the currency to IDR (Indonesia Rupiah)

please kindly let me know about this, thank you very much

and if you don’t mind, one more info that i need is The Stripe Publishable Key field is required. where could i get that key, i could not find the instruction in your doc too. thank you very much for your kindness

fyi : i install it on my localhost

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cancel comment :D, but please kindly answer my question above, thank you


sembirige Purchased

hello, am stuck, i have done the installation but it stops at the point where it says Error while validating your purchase code! my internet is working fine but i dont know what to do about it. please come to my rescue


sembirige Purchased

i have tried to use the solution in FAQ , this one below You can easily enable https by editing the 2 lines in config file (app/config/config.php) as following:

Update base url from http://yoursite.com to https://yoursite.com
Set $config[‘cookie_secure’] to TRUE

but every time i reload the application to start, it goes back to the original settings…....please help me


sembirige Purchased

Mr Author i suggest that since the application has failed to install, you instead forward me the windows installer because i visited your website and saw the windows installer for offline work is available and i kind of run out of time to start work….. so that i get a refund for the purchased application since the price for both is the same.


Xyroot Purchased

Hello, how do I modify the receipt that is printed via receipt printer? I changed the format in pos/views.php but it only changes the web receipt, not the printed receipt. The one under remote_printing doesn’t change anything for me as well.


vishwa800 Purchased

Hi team i just downloaded the file now, i tried to install in local but it showing 500 error , can plz give me a suggestion how to install in local?

How can I create user permission for our accountant to see reports?