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I bought the application yesterday, I just installed it today everything is fine: Checklist, Verify, Database, Site Config… until the Done! : Shows that he has a problem with the purchase key. what’s the solution?

The error is : Error while validating your purchase code!

Please make sure that your are connected to internet while installing the item. Thank you

Why my last version not show in settings menu the option to edito header and footer? I’m logged with admin.

Header & footer option is moved to stores in v4. Thank you

it’s possible change cookie name to avoid conflict with two subdomains? spos_session, spos_token and spos_cookie

You can change the cookie prefix in app/config/config.php Thank you

Thanks for the POS, it works great, I just have a small issue with bill number, which is generated automatically from db I assume, but I have some duplicates, from day to day, basically the recipe numbers are not accurate for some reason, please help since the POS are been used for a current working business

There is no possibility for duplication in receipt numbers as those are sales table AI. Can you please provide screenshot or something. Thank you


janedona Purchased

i would like to use simplepos on both localhost as well as from internet (Outside world) i can access localhost/pos if i keep base_url as localhost/pos but if i keep base_url as http://public-ip/pos i cant access through localhost/pos nor with http://public-ip/pos. please help


janedona Purchased

please help if i keep base-url as http://public-ip/pos then i cant access locally neither by http://public-ip/pos or http://localhost/pos. Please help am waiting for your answer. I am ready to pay you for this.

You need to google about this. What web platform are you using?


mhamad99 Purchased

hello i have already sending an email to your support email for new features but no answer till now

I am sorry but we can’t manage to reply all emails. Please let us know here. Thank you


hizkiail Purchased

hello, this POS support purchases management? can we manage purchases of cafe?

This item has purchases feature. Please try the live demo to get familiar and check if you can use this. Thank you

i have installed the files successfully but login is not showing up. I have this on the page “No input file specified.” I have deleted the install folder as on the installation guide. http://prntscr.com/hapih5 http://prntscr.com/hapiwa check the links http://sales.desirebeautybrand.com/

dont worry problem solved..

I am glad that you have managed it. Thank you for updating

i used smtp for send email bill, but when i click email button, appear message error “Unable to send email using PHP mail(). Your server might not be configured to send mail using this method.”

Can you please check the email protocol and other email related settings again. Thank you


I’ve been trying to contact you either coment, by email or direct message thought envato msg. but Still have no luck, I requested your help with a modification that I did, I’ve read along all your replies to people trying to make something different with POS and you still reponding “you can change the code” but you offer not support on source code, Still no fair, you have lock the possibility for US the customer to modify the web as we like, I just requested a few simple thing,

1. Check my POS web to review a feature that I added, 1 button will add $0.50 cents to every item, the grand total is modified but not every item. also my code does not reflect on receipt.

2. create a new category for items that will required weight. after scan those products on POS will promp a new window asking for quantity. Also allow to duplicate the item for those products that we will have 10 units and every single one is charge by weight.

3. Do no print grand total on every single page if the list exceed the total allowed on the page.

I really need your help with this.


Let me clear my self, YOU ARE ALLOWED TO MODIFY THE ITEM AS PER LICENSE. I have never stop anyone but you should know that we don’t offer any support for modifications.

If you have modified the item or not sure how to do, I never stop you to hire develop. If you are asking us to modify that depends on schedule. Yes, we can’t manage to reply all the emails we receive because too many emails for asking about how to modify this and that, We don’t offer support for modifications and such emails are causing some legitimate and paid modification request to be not replied :(

Thank you

please, how to do to clear session and cookie to complete all, because, when to connect with admin and sign out, after to try connect with staff, show data from admin and not how to staff, I hope that understand my question, regards!

Once you logout the session and cookie will be cleared. Please try to test it on live demo. Please check the staff user group too. Thank you

Solution: DataTables warning: table id=prTables – Ajax error.

After building all my database on localhost It was time to move into a private server, and I had this error while loading product list.

After diagnostic the issue I just had to run 2 commands on my server login on your SQL and paste


Issued have been fixed.

Yes, this item doesn’t work with only_full_group_by mode and that must be disabled. Thank you

how do i delete a store. i can’t find any option. i created 2 stores and i want to delete one.

There is no option to delete yet but edit only. Please login as admin and then check the stores menu under settings. Thank you

Is it possible to print using bluetooth printer ?

I haven’t tested it but you can check with live demo. Thank you


hizkiail Purchased

hello, if i have one licence, i need to install on localhost, if my windows crash, can i use again same licence ?

Yes, it will be fine. Thank you

when i click list product, show this message “DataTables warning: table id=prTables – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7"

Please make sure that mysql only_full_group_by mode is disabled. Thank you


hizkiail Purchased

hello, when i click on pos, what is the meaning Open Register

Open register means open counter. Every staff starts jobs with opening register and then close the register before finishing. Thank you


relisys Purchased

Hi. I would like to buy this but there seems to be a problem.

If I create a product and set a Tax and then select “inclusive”, the product price is now smaller and includes the tax. This is good.

BUT when I select this product to add to the purchase list, in the purchase list the tax is still being charged for the full amount. Even though my full amount is already “Including” tax.

Why is this happening?

I know i can click on “Order Tax” and change it to 0 but it should automatically already see that the tax is included in the item.

When can this be fixed? I want to buy this script.


The purchases are to update quantity and there is no tax calculation. The product tax and order tax are for sales. Thank you


relisys Purchased

Please look at this image so you understand what I mean:


Can this be fixed? Updated? I really want to buy this program.

Thank you.


arnanmax Purchased

I Love this app… Feature Request: add auto discount for specific customer… :D