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I need to create a phone gap based mobile app of this, does the codebase support or anyone implemented it before or are their any known issues

Hello, there’s no option for mobile app. So, if you want to make you can modify with yourself but we don’t offer support for modifications and modified versions.Thanks

reports/top_products always give 500 internal server error any specific reason for that

Hello, please check error log and also let us know. Thanks

There is no supplier report and whenever adding purchases it doesn’t store supplier id in database

Hello, there’s no supplier report available. Thanks

hello, purchased the Pos made easy windows installer, i have been having issues importing. i have done all i am asked to. this error i get

Please check product tax (). Tax should be numeric

please advice asap on how ni can fix this

Please email your issue details with screenshots to support@tecdiary.con subject should have ‘sPOS windows installer issue’. Thank you


sumintar Purchased

hello, i have a problem when I tried to open top product. When i clicked report->top product, there is a error report came out: This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

would you please help me to solve this?

Please check the server error logs form more details of 500 error and let us know so that we can suggest. Thank you

I have bought your pos system. how can i install it. its returning (localhost is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500) Error

Please check the server error log for 500 error details and let us know so that we can suggest solution. The server requirements are in the documentation.pdf in your download Thank you

I did everything to change the font type in the script, but I cant how i change font taype in script as arabic fot type so bad and small 2 – How I know the daily or monthly profits not sales 3- Why there is no reports for suppliers such as customers

Hello, You can modify item as you like as per license. There is no profit and supplier reports yet. The translation is limited yet, as many js libraries are not yet translate-able. The purchase code is in your license file that can be downloaded from the download page here. Thank you

ok can u tell me steps to change font type in script and u didnt answer me about secret key thats appear after installation >thanks

That is just random string. You can use any string or generate it here. You can add style tag in header file (themes/default/views/header.php) and add css rules as you need. Thank you


oscari Purchased

no file input specified, i get this error after installation


oscari Purchased

Please i need your help I am stuck in the middle of implementation for the site. its urgent.

Hello, please follow the instructions of installation which we already mentioned in documentation. Thanks

Please open the index.html in help folder of your download and search ‘no input specified’ to get the solution. Thank you

Hi, I am using nginx to host the POS. How do I allow for persistent login to the app? I would like to keep the user login all the time.

Login page has remember me that will keep you logged in till 1 week unless you sign out. Thank you

Hello, I bought your SMAPOS. I want to ask if I buy this can I use the SMAPOS database for the inventory manager?

No, these are 2 different items. Thank you

I have a few questions below about Simple POS

1. Can i put Simple POS in a training mode? i notice there is a production and development mode…

2. Can i change the staff group name to Cashiers? Would it screw up anything if i changed this in the Database?

3. How can i prevent Staff/Cashiers from viewing and adding expenses?

4. How can i prevent Staff/Cashiers from adding Gift Cards but only allow to view?

This is all the questions i needed answered.

i figured #1 question out

2. I think you can’t change as then system won’t be able to find any group with staff and it might produce errors.

3, 4. The staff have fixed permissions, you will need to modify the code to change permissions.

Thank you

Hello, How can we help you?

where can i modify the code for question 3 and 4? thanks

Hi Tecdiary, can you please reply to my email in relate to purchase and hosting. Thanks Binu

I am sorry, if you are not replied yet, please ask us here. Thank you

Hi Tecdiary,

Bought your software from codecanyon page. Proof of purchase attached on email.

Uploaded the files to hosting server.

Activated the software passed all test but .sql throwing error. I noticed 4 .sql files which file I should upload , documentation page was not clear.

Please help us setting up the software live.

Thanks Binu

Hello, please make sure you follow the guidelines from documentation, there’s no need to upload any .sql file during installation. Just need database host, database user, database password and database name for Database. Thanks

I have been asked more than once but I could not get a better answer than you. Please help me to change the font type. I use the Arabic language and I want to change the font type Another line .. Can you send me the steps of doing this or tell me which file I am editing and I hope that the way will explain everything and thank you


sonusraj Purchased

Installer is locked! Please contact your developer/support.

showing this error please help me to solve this issue

Hello, you please check documentation error section for this issue. Thanks

Hello, please make sure you follow the instructions of installation from documentation. Thanks

hey i am using version 4 i want to change and add new payment methods how can i do that and what files do i have to edit to do that?