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tariqsun Purchased

Sir i was searching a pos system for a client and this look almost perfect , i just feel a important missing option , spouse some time we sell on credit to customer but we didn’t select or add customer name and finish with less amount of order ,system complete invoice with due amount , that,s way that bill not track able , * ( POS must give error message PLEAS ADD CUSTOMER NAME TO SELL ON CREDIT.) may you and some peoples agree with my suggestion .Thanks

You mean if the payment is lower then grand_total, it should not add for walk-in-customer but produce error to select/add customer. I will add this in next update. Thank you


tariqsun Purchased

Thank you so much sir i want to buy now can you give me with this feature .so i am ready

It will be added in future updates. Thank you

Error After updating to last version :

[03-Aug-2017 14:59:50 Africa/Casablanca] PHP Fatal error: session_start(): Failed to initialize storage module: user (path: sessions) in /home/siteinternet/public_html/cafe/lib/libraries/Session/Session.php on line 143

[03-Aug-2017 15:01:55 Africa/Casablanca] PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function num_rows() on boolean in /home/siteinternet/public_html/cafe/app/models/Site.php on line 36

Please check if you db settings are correct in app/config/database.php Thank you


vivekra Purchased

im getting errror and not able to load the product list

DataTables warning: table id=prTables – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7

getting above error and not listing product now… Please check and let us know about the fix

Please update to latest and then try again. Thank you

update is great sir and almost perfect. but have another issue:
  • #1 same issue at product=> print barcodes / print labels in the next pages
  • #2 cheque number and others bill print into escpos nothing appear
add this code in your next update from pos.php “line:853” if you like: $info = array( (object) array('label' => lang('Open'), 'value' => $this->tec->hrld($register->date)), (object) array('label' => lang('Cash on hand'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($register->cash_in_hand)), (object) array('label' => lang('user'), 'value' => $user->first_name.' '.$user->last_name.''), (object) array('label' => lang('Email'), 'value' => $user->email.''), (object) array('label' => lang('Print'), 'value' => $this->tec->hrld(date('Y-m-d H:i:s'))) ); $reg_totals = array( (object) array('label' => lang('cash_sale'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($cashsales->paid ? $cashsales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($cashsales->total ? $cashsales->total : '0.00') .''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('ch_sale'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($chsales->paid ? $chsales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($chsales->total ? $chsales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('gc_sale'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($gcsales->paid ? $gcsales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($gcsales->total ? $gcsales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('cc_sale'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($ccsales->paid ? $ccsales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($ccsales->total ? $ccsales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('stripe'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($stripesales->paid ? $stripesales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($stripesales->total ? $stripesales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('other_sale'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($other_sales->paid ? $other_sales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($other_sales->total ? $other_sales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('total_sales'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($totalsales->paid ? $totalsales->paid : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => lang('grand_total'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($totalsales->total ? $totalsales->total : '0.00') . ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('cash_in_hand'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($register->cash_in_hand)), (object) array('label' => lang('expenses'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($expenses->total ? $expenses->total : '0.00')), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => lang('total_cash'), 'value' => $this->tec->formatMoney($total_cash)), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => ''), (object) array('label' => 'line', 'value' => '') );

Thank you for details. I have checked, only cheque payment was having issue so I am fixing that and will release update soon. Did you find any other issue? Thank you


mcctech20 Purchased

you can check, selling gift card from pos pages. the generate code selling gift card was disappear after payment was successful and no details or code appear from print receipt. thank you

Yes, the gift card number is not printed in receipts. You are supposed to print the card from gift cards page. I will check if I could improve this feature. Thank you

Auto print receipt not working browser(chrome). What to do?

Is it working in other browsers :( Let me check and I shall fix this soon. Thank you

No it is not working in firefox and IE also

I am checking it and will fix soon. Thank you for reporting the issue.

can the system make list of costumer and the product that they buy

You can only filter sales for a customer. Thank you

I forgot my password and now I am locked out. (for 10 minutes). How can I inject a new password into the database? I know where it goes in the table but I’m not sure what hash to use. The built in reset password brings up a 500 error. Also, where is the time out stored? Anywhere I could clear it?

Don’t bother answering this one. I reinstalled and then imported my backup products. All is good. I would like some help getting my printer to work. I sent an email. I’m willing to pay for remote support.

If you clear table tec_login_attempts, the timeout will be cleared too. If you need to disable it, you can set track_login_attempts to false in /app/config/ion_auth.php

Can you please check your error log for more details of 500 error and let me know.

Have you installed Simple POS on local machine or live server? You email would be replied too. Thank you

Sir, Can this software run in tabs??

It’s web based so you can open in your browser. Thank you


mcctech20 Purchased

have a new issue (People=>add user) only white screen after done fill up form and click button add user.

That might be due to email. I have checked and couldn’t find any issue. Can you please try to add user again but this time uncheck the Notify user by email. Thank you


tariqsun Purchased

Hi sir today receive email of update version i try to update from setting > updates it say already update version even my version is 4.0.9 and updated version is 4.0.12 http://prntscr.com/g94sch please help how can i update from setting .

I am sorry for late reply. Please download the from download page here and then perform update as instructed here. Thank you


wegohostu Purchased

Installation was successful, but when i clicked on list products under product menu…its show leading data from server then it shows this error. DataTables warning: table id=prTables – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7

I bought your simple forum also and that one was fixed…but this is not working at all.

Please make sure that mysql only_full-group_by mode is disabled. Thank you

How do i do that?

its working fine now.

Sir, in the latest update i installed it. And logged in. It was successful. But when i click on POS i get

This page isn’t working

XXXXXXXXX.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500

Error LOG syntax error, unexpected ’=’, expecting ‘)’ in XXX/app/controllers/Pos.php on line 422

Line 422 if (!empty($order_printers = json_decode($this->Settings->order_printers))) {

Everything else working perfectly.

May I know what’s your php version? Can you please try it with php5.6+ and let me know the result. Thank you

Resolved. Was because of old php version. Thanks. And auto printing still not working :(

I am checking it and will be fixed in next update. Thank you

Hi, just bought another licence, can’t find help folder. No input file specify. Where is the Help folder? Many thanks.

I am sorry as I have missed it in latest update :( Please get it online at http://tecdiary.github.io/spos-guide/ I will add help folder soon. Thank you

Hi, can this script be used as sass to handle different stores ?

No, there is no option and no license for such use case. Thank you


Angeljw02 Purchased

404 Not Found

The server can not find the requested page:

localhost/login (port 80)

PS: i no have a Help document in my downloaded files


Angeljw02 Purchased

Solved now. i imported my .htacces file manually

I am glad that you have tired and managed it. Thank you

i made theTranslation of all content in Spanish. I will send you to the mail


alveideas Purchased

Hi, already bought the simple POS systema, but i´m having a few errors: 1) ERROR 500 when i try to go to the POS system already chek the modrwrt on on .htaccess correct db settings correct domain setting 2) when i create a new admin i cant enter with the credentials

Thanks for your ASAP response.

Please before buying, I have some questions:

Please I want to know what is the difference between this Script and Stock Manager Advance with Point of Sale Module, what are the points of increase in the second Script?

Can I change Language to Arabic?

Is it possible to change property rights, all author details?

Does it support Back Purchase – Return Money – Replace the product?

I only deal with WordPress and Magento and many scripts in the hosting, I have a host in Godaddy and the SiteGround, and my plan is to buy this Script and work to host them, is there a problem with that?

Waiting for your answer .. Thank you ..


ceshan Purchased

i have downloaded the latest POS system but after i extract it and run it it shows the version 4.0.9 i think you have updated the wrong files. please check this