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Wow that’s cool !! good luck with sales :)

Glad you like it!


hello, i have on question did you use simple xml pager to page the xml using php to make that html element. i asked because some time it makes problem in some server. or you use any xml pager api or library. as this information will help us to think about the plugin to buy.

thanks again


i didn’t use any pager api, just jquery & html.

it’s very easy to integrate and I assure you that you won’t have any problems with it.

cheers, A

Can you tell me if this can be seen on an I-Pad and I—PHone – I’m a “newbie”. Thanks!


just tested it, it’s working but the font it messed up a little.

Does this require PHP ?

Yes, For thumbnail generator.

Thanx, Andrei

I have a question and am hoping you’ve encountered this senario before & can possibly enlighten me.

The gallery works very well, driven with JS and calling in an XML document. Now I’ve formatted the gallery the way I need it for my client. But I’ve also been incorporating a PHP driven CMS system for my client, where I use small custom template calls to activate the content areas.

The client is needing to upload photos to the galleries.

Is there a way for me to drop <?php ?> function calls into the XML file, while preserving the XML call in the JavaScript, or final document viewed in the browser? Is there some kind of PHP conversion function i need for the XML file, or a call in the JavaScript that converts an XML PHP document to XML only?

Does that make sense? This is all new to me. The CMS works great by the way for my client, I just need to get the uploaded photos on their end to populate into the XML file here, to be output by the JavaScript in the <head> of the final gallery document. Make sense?

I hope you can help. Please let me know, thanks.

I have a different question– the following is in the <head> in my gallery page:

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(’#simple-portofolio’).simplePortofolio({ xmlUrl: “assets/content2.php”,........</script>

can i change the xmlUrl: to something else so it recognized a PHP file instead of an XML file? Sorry, I’m new at manipulating XML for things.

people have told me to modify my .htaccess file, but if i do that it will likely screw up my other sites on my host. i’m trying to avoid this. Please let me know if there’s anything you know to do. thank you.


Newbie here.

Just downloaded and tried out the documentation but can’t really make heads or tails of it because I’m not familiar with php and the documentation is not really clear on what goes where and how.

I even opened the “index” file in the “script” folder and I don’t see the premade thumbs from this. Only visible image is the large ones.

How do I edit the thumbnails to view them in the gallery?

hi i want to buy it Will you help me to setup

If you have any difficulties after purchasing, we offer support via Support System.

Regards, Alexandra I.

Dear Sir/Madam

i have my own php script at my website and i want to purchase this plugin, but i want to be sure, can i use xml code from php file, for example i want the xml read from php script as the following: xmlUrl: “assets/content.php?gallery_id=3”

will it work? or the script have to read from xml files only?