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You’re referencing bootstrap CSS that you fail to provide.

You are totally correct, sorry about this. I’ve updated the package to include this, you’ll get a notification once this is ready for you. Thanks!


purchased a moment ago.. is the a file to setup the database tables etc? ran the setup and it connects etc fine but if you go into phpmyadmin and look the database is empty?

The default encryption is whirlpool.

nice :) one more quick question.. whats the best way to protect each page after login?

Take a look at the documentation for checking when a user is logged in, that will allow you to put all of the content you wish to be protected within the code block that only runs when a person is logged in. Make sure you’re including the class within each page too (check the Starting up section), otherwise that code won’t work.

System works well. Easy code to follow and customize. 5 stars. Thanks.

Just looking to lockout or similar after 3 failed attempts. Have currently got a workaround using a SESSION variable, though I believe storing the attempts in the database is a better method as the SESSION variable can be easily bypassed or reset.

FYI This may help some – I had been experiencing an issue with header redirects not working or saving SESSION variables on the FIRST login attempt. Subsequent logins always worked. After much digging I found a solution on stackoverflow.com which appears to work using a header refresh delay. ie. header(‘refresh:1;url=your_url’);. I found a 1 second delay enough to fix my problem, though the online reference had a 3 second delay. Apparently this is a issue with slower machines and not a problem with this script.

Yeah, I would say create a new table for failed attempts (have 2 columns, ip_address and failed_attempts), and create a new function in the class to log those attempts in the database each time the form is submitted (logging the IP address and incrementing the failed_attempts column by 1 each time), and another function to get the number of failed attempts based on IP address, then check the failed attempts before you check the credentials if the current IP address that submitted the form has 3 strikeouts in the table and if so, shoot them the error.

Something like;
// If failed attempts do not equal 3 (ip is not fully blocked yet) do;
if($class->getFailedAttempts($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']) != 3) {
    // Check credentials and login if correct
} else {
    // Give error if 3 (or more) failed attempts

However, that covers the base of the system. I would assume you would need some sort of automatic system to remove the strikeouts in the database after a certain time. I’d recommend setting up a CRON job or something similar.

Hope that makes sense. I can give more code examples if necessary.

Works well! Easy implemented and great “walkthrough”. Thanks! I’m struggeling to do a “if no activity for (e.g.) 30 min – log out”... Any ideas? /Thanks again

Thank you for your purchase, and glad you enjoy the item. I do have a quick idea that will get the job done, and that is using javascript. I already have PHP using the GET variable ‘action’ to log the person out when they click the log out button, so I’ll utilize that script to make the javascript easier. All you should need is this (just add this code to the head/bottom of your pages, make sure the class is included in the page too)

// Run the javascript only if the user is logged in
if($class->isLoggedIn() == true) { 
        setTimeout(function() {
           window.location.href = "?action=logout"; // redirects to the same page adding the action GET variable, which will be handled by the PHP to log the user out
        }, 1800000); // Call the function (log the user out) after 30 minutes
<?php } ?>

Basically, when the user is logged in, the script will timeout to 30 minutes on page load, once the 30 minutes is reached, it will add the GET variable to the page, activating the PHP script to log out the user.

Hope that is what your looking, feel free to ask if you need anymore help.

Hi i need to be able create userlists in wordpress or xenforo by drugNdrop can i contact you with such ?

if you work as a freelancer can we contact mail or skype?

yes, you can send me an email if you would like.


if there anyway i can put the entries to see it in paging?... like when you limit to 10 the other entries see it in a next button option…

I don’t believe I have a manage user area.. is this your own?


That file is not apart of my project.

Does the script use a PHP Data Objects (PDO) connection?

Not currently, but I was in the process of re-factoring the script to run in PDO. Not sure on when it will be released, but I will let you know when it has.

This system now uses PDO for the database connection and the database methods.

How exactly is this a complete system?

I have seen tutorials on the net with more useful code!!

i cant see the demo :(


An error occurs when I use the script:

“mysql_real_escape_string (): A link to the server Could not be established”

any ideas?

Index.php cannot works. It doesn’t display the login form but only a blank page. Is there an error in the code? my config file is ok, the database is ok ! thanks for your work

Getting this error :( Warning: PDO::__construct(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /home/tpabyrdz/public_html/admin/class/global.php on line 28

your config.php variables are not matching with global.php!!!

It doesn’t work, i want my money!!

Hi there I have been trying to get this to work but have been unsuccessful. Every time i try to view it in the browser it will not show, i have tested a separate php file on my server and i can see it so it is not a server error it has to be a php coding error or something. im fairly new to php so it is a little difficult to figure out what is wrong as there are no obvious syntax errors.

Demo site is not working … is this an up-to-date product?

Working fine :) great job!

demo site broken