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There’s two things that could be improved. The grammar is a bit messy in the emails and the email received by the person giving feedback has both there email address and the website owners in the ‘to’ field. The site owners email should be in the ‘bcc’ field.

I’ve also still got the problem of the background not fading like its meant to.

how to make it work in google chrome? it cannot be sent in chrome, in IE everything works ok, thanks

In my opinion the script is pretty buggy and difficult to customize and translate. It would need some additional work to became more professional. IMHO , obiviously. Kind regards.

Additional comment for those who are trying to let this work with Chrome: you have to change the “name” attribute of the submit button in the file template-feedback.php of your theme to something different than “submit” and also change the retrieval of the same parameter accordingly in feedbackp.php ($requestSubmit = requestData(‘submit’); ). More info here.

how and where can I add [x] close button to close the chat window?

Did anyone hear back from creator how make the background fade to semi transparent like its meant to???

also, how can I take out Spam Block:?

Hi, I want my money back on this. it’s NOT working. Code is complicated and most of all, creator NEVER get back on question! how do I get money back?

Hi, I installed the code on my website and it all seem to work until i hit the submit button. I get the response could not open socket. This happens in Chrome. In IE9 however i don’t even see the feedback button? Help!


I just bought this script and installed it and it works fine when submitting but the actually iframe for some reason its coming all wrong… see: is think its not picking up the CSS because its shows plain text… i want it to look like the one you have advertised see: also with semi transparent will be nice…

please get back to me as soon as you can.

Thanks Christian

hi i have problems with the script

i want it to look like the one you have advertised see:

please get back to me as soon as you can


Can the contact form allow for different success pages depending on the answers given on the form?