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How would I call a specific album using a javascript? I want to display a specific album by default. Thanks.

Hi, we’ve responded to your email.

This script is just a php file that includes another php file that “echo”s javascript. So technically this script is barely even php. You can accomplish the exact same thing using just a javascript function. Nice simple thumbnail layout but a little disappointed. In addition, the ajax loading is very slow if there is a lot of pictures. Sometimes nothing will appear until maybe 5 seconds later. Developer stated that he will “look into it” but so far I haven’t heard anything.

Hi Andrew, Thanks for your feedback. You had requested for a script that only shows the content of one album hence the reason we need more time to develop one. As for the ajax loading, if there are many photos the script can only wait for the facebook API to supply the json info before it can be displayed by the script.

Once we are done with script you had requested for we’ll let you know and won’t charge you for it. We have scheduled updates to this particular script although the bulk of it will still be in javascript/AJAX as it is much easier to to get the API info using javascript.

Any updates?

Hi, We haven’t been able to show only one album using the album ID with authentication at the moment

Hi there, will this script work with a personal facebook id, i.e. my facebook pictures and albums? thanks

Only Profiles with open privacy settings. Personal profiles with restrictive private settings will not work work because it’ll need authorization first.

can the thumbnails of the album be reflected in a map? would be willing to purchase this if you can assist me with the integration

Hi, No…the album thumbnails cannot be reflected in a map using this script. You’ll have to edit the script alot to archive that


Can i load this code on <iframe>?

I’m usind wix sites ( to display facebook photos & albuns


Certainly, you can just call the function in an iframe


I already tryied with other script (from envato too) but it doesn’t worked.

Can we test this code before? If you create an wix account to test this, will help me alot.

Or i can try with my account. I just need some URL (same if i buy the code) to load into iframe.


Hi Nice script, good job ;-)

Please how can i have only 2 spesific albums and not all by default ? Thanks

Hi, we are currently working on that and we shall let you know as soon as we get a solution

is it possible to see & record all tagged photos in this script?

If someone tags the page or profile of a person that is hosting the script will the script make a album named “tagged photos” just like it has “timeline photos” etc? When someone tags you again it will always update?

There are some non-English words throughout the script (Zurück , Aufgenommen, etc). How can I change these to English?

also, how can I add a total of 4 thumbs across instead of 3? Couldn’t find it in the css.

Love the script but it stopped working. The script no longer pulls photos from facebook albums unless you are logged into FB. Then the photos load but only if you are logged into facebook.

Let me look whether there might be changes in the facebook api then get back to you.

Hey Kev, we still have the issue. You have to be logging into FB and have viewed the page’s albums in order for the photos to load.

Would like to purchase, but only once I know it’s going to work! (Comment above says it’s not working.)

Also, can I use CSS to style the album boxes? And am I able to exclude particular albums if then are shown based on a Facebook page ID?

Hi, the script is not working!!

How can I change some non-English words to English? it interfere my other plugin. And it is possible to view specific album?

Hello is what the script still works?

It seems your example preview demo link for “simple-php-facebook-album-gallery” to show facebook albums and images is not display albums itself. Please can you fix the issue so I can put the amended code.

here is your demo link on code canyon.


The script is not working!

i have a social media website , can i allow users to share there facebook gallerys on there profile by using this script ?

also does it only share ( embed ) facebook photos or photos and videos as well ?

thank you