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Ok, exactly what features does this file have? Is it check code for a checkout button which directs you to Paypal? Can you retrieve transaction details back from Paypal? What? What does this file do for us? I’d hate to buy just button code which i already have…

Sorry for the lack of information. I’ve updated the item info now.

It is not the checkout button code in HTML, it is a DLL. You can use it to retrieve shipping details from PayPal.

Have you extended this to include PayPal’s new “Login with PayPal” and Seamless Checkout?

The “Login ” integrated with .NET is what I am looking for.

No. This works only with Express Checkout.

Can you please provide some code examples to instantiate a single object of the class. I just want to add quick checkout for my mobile site. I can figure out the xml file but examples of the ASP.net I will need to use would sure help please?

Could you e-mail me at software@igorsevo.com? The comments aren’t very convenient for source code.

Hello, Can i add this to my VB.Net application and then recieve info fir the payment, check if user was payed and if yes, then take action on my form?

Thank you!


You should be able to do this from VB. You can check whether the user’s payment has been cleared for processing (e.g. the user has completed the PayPal payment dialog and PayPal has charged their account).

Thank you for that! Can you provide me a sample or code how to use the dll inside the application?

Thank you!

I can e-mail you the sample code (in C# though). You can contact me at software@igorsevo.com.

can this work on xamarin

Honestly, I haven’t tested. However, it is pure C# (no PInvoke or dll calls). I think it should work.

HI, do you provide also source code or just dll?

Only the library DLL and documentation XML are provided.